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Gianforte’s Done Being Sorry, On to Groveling for Dollars

After what was perhaps the least sincere apology in Montana political history and a week of silence, Greg Gianforte is back in action, begging supporters to pay off “debts” incurred by his campaign.

In an e-mail sent this afternoon to people he imagines are supporters, Gianforte, incredibly, shamelessly suggests that his campaign was “up against incredible odds,” perhaps forgetting that he started fifteen points ahead of a candidate who had never run for statewide office before and conveniently forgetting the massive advantage he received in outside funding, an advantage that turned him from “a loser” and “C-” candidate into someone barely able to win the race.

What Gianforte certainly hasn’t forgotten, however, is the million dollar loan he gave his campaign when he feared his efforts to win another race were failing. While he may not be able to recoup the $500,000 he poured in after that or the undetermined amount he donated to himself in the past few days, Mr. Gianforte does want his million back—and he’s asking regular Montanans to chip in $25 to make sure that he doesn’t have to lose that.

It’s astonishing and repulsive at the same time. A man who reported that he is worth as much as $320 million dollars, who will be the fifth richest member of the Congress, and who claims he is headed to Washington to “drain the swamp” is begging hard-working people to pay off the debts incurred by his vanity and fear.

Greg Gianforte: not from Montana, not for Montana.

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  • You beat me to the draw again, Pogreba. I received the same solicitation from Congressman-elect/WWE wannabe Greg Gianforte. Playing the victim, poor GG laments Quist’s ability to fundraise:

    “During the Special Election, we were up against incredible odds. Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and even Rosie O’Donnell all came out hard for my opponent. With the backing of some of the Left’s biggest socialist stars, also came the influx of millions in fundraising dollars.”

    I’m surprised GG didn’t add Karl Marx and Fidel Castro into the mix of Quist supporters. Of course, he fails to mention that most of Quist’s fundraising came in the form of small, individual donations whereas GG was bankrolled by SuperPACs like the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee and the NRA … and also a couple of million dollars of his own.

    His ask would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  • Greg Gianforte isn’t worth a plug nickle… he is a head case, a east coast gangster let loose in the last best place and I’m pissed at a whole bunch of idiots who voted for him… shame on your judgement!

    • Goofball, another phoney like Zinke, they both look like all out DORKS, and Zinke the worst wearing a hat, he might as well wear his Scuba gear…did you ‘know’ he was a Navy SEAL?

  • Don,
    Is there any way to find out just how common it is for offenders to request and receive a different court date, like GG is having his expensive lawyer do?? Is Marty Lambert playing favorites with the New Jersey billionaire?? If the average Montanan did not show up for court a bench warrant would be issued and we would go to jail. Is Lambert a republican? What about the judge?? Is there some type of favoritism going on? If is my understanding that he has not even been certified as a winner, by the state of Montana, and this won’t happen until sometime in the middle of June, so what is the excuse for not appearing in court??
    Someone please write about this!

  • Gosh it’s in the news I read and witness audio I hear.

    Ben Jacobs, maybe Ben’s Attorney
    want to be there also.

    And are part of normal re-scheduling when Greg,
    and his Attorney face the music.

    The scandal, imo, may be in not interviewing
    material witnesses.

    For instance, how long did Greg have his hands on Ben’s throat.
    Did Greg grab throat to lever Ben to floor?

    Was Ben throat slammed to floor, w his elbow hurt
    when hit floor?

    Did Greg get on top of fallen Ben?

    How many fist hits to Ben’s head?

    What minor injuries sustained? Face. Elbow.

    What did Greg say during his apologies to witnesses?

    Why did Greg leave scene?

    In general, why did Greg snap?

    Maybe irate at journalists and wrongfully transferred ire
    to Ben, who perhaps had recorder in one hand.
    Notebook in other?

    Wrongful transference important considering Greg’s recent mock motion
    to strangle Ravalli Republic reporter, esp Greg’s words in so doing.

    Was Greg violent?
    Full of moral turpitude?(“Get the hell out of here” twice said)
    Remiss on apology to Ben, and Montana?
    Who is Greg’s Attorney?

    Is the case being wrongfully Delayed?
    (Ask Ben’s Attorney. )

    Successfully wrongly delayed for
    media and social media have whitewashed
    and glossed over details of the violent assault!

    Successfully delayed now that Greg has taken time
    to File for 2018 Election to Represent Montana
    for a full two year Term, and can receive contributions
    to keep Greg in the House of Paul Ryan.

    The House where now sits 20 or more Republicans,
    Representing Districts where 2014 gerrymandering
    purged = eliminated 20 or more Democratic Representatives
    to the House of Representatives.

    • Ya know, Bob, GG’s assault on a human being, AND the first amendment reminds me of domestic violence. Didn’t anyone else pick up on that?

      Your question about GG’s hands aroung Jacob’s neck reminded me that we have a new law on the books about strangling. Tim Fox talked it up in a recent op-ed.

      • In event of domestic assault involving hand squeeze on neck,
        do fresh red thumb marks on throat mean more than misdemeanor charge?

        Yes. In a case here in Ravalli County.

        Ask a Deputy, Investigator and/or any EMT!
        If such red marks are evident they must be promptly photographed.

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