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Trump to Earth: screw you

This site (and particularly me) tends to stay away from national and international politics. There are far more qualified people than myself to weigh in on worldly affairs.

In light of Trump pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement, today will be different. Montana’s special election, legislative foibles, administrative and congressional missteps pale in comparison to the president’s action on climate change.

Trump broke ranks with more than 190 countries, joining with just two nations — Nicaragua and Syria — in denying the role of carbon emissions in the slow death of our planet. Nicaragua did so because the accords didn’t go far enough and Syria, well, we’re in good company with Syria.

In Montana, we can expect more forest fires of greater intensity. Droughts will increase, dramatically affecting agriculture and that trout stream you’re so fond of. Glacier National Park will have to be renamed.

Note that former U.S. Representative (supposedly a Montanan) and now U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, praises his boss’s decision. We can be assured that Congressman-elect Greg Gianforte supports Trump’s pull out, too. (I’ve tried to get an answer from Gianforte on where he stands on the accord but he is nowhere to be found. Calls to his campaign manager, Shane Scanlon, have gone unanswered.) Sen. Steve Daines is in Great Falls at the Montana Ag Summit. No mention of the effects of climate change on Montana agriculture, though. There’ll be no need for these summits in future decades.

Here’s a video of Trump’s speech.

It’s an old line, but how can you tell if Trump is lying? His lips are moving. Every major media outlet has debunked Trump’s reasoning for withdrawing from the accord. Here are just a few of the fact checks from The Washington Post, The New York Times and Associated Press.

He talks about the economic costs to the U.S. from the Paris agreement, which compared to the costs of not addressing climate change, are miniscule. In a (pre-Trump) EPA report, there would be an estimated “$180 billion in economic losses because of drought and water shortages.” This figure doesn’t include shoring up coastal cities or failing infrastructure due to extreme storms. And worldwide, according to the Brookings Institute:

Unmitigated, climate change could reduce global GDP by over 20 percent by 2100 – a number roughly 5-10 times larger than current estimates … the 80 percent of countries that are either at the current global optimum (temperature) or already past it will be harmed as temperatures warm—and this include both poor countries in the tropics, as well as many wealthy countries such as the U.S. and Japan.

Trump insists that U.S. energy and manufacturing jobs would be lost under the accord. He fails to recognize that one of the fastest growing occupations is in green energy, number one being wind turbine service technician.

There are pundits saying that the U.S. wouldn’t be able to make the Paris accord targets anyway, so what’s the big deal. Had America adopted that sort of “can’t do” attitude in the ’40s and ’60s, the Nazis would control Western Europe and a Russian would have been the first to walk on the Moon.

Here’s the real deal. The U.S., and the world, can survive crises like recessions, terrorism, even war (short of nuclear). The suffering associated with climate change is incomparable and unfathomable, and the U.S. will be, in large part, to blame.



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  • If this was such a good deal, how come The Great Leader, Barack Hussein Obama, didn’t get it ratified legally, so that it actually had force of law? The Constitution is quite clear on the matter.

    Even most Dem Senators did not want to support it.

    • So how come Trump signed 90 executive actions in his first 100 days without running them by Congress? Give it a rest, Eric.

      • Most of those Pete, were keeping his campaign promises to undo a lot of illegal acts by The Great Leader, Barack Hussein Obama.

        Remember Obama telling everybody that Congress would not pass his bad ideas, so he would use a phone and a pen? I can link you to the video if you wish !

        Keep going President Trump !

        Make America start winning again !

        • The Trump administration’s choice to leave Paris may have little practical impact for some time; in part because the real commitments are regulatory through the Clean Power Plan. However, Mr. Coobs, America wins as the leader of the world. We cannot lead if we step away from our commitments; if we step away from the table.

          The United States already crafted the current agreement to its own advantage. Donald John Trump’s choice to step away is purely a political one as his rationale is an inherent contradiction: The agreement will catastrophically affect the US economy (it won’t) but it actually doesn’t really matter anyway.

          America is already winning – the job creation that Trump enjoys is the Obama dividend. The recent stockmarket rallies – to which he points as a position of strength – are the result of an ebullient corporate sector that likes some job growth, but not too much so as to cause the fed to increase interest rates quickly. In other words: Trump is very happy about the stockmarket, which is very happy about maintaining middling job growth and sluggish wage growth.

          Trump’s efforts here will harm the planet – which I’ll note you are silent on – but also the capacity of the United States to secure international agreements (for which he will certainly not seek Congressional approval) to benefit American workers and security.

          Bill’s replies suggest that he has just learned about the details of the Paris accord from the President’s Castro-esque speech, which is to say that he doesn’t know much. [Most of the funding for green development came from other countries and private banks].

          Yet again, Trump shows his weakness in attempting to show strength. We’ve all seen his kind on the playground.

          Tough guy who wants to meet you at the flagpole, but then doesn’t show.

          • I’m not worried Chris – the Clean Power Plan was implemented with regulations, by the order of The Great Leader, Barack Obama, and now that we have a real American in the White House, who doesn’t hate energy production, most of it is already rolled back.

        • Let me get this straight: Trump’s executive orders are legal, like his immigration plan that has been shot down in federal courts.

          America is losing, Eric. Trump is isolating the U.S. from every industrial nation — a really stupid move. He’s handing leadership on trade, the environment and diplomacy over to just about anyone willing to step up: Germany, China, France… ? Check back in another six months and see where we are. I promise it won’t be pretty.

  • Democrats to tax paying working Americans. Screw you! We will see you in 2018 and 2020.

    Trump had to sign most all of his executive actions just to over turn the ridicules Obama actions that would have never made it through Congress. Do we need to do a matrix showing one for one?

  • Tell Tester to get on this bandwagon. Get another Republican elected. Montanan’s know BS when they see it.

  • if the mooching tick liberals are so emotional about these agendas why don’t they attempt to push it through legislation rather than implementing fascist Obama executive orders.

  • Note these were not the minimum wage burger flipping jobs that Obama added.

    Of the 235,000 jobs added in February, 28,000 were in manufacturing, a sector that had added only 7,000 jobs year-over-year. There were 8,000 mining jobs added that month, bringing total hiring in the sector to 20,000 since it hit a low in October.

  • We will see what the support of the Paris Accord is when the US dollars are pulled out. We will see if all of these other countries continue to support the Paris Accord or this turns out to be another Clinton Foundation and implodes on itself.

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