John Heenan Leads Strong Field of Challengers to Gianforte

John Heenan sets record for first quarter fundraising with nearly a third of a million dollars raised. Woods to join the race on Thursday and Kier posts good 1st Q foray as well.

John Heenan and Grant Kier have been working hard in the first quarter of the Democratic primary for Congress and Bozeman legislator Tom Woods will join the race on Thursday to bring the confirmed total of candidates to three.

John Heenan is fundraising at breakneck speed as shown in his first-quarter fundraising report.

Heenan’s $325,000 fundraising haul has broken the record for most money raised in the first quarter of a Democratic primary besting the previous record set by Denise Juneau in 2016 of  $263,800.

Heenan responded to his strong first quarter:

“Montanans and all Americans deserve better from their government, especially Washington, D.C. I’m running for Congress to fight for all Montana families, against the wealthy elites like Greg Gianforte who votes to cut taxes for himself and to kick Montanans off their healthcare plans,” Heenan said. “I will be a powerful, proactive and persuasive voice and vote for all Montana families, not a shill for lobbyists.”

As reported by Mike Dennison of MTN News. Kier responded to his good first quarter:

“I think people know that I’m in this race because I believe in Montanans’ ability to come together and solve problems, and they’re demonstrating that they believe in me and my message on that front.”

Tom Woods is a legislator from Bozeman who brings strong bona fides in Democratic circles as a hard-working, no-nonsense lawmaker. I look forward to his campaign announcement this Thursday.

As to who may enter the race in the coming weeks here is the scoop:

  • Kelly McCarthy told me he is not running in 2018.
  • Dan West is not running in 2018, but he is a name to remember in the future.
  • Lynda Moss, former State Senator, has been floated out there, but I have heard no definite decision yet.
  • Katie Mazurek, a Bozeman attorney, told me she would not be running, though she is a name that Montanans would be lucky to have run in the future. 

As a Montanan I’m thrilled to see so many strong candidates looking to challenge Greg Gianforte for Congress.

As a pragmatic realist I am even more excited to see the candidates generating a buzz and working hard at the tedious struggle of fundraising.

As an American I am optimistic that 2018 will be the year that we beat back the tide of those who shame our great state and nation like Donald Trump and Greg Gianforte.



A previous version of this piece stated that Melanie Brock was working with Grant Kier. She called and stated that she is not working with him.

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  • Buzz…what buzz?

    Oh, this must be the fact that we have Wall-Street-Max supporting Kier, and his District of Criminals lackey Brock as well. Then there’s the money. Boy…always the money – even more important than getting votes. Your comparison of Heenan’s early fundraising to Juneau’s should especially be raising flags. We all saw how that turned out.

    I think Democrats need to shield themselves with money so people can’t really see that they have no concrete ideas on how to improve Americans’ lives. They try to make us think they do, and that’s what the money is for – to pummel us with TV and social media ads that try to inform us while telling us nothing.

    Don’t think for a second that Republicans are any different.

    Democrats are going to lose the House seat next year the same as they’ve lost it for the past 20 years. But then that doesn’t really matter. Consultants and campaign staff and printing companies and media companies will make bank. Gotta spread that money around, right?

    That’s the whole point of elections, today – to raises money so it can be shuffled around to friends and favorable firms. Winning doesn’t really have anything to do with it. Even if ‘your guy’ wins, nothing changes in most people’s lives. I know you want us to think it does, but it’s just not the case…not for the average, poor working stiff that does more to prop up America on a daily basis than anyone you mentioned in your article – or on the GOP side – ever will.

  • Nothing wrong with optimism Nathan, but the State Party hasn’t changed a bit since the last two elections.

    They still don’t know who their constituency is, and until they figure it out I think their chances are quite poor.

    If Heenan champions himself on Gun control, special rights for gays, abortions on demand, and environmental activism at the cost of jobs he won’t do as well as Singing Robbie.

        • The last comment by Eric used language that will not be acceptable on this site.

          It was removed.

          Disparaging comments towards any group will always be removed.

          • When you lose an argument, call is bad language, right?

            Not that it matters, but exactly what vulgarity did I use?

            • Eric, I can’t speak for Nathan but I took a look at the comment he removed. Only seventh grade punks and perhaps Donald Trump use the word “homos” anymore.

              • The ideas are the same Pete, and you know it. This is Montana – and sometimes we shorten up the word “Homosexual” – or is that word vulgar now too?

                The topic of this post is John Heenan, and I’ll put out an early prediction that he does NOT openly campaign on the liberal ideology I mentioned.

      • You are correct Doug – right now the gay community has equal rights.

        But that’s not what they want. They want victim status, consisting of special rights and protections under the law. And this is for 1 1/2 % to 2% of the population.

        There are already laws on the books against assault and battery. But if a homo gets in your face and gets decked, there should be additional penalties, right?

        If I don’t perform well at my job, I can and will be fired. But if I’m a homo, I shouldn’t be allowed to get fired because it’s discrimination, right?

        If my landlord doesn’t like me, he can ask me to leave. But if I’m a homo, they would have to let me stay, because it’d be discrimination, right?

        Face it, apart from militant gays selfish claims of ‘oppression,’ the evidence indicates that, far from being disadvantaged monetarily, educationally or culturally, people who call themselves gay as an entire class are very much at an advantage compared to the general population.

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