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Looking for More Stories About The Big Spending from “Small Government” Montana Republicans

In the days since I posted my questions about the spending habits of Secretary of State Corey Stapleton’s office, I’ve received a tremendous response via e-mail, more than any post I’ve written at the site. While I am hoping to do a deep dig into the state checkbook over the weekend, I’d love to hear from people in the know who’ve seen some of the spending first hand. So far, the stories about expensive furniture and personal expenses being passed on to the state have been fascinating, if not surprising.

Please drop me an e-mail if you have any stories you’d like to share or want to get in touch to talk on the phone.


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  • Look at the dates for ALEC meetings. I suspect State per diem is spent to augment the so called scholarships from the Koch’s: Not just state officials and legislators but also county commissions.

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