Call Senator Daines and Ask About the Betsy DeVos Calls

A friend called Senator Daines this week and asked the staff there for a breakdown of the calls the office received regarding the nomination of Betsy DeVos to ruin American public education. The friendly staffer there said that, while the “information would take a few days to put together,” the office would certainly provide such a breakdown of the calls received in favor of and opposing Mrs. DeVos for the job.

I would never assume that a member of the body as distinguished and honest as the US Senate would ever lie to a constituent, so let’s take Senator Daines’s staffer at her word—and keep calling the office until we’re told what percentage of people who called supported the nomination and what percentage, concerned about the future of Montana schools, opposed it.

Online commentators are asserting that Senator Daines acted to represent his constituents because Montanans chose Donald Trump and Daines himself has suggested, despite all evidence to the contrary, that he was representing Montana schools and teachers. There’s an easy way to prove that claim. Simply tell us what your constituents said when they took the time to register their opinions.

Call Senator Daines today and ask to see the tally. I suspect even Betsy DeVos could do that math. Feel free to leave a comment here or drop me an e-mail letting me know what response you got.

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  • part of what worries me ever so slightly about their ‘tabulation’ is the handful of times i have called they have not asked for my name/address. So it makes me concerned about them actually keeping a true count. I would echo the sentiment that when you call them to be sure they take your name/number down to help ensure they are not just shuffling the notes to the wastebasket.

    • Unless you have blocked caller ID, they have the information they need to identify you. And whether or not they take your name, they keep a tally of the yeas and nays. Not that it matters much. DeVos was confirmed. Scolding Daines won’t deter him from sinning again. The only cure for his conduct is defeating him when he runs for re-election in 2020.

  • I phoned Daines’s Helena office and spoke to Patrick, who said it was not their normal policy to release such information but that he would look into it. Although he took my name, address and phone number, I’m not holding my breath waiting for a reply.

  • I suspect they don’t spend the budget to count calls. How many people call multiple times, could change names, or are from other states. They listen to their voters. Address the issues. Many of you don’t have a clue that DeVos is focus on providing better education for large/inner-cites. Look at New Orleans and Louisiana. Teachers Unions have the DNC in there back pocket so they all are only worried about their jobs / benefits and pay raises not a better education alternative for the students.

    • Bill,

      Stop with the #alternativefacts.

      DeVos’s record on public education in Michigan is clear. Her policies have been a disastrous waste.

      Get out of the Fox bubble and breathe air with some actual information. It will hurt at first, but it will be good for you.


  • I called in to both senators whenever I was calling about anything. Tester said in his address to the senate that he got at least 3000 calls against and only 20 calls in favor of DeVos. I think that Daines had at least 3000 calls against DeVos.

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