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Mark Phillip – Great Falls Environmental Engineer for Congress

The field of Democrats running for Congress continues to grow.

Kelly McCarthy, Amanda Curtis, John Meyer, Rob Quist, Link Neimark, Dan West, Mark Phillip and more are the Democratic candidates.

A good field of candidates and we need our candidates talking to Montanans and talking about the future of our state, and talking ideas. We need a clear understanding of where these candidates stand on the issues. Policy matters.

Here is a good starter on Mark Phillip. In his own words.


I was a military brat with four assignments at Malmstrom. I have been a life-long registered Democrat since 1988. My wife, Abbie, and I met in grad school at Montana Tech; I have a BS and MS (1999) in Environmental Engineering. I worked for the New Mexico Environment Department for nearly 5 years, regulating mine sites to protect ground water. In 2004 I accepted a job with a small Canadian engineering firm, O’Kane Consultants, specializing in mining reclamation and closure design, and moved to Ft. McMurray, Alberta, where I worked on Oil Sands reclamation.

In 2007 we returned to Montana, taking over my grandparent’s property west of Anaconda, and opening my company’s US office. My company has purchased a small office building in Anaconda, from where I tend to US projects and help manage the parent company.

My wife works in Anaconda on community and economic development issues. Our two boys attend public schools in Ramsay and Anaconda. We are a 4H family and greatly enjoy our homegrown pork, eggs and vegetables. I volunteer to lead local hikes and am a board member of the Discovery Ski Education Foundation. Our family is very active outdoors; federal public lands are our birthright.

November convinced me that the Democratic Party needs new voices and greater participation. I am seeking the nomination to provide the voters a unique background and perspective. I am seeking the nomination to serve all Montanans, especially those in rural areas. I am seeking the nomination to win.

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  • Seriously, Mark? Why? Is it because there aren’t already enough unknowns running? You will probably get as many votes as Rob Who, that other “well known” fella. But first, get yourself a trademark hat. Maybe a conical Pope hat. Everyone loves the Pope! I heard that the Dem leadership are all wearing helicopter beanies! It’s their new trademark!

  • Seriously Mark, like Don prefaced, please tell us where you stand on issues.
    Especially issues where you just might have a more workable, practical,
    politically doable alternative.
    Very especially where your concepts may have a comparative advantage.
    Say with pressing rural issues you are uniquely familiar with.

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