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Daines Disappears while Senator Tester holds Great Falls Town Hall

It’s been over three weeks since Steve Daines was greeted at his hometown airport in Bozeman and asked kindly, but firmly by his constituents for an in-person town hall. His response was to mock his hometown and say that Bozeman is not real Montana. This is the same tactic we saw from Sarah Palin in 2008 as she tried to say two different Americas existed with one being the “real America,” she later apologized for this disgusting comment as Steve Daines should for his, but no one can find him.

This billboard popped up in Great Falls this week asking Steve Daines to protect our precious Montana air and water and act on climate Change. MISSING it says and MISSING Steve Daines is.

The billboard was placed by the Montana Conservation Voters a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping our Montana air and water clean.

Message from MCV: Thanks for your support everyone! We appreciate your enthusiasm for our Billboard. We’d love to do more. If you are interested in donating or learning more about Montana Conservation Voters, click below!

Donate to MCV here to place more billboards across Montana.

And here’s the best part. Jon Tester is holding a Town Hall in Great Falls today. He’s listening to his constituents, he’s engaged, he cares about them and wants to know how he can make things better. That’s his job and he does it well.

Spotted at the Town Hall is Denise Juneau!

“When you have time for a mom-daughter date, what do you do? Go to Senator Jon Tester’s town hall meeting, of course! #politicalnerds — with Carol Juneau at Great Falls College MSU.” via Denise Juneau


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