Cowards of the Day: Adam Hertz and Steve Daines

Adam Hertz and Steve Daines are cowards.

Representative Hertz was narrowly elected last fall in a very toss-up district in Missoula. He beat a tough opponent in Andrew Person. Missoula is widely considered to be the progressive home of Montanans.

Missoula easily has Montana’s largest LGBTQ community. It is rich, vibrant and happy. A representative of Missoula would know this, celebrate this, and defend the rights of their community.

Missoula has enshrined in law the protections a non-discrimination ordinance that protects the LGBTQ community from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodation. Helena, Butte, Bozeman and Whitefish also have NDO’s. Helena just fixed its NDO to include transgender Montanans as the original had been watered down by scare tactics from those who seek to divide us like Milo Yiannopoulos.

Montana as a state does not protect the LGBTQ community against discrimination. No statewide NDO exists. What an NDO does is ensure that members of the LGBTQ community cannot be fired for their sexual orientation or gender identity, they cannot be evicted from their homes without notice.

It is currently legal to fire or evict members of the LGBTQ community in Montana purely because a landlord or employer wants to discriminate against them. Sounds absurd in 2017, right?

Thank goodness for good representatives like Billings Rep., Veteran and Congressional Candidate Kelly McCarthy who carried HB 417, the bill to pass a statewide NDO. Republicans voted against the bill in committee so Democrats brought it to the house floor for a blast motion.

The motion failed 43-55 along partisan lines. Democrats supporting an end to discrimination in Montana. Republicans wanting to continue discriminating. Find out who voted for and against it HERE.


Two house members were absent for the blast motion. Adam Hertz was one of these two seen ducking out of the house floor minutes before the vote and not returning or even asking someone to cast a proxy vote for him as is allowed by house rules.

Adam Hertz is a coward who does not deserve to represent the wonderful community of Missoula. Do not forget this come election 2018. He did not even have the nerve to stand up for his values or his constituents. He just ran away. We don’t need cowards in government.

Adam Hertz is a coward.

Steve Daines is a coward too.

We all knew this already though, no surprise there, he even got his buddy Austin Knudsen in on it today.

Daines had been scheduled on the legislative calendars for over a week as scheduled to speak around noon today in Helena to the full legislative body. At noon a notice was sent to reporters that thanks to Speaker Knudsen a schedule change had occurred and Daines would be speaking tomorrow, Wednesday the 22nd.

Daines was quite afraid of the crowd of 500 peaceful constituents, citizens, and voters that had assembled to meet him as he has refused all calls for a town hall with the people of Montana.

Steve Daines is a coward. Steve Daines is such a coward it is a wonder he could even stand for election. But I guess when you have the Koch Brothers to defend you with their billions even the cowardly lion of Daines can put his name on the ballot, though it’s not known if he does much more than that.



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  • Note this was a bill for privacy rights or the violation thereof. The majority does not support the bathroom law in this bill. Plain and simple.

  • There are laws already for discrimination.
    ASHERS BAKERY HAS lost an appeal to a ruling which found they were guilty of discrimination for not making a wedding cake that supported gay marriage.

  • FYI,
    The White House on Tuesday signaled it was preparing to reverse a U.S. policy on transgender rights, raising concern among rights advocates that Republican President Donald Trump is about to revoke a signature initiative of his predecessor.

    Former Democratic President Barack Obama’s administration issued guidance to public schools last May to allow transgender students to use bathrooms matching their gender identity, a move transgender people hailed as a civil rights victory.

    Asked at a news briefing about concerns the government would reverse the guidance, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Trump believed the matter was an issue for the states to decide, which is contrary to the Obama stance.

  • Daines received hundreds of thousands of dollars from far-right out-of-state billionaire Betsy Devos alone–he is funded mostly by plutocratic non-Montanans like the Koch brothers and does their bidding in the Senate, not the bidding of Montanans. No wonder he chickened out and cancelled his plans to speak in public in Helena on February 21st. Constituents would have wiped that saccharin smile off of Daines’ boyish face when holding him accountable for voting like a Trump dittohead in the Senate for everything Trump has sent there.

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