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Matt Rosendale Needs to Raise A LOT More Money

While Matt Rosendale’s campaign has predictably stumbled out of the gate with a series of missteps and misstatements that were hardly surprising to those of us who’ve watched him bumble around in the Auditor’s office, it was pretty amusing to read that he was trumpeting his fundraising prowess today. In a preview of his official report to the FEC, Rosendale told The Hill that he’s raised almost $400,000 for his bid:

Montana state auditor Matt Rosendale (R) has raised about $410,000 in the third fundraising quarter as he looks to navigate through a crowded GOP primary for the chance to unseat Democratic Sen. Jon Tester.

While Rosendale can likely count on some money from donors back East and is likely to gin up some support from the bigots at Breitbart, it’s not an impressive haul for a candidate who hopes to unseat Senator Tester, who raised $1.2 million in the quarter.

It’s also unimpressive given that Rosendale still owes himself over a million dollars from his failed bid to win the US House race in 2014. One quarter in, it’s more accurate to say that Rosendale has raised -$600,000 for the race.

That 2014 campaign demonstrates just how weak the presumptive GOP frontrunner for the race is in another way, too. Even though he lent his campaign $1.1 million, Rosendale was only able to raise $206,000 in individual contributions, a pittance for a serious candidate for federal office.

So far, it’s quite a group the Republicans have assembled to challenge Tester: a carpetbagger who tried to buy one election, a California with more hunting violations than votes cast in Montana, a judge who’s already being called out for his unethical approach to the campaigning, and a collection of candidates with even less chance than those three.

Spare me the talk about the deep Republican bench in Montana, please.

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  • There will be blood. Zinke’s wife is chairing Troy Downing’s campaign. Then there’s this screenshot (link below) of Downing shmoozing with Daines and Gianforte at a conference in Missoula. Then I see Breitbart and Trump’s Great American Alliance just came out supporting Rosendale. Then there’s Judge/Candidate Russ Fagg with a campaign ethics complaint. Then throw in a bunch of minor clowns vying for the same office and you the makings of a nasty primary.

    • P.S. Here’s a paragraph from the Breitbart piece on Rosendale. One has to ask, which candidate has his nose the farthest up Trump’s arse?

      “Meanwhile, Rosendale’s fiercely independent-minded campaign—he’s been campaigning on the need to repeal Obamacare, build a border wall on the U.S. border with Mexico, and break the logjam in the U.S. Senate to open the door for President Trump’s agenda—has the establishment in Washington worried and seeking for another candidate. But, efforts so far have been unsuccessful as the wealthy Troy Downing—a Big Sky transplant from California—and judge Russell Fagg have failed to gain traction in the early going in Montana.”

  • Although I love your choice of that Mike Douglas movie pic for your article , the real pics of ‘drone shooting’ Rosendale are even scarier and certainly emphasize his crazy eye look just fine. But, I would not let your guard down on old carpetbagger Matt; he wild-carded into the auditor job amazingly enough , and even after proving how unqualified he was for that job ; his lying , made up , story telling campaigning for Senate job may fool enough eastern residents to push him out front of the primary pack. Especially since he has the $$ backing of Darth Bannon and the dark side. God help us.

  • I think Fagg would be the GOP’s strongest candidate. As Rosendale, he inspires new lyrics to an old Mitchell Trio song: “Oh, we’re the bright young men who want to go back to 1910, we’re Bannon’s Boys.”

  • Fagg is a well known old family name in Yellowstone County and where he will beat Rosendale easily to get the GOP nomination. The whole race then between Tester and Fagg will be how close Tester can stay to Fagg in Yellowstone County,If Tester holds the veterans,Native American vote.his democrat base and stays within 2 points of Fagg in Billings area he will win barely by few thousand votes. The out of state money will start to flow to the GOP candidate and once again will break all kinds of money records on both sides. Wouldn’t it be nice that some of that money could go to our state budget or struggling University of Montana

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