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Here’s what I’m seeing.

People getting organized on their own.

I’m seeing teachers, nurses, carpenters, waitresses, dishwashers, college students, cancer patients, attorneys, high school kids, Big Sky Rising groups, Love Lives Here, folks waiting for liver and kidney transplants and everyday Montanans, hardworking, fair, kind folks coming together to say absolutely not. This is not what Montana and America stand for. We are defining our America, our Montana.

Montana is about helping each other, about struggling together, about succeeding with your neighbors despite the challenges. These folks are fighting for change because their lives depend on it and the country they know depends on them fighting.

You are seeing people organize around shared values, around what we know Montana and America to be.

  • *Quick Action: Call Senator Tester 

  • Tell him to vote no on Gorsuch for Supreme Court-(202) 224-2644

Whether they organize to make sure they aren’t denied health care due to a pre-existing condition or they organize for others who are being harmed by illegal raids, illegal border controls, or unprecedented politicization of the military. Or if they tweet the President and ask for a conversation on transgender rights.

We organize because we care. For no other reason am I writing this blog, for no other reason am I calling my senator, for no other reason have community groups sprung up, flourished and organized themselves. No one is guiding this resistance, it is citizens, with jobs, organizing in their spare time, retirees, students, it is everyone from every walk of life, rich to poor, native, black, white, latino, lesbian, straight, trans, bi, gay, abled and disabled, women, men, genderqueer, octagenarians, middle-agers, and especially the young.

The young have the most reason to be mad, but they’re not mad, they’re energized. They don’t know how far we’ve fallen, but they know where we could go. I’ve been organizing with one young man a teenager, Ian, who is relentless. He organized a student walkout in response to Daines voting for DeVos on 18 hours notice. He helped organize the impromptu town hall that greeted Daines at the Bozeman airport recently. He went back to Helena even after Daines cancelled and rescheduled his speech to the legislature. He organized. He networked. He has been putting me to work for him!

The Gallatin Progressive Action Network is the vanguard of the movement, forcing Daines to listen at every turn, training citizen activists, holding rallies, protests, getting in the streets and causing some good trouble.

We must always be there for each other. I want to see advocates for our public lands supporting Planned Parenthood and I want to see Planned Parenthood standing against climate change. We must come together. Unions must stand up for the LGBTQ community. Teachers must stand up for voting rights and we all need to start talking to our neighbors.

Meanwhile, coal ash is being dumped in our rivers, climate change doom is growing exponentially, Wall Street reform is being gutted, lower taxes on the extraordinarily wealthy, Bannon’s insane Nazi tendencies, Miller’s tyrannical declarations about god-emperor Trump, oh but please keep talking about Sweden and other stories. These made up stories are actually what they want you talking about because then you’re talking about attacks.

When they misspell words, don’t point it out, that’s where they want your attention, when they waive a hand over here, the other hand is signing executive orders to put more black or latino people in prison, or steal women’s healthcare or attack our LGBTQ friends, loved ones, and neighbors.

Lifting sanctions on Russia is the ultimate goal. The whole administration is tied to the oil and gas industry.

Or is actually the leader of the oil and gas industry, Rex Tillerson, the Exxon CEO and part-time Secretary of State.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters has it right when she calls this whole gang “scumbags.”

The best part, none of us are being compensated, we’re not employed to fight for our rights. That just what we do as citizens, we stand up to injustice, our only reward is our togetherness, the hope we can bring each other between CNN alerts or tweets from a madman meant to distract and divide us.

By all means look at the shiny, sensational thing, not the citizens in the streets demanding town halls with their senators and congressmen.

What we need to be talking about is organizing. The grassroots groups springing up in every corner of this state and country. See message below about groups in Montana coordinating and coming together to work together in unity.

Big Sky Rising – Indivisible MT – Open Source MT – March on Montana

Missoula Rises – Gallatin Progressive Action Network

Our goal is to streamline our efforts, reduce redundancy, create solidarity and be able to mobilize on key issues via consistent communication.

While each group can and likely will have additional focuses unique to the goals of each group or area, we have agreed to focus on these three next steps together:

1. Special Election regarding Zinke’s vacant seat
2. Rally: Bring the Town Hall to Senator Daines (Helena and Statewide)
3. Rally: Healthcare/ACA Rally, February 25th prompted by Senator Tester and Senator Sanders

Additionally, we will be helping members get training resources relating to:

know your rights
civil disobedience

This group of leaders is committed to communication structure via technology.

These websites contain both action items AND events.

Events posted on these four websites will be coordinated:

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.


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  • Those 4 websites are a joke and will fade away in a couple months, probably sooner. Two of them have already gotten into the habit of posting sporadically at best.

    A year from now now one will remember the Women’s March. Those that do remember won’t have the numbers to get their favored candidates elected.

  • Yes, continue open borders and illegal voters, 13,500 Syrians enter the US in 2016 so let more in, we don’t need lower taxes, let Carrier move more, lets support sanctuary cities and catch and release jobs…..

    HELENA, Mont. — A Montana judge has ruled that enactment of the state’s 2012 voter-approved law banning undocumented immigrants from accessing state services is pre-empted by federal law and is unenforceable.

    The law, which aims to deny government jobs and assistance to people in the U.S. illegally, required certain state agencies to certify through a federal database that those requesting services were United States citizens. If a person was not in the country legally, the Montana agency must turn over the name to federal immigration officials.

    Legislative Referendum 121, which would have required certain state agencies to certify through a federal database that people requesting services are United States citizens, was set to take effect Jan. 1, 2013.

    More than 80% of Montana voters supported Legislative Referendum 121 in the November 2012 general election. The law was set to take effect Jan. 1, 2013, but it wasn’t enforced because of a legal challenge.

    The immigrants’ rights group Montana Immigrant Justice Alliance sued in December 2012 to block the law, arguing the measure violated U.S. citizens’ rights to privacy, due process and equal protection under the Montana and U.S. constitutions, and was pre-empted by federal law.

    On Friday, District Judge Jeffrey Sherlock, of Helena, Mont., agreed with the plaintiffs and struck down significant portions of the law.

  • Why this all sounds great the reason it will fail is the one line I point out from this article. “No one is guiding this resistance”.

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