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How the Supreme Court is Failing America

Last night, I had the opportunity to listen to Professor Gabriel J. Chin of UC-Davis in a talk titled “President Trump’s Immigration Policy and the Limits of the U.S. Constitution.” Professor Chin outlined previous immigration policies and the power that the Supreme Court has in situations of unconstitutional immigration policy. Professor Chin also outlined, more importantly, what the Supreme Court will do regarding the recent executive order known as the Travel Ban 2.0. This executive order bans travel from 5 Muslim majority countries for 90 days, and bans travel from Syria indefinitely. Given the dialogue from President Trump on the campaign trail, it is clear that this is an attack on Muslims, which violates the First Amendment. This is where the Supreme Court should strike down the executive order, but Chin predicts that this will not be the case.

The Supreme Court is actively trying to avoid hearing a case regarding Trump’s travel ban in order to dodge having to make a decision to hold the executive branch accountable. If the court rules in favor of the executive order, they are sending a message to the American people that this racist ideology is perfectly okay, which hurts their institutional reputation. If the court rules against the travel ban, they will be calling out Trump for his bigoted policies, and creating a clash with the executive branch is something that the Supreme Court would rather dodge.

What is the point of having three separate branches of government if the branches are too afraid to clash with one another? The actions of the Supreme Court attempting to avoid this type of case is contradicting to the entire point of Democracy. Checks and balances are crucial in order to prevent a single position of power. If our system does not work in a way where accountability can be distributed, our nation has failed us.

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About the author

Faith Scow

Faith is a student at Carroll College and member of the "Talking Saints" debate team. Well traveled, Faith spent last summer exploring many countries including Norway, France, Germany and Croatia. She believes that impactful policy is made at the local level and that young women are extremely under represented in politics.


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  • Time to pressure all three branches to admit that the USA killing 300 to 1,000 people on the ground in Syria and Iraq THIS MONTH, calls for something other than a hard ban against refugees of proxy warfare + climate catastrophe in Syria.

    Could be the Hillary Clinton was right that the USA should not have relinquished Syrian airspace to the Russian bear. But should stake out some no fly zones = fewer refugees.

    Could be that the Russian bot/troll hate Hillary info war campaign actually caused more need for more refugees to flee civil + proxy war in Syria.

    Is the second paragraph from a statement Professor Chin?
    Or is it perhaps a personal declarative work?

    Right on about SCOTUS wanting to dodge the issue.
    SCOTUS like any of us, falls into the sin of ommission.
    The sin of doing too little too late.

  • ah… the SCOTUS has made several of the worst decisions in it’s history, all of which take personal freedom away from real people. Time to take the house down and clean it out!

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