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Is Lisa Triepke Running for Mayor of Bozeman or Missoula?

The Missoula Mayoral debate yesterday between Missoula Mayor John Engen and Lisa Triepke featured another odd narrative from the Triepke campaign. Lisa Triepke kept mentioning how she wanted to make Missoula more like Bozeman?

This will not surprise many of you who have followed this odd mayoral race that features a candidate in Lisa Triepke who says she represents a campaign team when she is talking and one of the members of that team doesn’t seem to like anything about Missoula. We can visit Wes Spiker later though.

Today, Triepke kept mentioning that Missoula needs to be more like Bozeman. I grew up in Bozeman and upon graduating from high school(GO HAWKS!) I immediately moved to Missoula for a decade(GO GRIZ!). Bozeman and Missoula are so different on so many levels that to even try to compare them is laughable.

You cannot make Missoula more like Bozeman, nor should you. You cannot make Bozeman more like Missoula, nor should you. As an elected official you represent the people of that town and it seems that Lisa Triepke (and her team) don’t give a rip about what makes Missoula one of the most unique and wonderful places in this country.

Missoula is a great place for many reasons, one of those is that is that it is a singularly unique community. It is the only town in America that abuts a wilderness area(The Rattlesnake). The University of Montana is the only university in America that has a mountain that abuts it(Mount Sentinel). These are mere geographic features because the truly unique part of Missoula is its wonderful people, culture, welcoming nature, and prosperous community.

The narrative of the Triepke campaign changes every day between disjointed policy fragments to a deluge of incoherent attacks and often just plain confusion on the issues. Much akin to Sarah Palin and Don the Con Trump. But the one theme that remains the same in Triepke’s campaign message is that Missoula is bad, and weird, and only we, Lisa Triepke/Wes Spiker can fix it. Hmmm, doesn’t that sound awfully similar to Sarah Palin and Don the Con?

How will Lisa Triepke change Missoula when she can’t even fill out her campaign finance report correctly?

How will Lisa Triepke bring Missoula together when she is running a divisive campaign?

How will Lisa Triepke fight for all Missoulians when her campaign surrogate lashes out at the most vulnerable?

We’ve been here before. We’ve seen how this story ends. Ineffectual candidates who are devoid of policy ideas so they run on hatred and division.

These types of candidates will tell you everything is bad and then tell you who’s to blame. Their campaign tells you that every grievance you have is because of THEY. THEY are out to get you. THEY are benefiting from your hard work and labor. THEY hate your freedom…

It’s not a new campaign trick to find a scapegoat, just look at what Trump did, so now the tactic is back in vogue within the Republican Party. To Republicans, everyone is THEY who doesn’t fit into 1950s Leave it to Beaver lifestyle.

This type of campaigning is unsettling to watch as we see a candidate rip at the seams of the wonderful community of Missoula, Montana. Missoula has never been the version of Pleasantville that Republicans pray for. But that is what makes this town so special. Missoula goes its own way, goes against the grain, and is successful and prosperous because of it.

These dirty tricks and changing narratives of the Wes Spiker led Lisa Triepke campaign are not what Bozeman needs. But oh wait, Triepke is running for mayor of Missoula. I forgot, and apparently so has she.

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