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Montana Senator Grills Secretary of the Interior from California About Cuts to LWCF…

Written by Don Pogreba

And it isn’t pretty for Secretary Zinke, who has defended a budget that guts the LWCF program despite telling voters last year that his support for it was “unwavering.”

When it comes to protecting Montana’s public lands and the programs that sustain them, you just can’t trust the Republican Party or Congressman Zinke, who given his penchant for dishonesty, should be a lot better at it. This video is painful to watch.

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  • Folks will keep scrolling if you don’t spell out acronyms that are not well known. It was finally spelled out 4 min into the video. Get ’em Tester!

  • Thank you Senator Tester, for holding Zinkie’s feet to the fire and for asking the tough questions. It seems to me that Zinke and his colleagues have taken obfuscation to a new level. I Implore you to persist.

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