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Update: Montana Men Must Protest Daines Sexism


Yesterday I was really upset at Steve Daines and getting frustrated with the media for letting him off the hook. Well, I was hasty in my judgment, the media is watching too. We are seeing some very good journalism, they are just as overwhelmed as the rest of us.

Yesterday when I wrote this I would have never expected such a powerful response.

The editor of the newspaper with the largest circulation  in the state of Montana, the Billings Gazette, called out Steve Daines for his shameful rebuke of Senator Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor for trying to read a letter from Coretta Scott King about Jeff Sessions racist history and voter suppression efforts.

Read it here and stay vigilant, call out misogyny when you see it. This is the beginning.


It’s far past time that men start bearing the burden of misogyny. We need to stand up to those who would seek to divide us along gender lines. It hurts our political process and we must demand a stop to it. We must stand together against it and demand equality. Men can no longer be silent. Remaining silent is passive assent to misogyny and fascism.

The burden of fighting this administration must be shared. Women have been the leaders of the resistance. On Inauguration day we saw the beginning of our movement with the Women’s Marches nationwide. Men must continue to empower women and stand alongside them as we fight the insanity of #45, Bannon and co.

Sexism silences women. This is unacceptable. Men cannot be silent in the face of this administration’s policies and actions that seek to silence the typically disenfranchised. Currently, we have 21 female senators, the most we’ve ever had. We’ve never had a female president or chief justice of the Supreme Court. We have had one female Speaker of the House in our nation’s history.

And then we saw what happened last night. I watched in utter shock as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell silenced Elizabeth Warren as she attempted to read a letter from Coretta Scott King into the record as her statement against the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as attorney general.

It was Senator Steve Daines who acted as the disgustingly gleeful messenger in silencing Senator Warren’s mic and banning her from further floor speeches during the confirmation process of the bigot Sessions to the office tasked with defending the voting rights act.

Shame on Steve Daines. #shameondaines

While I sat in shock, many women were familiar with the nightmare feeling of being silenced.

The history of America involves suppression of non-male, non-white views. Even to this day we are in a frightening tail-spin into the past of regressive policy and social dictates.

To be clear, women don’t need men, but men need to stand with women and fight back. Women have dealt with it alone for too long. The silencing of women is a tactic as well as a comfortable reality for people like Daines, McConnell, and Sessions.

Last night Jeff Sessions was confirmed as AG. The gag order that had been placed on Elizabeth Warren was thus lifted.

When will men ensure that the gag order against women is lifted for good?

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  • Oh, puh-leeze! Warren has been grandstanding every chance she gets since Inauguration Day. It’s good for her book sales, and her campaign account. The fact remains that she violated Senate rules

  • Shame on Steve Daines, indeed. But shame on you too, Nathan Kosted, for yelling “sexism” in a crowded theatre.
    The record on Daines’ conduct is indelibly etched. He will be remembered for his willingness to scamper to the bidding of the party bosses he admires. His foolish decision to gavel down Sen. Warren’s recitation of a pertinent and historical letter speaks for itself.
    Your decision to read sexism into Daines’ multi-layered bad behavior is akin to complaining that on top of mass murders and mutilations, a defendant’s shirt was stained. It has nothing to do with what happened and detracts attention from the real offense.
    Your analysis is shabby in my opinion. Let’s save our disgust for sexism for instances where it occurs.

  • I believe the column was about our senator’s behavior during the Sessions’ confirmation hearing. And I believe Daines and his handlers were set on silencing a powerful opponent to their man’s confirmation, regardless of gender.

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