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Burzynski is kind of a hypocrite when it comes to Helena jobs

In a recent op-ed, Mark Burzynski says he should be elected as one of Helena’s next City Commissioners because several hundred jobs have been lost in downtown Helena.

He’s right. We have lost jobs in downtown Helena. When BlueCross BlueShield Montana (BCBSMT) moved their offices and hundreds of employees from their downtown location, it was devastating for locally owned businesses. Thousands of dollars are no longer being spent in the heart of the city and foot traffic is down.

However, it’s pretty bold for Burzynski to claim we should elect him to fix the problem he created.

Burzynski, who pulled in between $485,000 and $647,000 a year as a Vice President at BlueCross Blue Shield, was instrumental in facilitating and executing BCBSMT’s exit from downtown Helena. And he’s proud of that fact.

Why would voters entrust their community’s well-being and local economy to a man who was central to a successful effort that moved people and money out of the city? We need city leaders who look out for the city. Burzynski has a record of doing the opposite.

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    • You’re right. But it’s so far away from any other building in Helena that it’s really not a part of the city anymore. So, he gets away on a technicality.

  • I’m not sure what you mean. the article says they moved people and money out of the City which is not true. Anecdotally, I’ve heard that BCBS tried hard to keep the headquarters in the city limits. Again, I’m a liberal guy, but it’s not fair to hit a business for “mov[ing] people and money” out of Helena when that’s not what happened. The article should be corrected, IMHO. Thank you for your work.

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