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Must Read on Greg Gianforte’s Political, Personal, and Pecuniary Support for Bigotry

Since the Montana press is largely letting Greg Gianforte’s past vanish from the special election, we’re going to repost some of the most important stories from our coverage of him last year. Collectively and individually, they paint a picture of a man who will not represent Montanans in a way we can be proud of.

Today you’re going to hear a lot about how Greg Gianforte plans to bring his business experience to the governor’s office if elected this November. If you listen just a bit more carefully, you’ll also hear troubling, conspicuous silence about his ongoing support for some of the worst supporters of discrimination in Montana and outside. Gianforte wants you know that he’s made a lot of money. What he doesn’t want you to know is how he spends a lot of it: giving financial support to organizations that endorse hateful rhetoric and damaging policies against the LGBTQ community.

When you’re tempted not to vote and speak up about political candidates, ask yourself if everyone you know has the luxury to ignore a candidate for governor so driven by his anti-gay views that he’s personally lobbied against anti-discrimination statues and donated millions to groups who demonize the LGBTQ community at every turn.

The political system in the United States may indeed be a broken system that encourages cynicism, but it still matters.

Montanans cannot sit by silently while someone with values like Mr. Gianforte has repeatedly demonstrated seeks to put himself in a position to make his bigotry the law in our state.

Take a few minutes today to read this piece in Buzzfeed that shows Gianforte’s priorities–and his passion for discrimination. And then share it with a few friends who know that discrimination cannot be tolerated in silence.

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.


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  • “The mountainous state is reliably conservative, but less divided on social issues than much of the South and Midwest, Saldin said. “-Buzzfeed

    Really? What about the gay marriage referendum that went down in flames a few years back?

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  • Gianforte is not only anti-LGBT he is also anti-public schools, anti-public lands, anti-Union, anti-social security, anti-retirement and pensions and on and on…..he is the Koch’s dream candidate. In fact Gianforte won the 2012 AFP – Milton Friedman Champion of Education Freedom Award for his work in attempting to privatize our public schools. Gianforte (The Great Outsourcer) will Brownback Montana if he wins.

  • Hmmm – the last polling number I saw showed Montana as having 2.6% of our population identifying themselves as gay – do you really think that advocating special rights for gays, or giving them ‘victim’ status would be popular with the rest of Montana?

  • Hey, all, Quist told Dominican-American Latino Tom Perez not to come to Montana! Why does he not want to be seen or promoted by Mr. Perez? The Quist campaign would not respond when questioned.

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