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Gianforte Guts Medicare by Half Trillion Dollars to Give Himself Massive Tax Break

Multimillionaire Congressman Greg Gianforte voted to cut more than $470 billion from Medicare over the next decade and turn the health care program into a voucher system in the name of giving himself a tax break.

The reduction in Medicare funding will be used in the recently unveiled tax proposal to finance giveaways to superwealthy Americans like Gianforte.

During his campaign for Congress, Gianforte wrote that he would fight for older Montanans: “I’ll work to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare.” But his vote to cut almost half a trillion dollars from Medicare proves this promise to be just another example of Gianforte breaking his word to Montanans.

It looks like Gianforte, who is one of the richest members of Congress, is willing to sacrifice critical services Montanans have earned through a lifetime of hard work if it helps him save money during tax season.

Perhaps someday Greg Gianforte will quit breaking his promises to Montanans, but today is not that day.

Medicare has been paid into for years by Montanans and they deserve the benefit.

Greg Gianforte has proven over and over again that his election to Congress was about helping himself, not Montanans.

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  • LCO799 died in process in the 2013 legislative session. It was not voted on by either the MT Senate or the MT House. Gov. Bullock did not veto it because there was nothing to veto. Those are the real facts. Your “facts” are oats that have passed through the horse.

    • James, my bad, you are correct it did not make it out of committee, but I will ensure we revisit it as Montana is one of only 13 states that tax social security income and we are Number 8. Yes we made the top 10.

      • LC-0799 did not make it into committee. That’s because it was never an introduced bill, and thus never assigned a bill number.

        Allow me to make a friendly suggestion. Before making claims about legislation, verify your information by visiting the legislative body’s website, in this case http://leg.mt.gov/. The quickest way to check the status of LC-0799 in 2013 is choosing the 2013 session, going to the legislative roster, then going to Elsie Arntzen’s page, where there’s a link to LC-0799.

  • Bullet, actually “demand” provides all jobs and not the “rich”. I have never in my life heard of a rich guy saying “hey I want to create jobs today out of the goodness of my heart”, they don’t EVER do that BECAUSE it’s bad business. “Demand” and “demand” only creates jobs. “Demand” in this country is driven by a strong middle class and yes, the working poor who need things to live, when they have enough money to buy things then someone can capitalize by offering those things to buy which is “supply”. It has been proven time and time again that the rich horde any and all extra money they ever get from tax cuts. When the highest tax rate was 90% for the rich the rich were incentivized to invest their wealth back into the economy and they did which lowered their effective tax rate to ~30%. That’s how the rich were encouraged to invest in America, before Friedman and Reaganomics. That’s also when we had a strong middle class, built our highway system, mad huge strides in science, built more schools, all of which ultimately benefited the rich who could capitalize on a strong infrastructure. You are very upside down on this issue Bullet. But I don’t blame you have been brainwashed by the rich who have spent millions and millions (peanuts to them) to convince you to fight against your own best interest and to fight against what is good for our country. It seems you want to live under Kings again….we tried that and We the People decided we didn’t like it much.

    • Semitics, i.e. BS, have your representatives vote against the tax cut and see how many more seats you lose. You can’t afford to many more seats lost.. The average working voter see through this kind of rhetoric.

          • Not buying it. However he was voted in so if the people of Montana want to increase the federal deficit by giving rich tax cuts on the backs of the middle class and poor – sobeit. Don’t insult us by dressing this up as a ‘grow the economy argument’ because time and time again it hasn’t worked. As much as you’d like ‘trickle-down economics’ to work – it doesn’t. I don’t care why – it just doesn’t work. So call it what it is. Own it. Just don’t insult us while you’re fucking us.

  • The guy is a thug and smug. He should be in jail not in Government representing Montanians

  • This guy declared he is a selfish ass from the begiining .He makes me want to puke. Each one of these Rich, Republican asses are going to continue to rape and pilfar good Americans whenever and wherever they can..Why not target Meficate. All us Deniors have paid onillions of dollars for a lifetime
    This ass and his cronues are going to steal.it and take all . We need to temaon vigilant and play our cards tight every single minute .!,?????

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