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Ryan Zinke Sets An Unofficial World Record for Flip Flopping

Exciting news for California’s own Ryan Zinke, who may have set an unofficial world record for a political flip-flop this week in announcing his support for the US withdrawal from the Paris accords.

Today, the Secretary took time away from being lobbied by industry groups and promoting himself on conservative media to issue this statement on Facebook:

America’s energy and economic destiny should be up to the United States, not the United Nations. Today the President took bold and decisive action to pull the U.S. out of the poorly-negotiated Paris Accord that would kill American jobs and manufacturing while doing little to protect the environment.

Nothing like a good soldier parroting the Administration’s line, but it’s a bit suspect given that Zinke told the Associated Press yesterday that he wouldn’t take a stand on the accord because he hadn’t read it:

Zinke told reporters that he has “yet to read what the actual Paris agreement is” and “would like to sit down and read” the 2015 accord before commenting. He says, “I’ve seen some different press releases back and forth, so before I make an opinion, I want to sit down and read it.”

It isn’t terribly surprising that Zinke would unquestioningly follow a Trump initiative, and it’s even less surprising that he’d flip-flop on climate change. Since 2010, he’s gone from arguing that climate change is a “significant national security challenge for the United States” that “will almost certainly get worse if we delay” to someone who thinks the oceans are magically warming themselves.

An enterprising reporter might want to ask the Secretary today why he’s celebrating a decision by Donald Trump that will weaken our national security and congratulate him on his incredible ability to flip and flop to suit his political master.

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