Link Neimark Enters Democratic Congressional Primary

A sixth Democrat has expressed intent to fill Montana’s House seat if Ryan Zinke is confirmed to lead the Interior Department under President Donald Trump. Nicky Ouellet with Montana Public Radio reports.

Lee Neimark — or “Link,” as everyone in the Flathead Valley knows him — doesn’t have a background in politics, but says that’s an asset in today’s political climate.

Lee Neimark of Whitefish is the sixth Democrat to express interest in running for Ryan Zinke’s seat in Congress.

“Although I never saw myself heading in this direction, I see the opening, I see the opportunity, I feel it’s my responsibility to step up and do what I can,” Neimark says.

The Whitefish resident owns a small business, Rock Climb Montana, and is a 15-year ski instructor at Whitefish Mountain Resort, with a history working for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

He says those jobs have prepared him to replace current Representative Ryan Zinke. Last week a Senate committee voted in support of Zinke, who will face a confirmation vote from the full Senate in coming weeks.

“Gather the data, look for the evidence, be truthful, and be honest in your conclusions. That’s going to help,” says Neimark.

Neimark says his top issues are education, healthcare, supporting the middle-class and clean energy.

He joins a slew of Democrats vying for the House seat, including state representatives Amanda Curtis and Kelly McCarthy, musician Rob Quist, John Meyer of Bozeman and Dan West of Missoula.

Six Republicans have paid the party’s fee to be considered for the nomination as of last Friday.

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  • The field is getting crowded. Not that I’m displeased with all the interest in this race but we need to come away from the nominating convention with a strong mandate for our chosen candidate. I’d hate to see the winner getting 25% of the vote, or less.

  • If the Democratic Party is using a first past the post plurality system to nominate it’s candidate, it’s being stupid and irresponsible. A majority should be required, with the candidate receiving the fewest votes dropping out after each vote. That’s not a new idea, and it’s easy to put into practice at a nominating convention.

    • Good point, James. I took a look at the rules and as I read them, it does take a majority, which I assume is 50-plus-percent:

      “The person receiving a majority of the votes cast shall be declared the Party’s nominee. If no person receives a majority of the votes cast on the first ballot, the name of the person receiving the fewest votes shall be stricken from subsequent ballots until one person receives a majority of the votes cast.”

      Still, it could be a lengthy, contentious process. I hope not, though.

      • Whew. A majority of the delegates at the convention, or just a majority of those voting?

        I doubt it will go more than three, at most four, ballots. If there’s not a majority on the first ballot, the first three to be struck from the ballot will be the vanity candidates, Meyer, Neimark, and West.

  • Neimark sounds like an interesting candidate, Pete. Unfortunately, for him, he was not born and raised in Montana. He is from Wisconsin. Thus, based on Governor Bullock’s and Montana’s Democratic leaders reasoning and prior statements, “Wisconsin Link” is completely unacceptable as a candidate for any public office in Montana.

    • Well, I don’t think he’s a front runner but one never knows. I’ll bet if Republican candidates didn’t have to pony up $1740 to be considered, you’d have a few more in the race, too.

  • I have known lee Neimark since I was 12 years old. He is extremely bright. He has applied himself to many areas of challenge and excelled at them all. Lee picks his own pathway and doesn’t compromise his values. I am a republican who can unequivocally respect and support lee for the remarkable man and human being he is. A man for his time. Good luck….

    Dr. George c. Panos

  • Hi, I’m Link Neimark. Thanks for taking an interest in my candidacy for the US Congress. I have entered the race, because as a citizen, I feel a real responsibility to fight for our democracy. Since the flawed Citizen’s United decision, obscene amounts of money have corrupted our political system. Billionaires and big corporations have been able to buy politicians in order to pervert our laws and obtain huge financial gain at the expense of ordinary citizens. Someone who is passionate about saving our democracy and strengthening the middle-class needs to step in and help fight against this corruption. That is why I have thrown my hat in the ring. I am serious about doing my part to serve this country. I would encourage you to visit my website to learn more about me and my platform.
    Or listen to me this Monday the 20th on “Voices of Montana.” Please call-in to the show with any questions.
    Thanks again for taking an interest. I hope you will join me in this fight for freedom and the American way of life.
    Cheers, Lee “Link” Neimark –

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