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Duplicitous Daines “celebrates” National Outdoors Month

Written by Pete Talbot

In a fawning paean to Montana’s great outdoors, Sen. Steve Daines introduced a resolution supporting June as National Outdoors Month.

The resolution means nothing in terms of sustaining or improving our public lands: our national forests, national parks, national monuments, national refuge system and wilderness areas — all of which Daines puts in the same league as Planned Parenthood, climate change and homosexuals.

It’s a feel good video op with no teeth; a diversion from the abhorrent health care bill the Senate almost voted on. Consider it a slight of hand to keep folks thinking he’s going about Senate business, like his flag burning Constitutional Amendment. So please, he begs, pay no attention to the disaster(s) Trump is laying at the feet of the Republicans and our country.

If one were to look at Daines’ record on public lands, they’d find one bad vote after another. The League of Conservation Voters gives him a three percent, that’s 3%, lifetime score on environmental issues. It’s an abysmal record that includes voting to gut the Antiquities Act that helped establish our national parks and monuments, voting against every clean energy bill, and voting for every bill deregulating clean water and air protections. And that’s just the tip of the melting iceberg that includes praising Trump for withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement.

There are only three days left in June, National Outdoors Month, and Daines’ announcement arrived in my inbox today. That’s the kind of commitment Daines has shown toward the environment throughout his congressional career: about three days’ worth.



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