Dear Senator Daines – Please Listen

Word on the street is that Daines might be listening, maybe. Time to keep calling.

No on Betsy DeVos.

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Guest post by Jess Wilkerson

Dear Senator Daines,

I am growing quite concerned that you are not listening to the people of Montana. The majority of us support Planned Parenthood, for a myriad of reasons, but among them is that most of us also support a woman’s right to choose how she approaches each and every pregnancy she has.

Wanting to intrude into the decision and erroneously scapegoating a non-profit healthcare provider in the process, indicates that you have no regard or respect for women. Women and others are speaking about how much Planned Parenthood has done for them and it is time for you to start listening.

If you do not support or trust women, how can you possibly justify holding a position in which you represent them? You are not listening when it comes to many of President Trump’s nominees for important positions.

We do not trust or want Betsy DeVos to serve as Secretary of Education. She is unprepared, dangerous, and biased. Our children are worth more than this. And yet you have publicly stated that you support her and will vote to approve her nomination. Please reconsider. Vote “No” on Betsy DeVos.

I assume it helps that her husband is your top campaign contributor and she has contributed over $5,000 to your campaign as well. Actually, five of the top ten contributors were members of the DeVos family. 46,800 has been contributed to your campaign from members of the DeVos family to your campaign. This is an inherent conflict of interest.

Click here for proof:

We do not want Rex Tillerson to serve as Secretary of State. His conflicts of interest as former CEO of Exxon are enormous.

We do not want Jeff Sessions to serve as Attorney General. He does not support Americans equally and he will not do his job of upholding the Constitution when President Trump acts in a way that is contrary to the increasingly important protections and restrictions contained in the United States Constitution.

Steve Bannon presents a direct threat our democracy. The actions taken during President Trump’s first week in office are truly terrifying and indicate that he and Mr. Bannon are making an aggressive and swift grab at power.

I don’t believe that you actually support this but I am concerned that your desire to have more Republican control in Washington has blinded you the true threats presented. What will you do if you wake up one morning to realize that the power grab has been successful and the world has become a wretched place? Could you handle the guilt of having been in a position to do something about that but failing to act?

Please at least consider these questions.

Thank you.

Your voting constituent,

Jessica Wilkerson – Bozeman, Montana



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  • The Letters of St. Paul and the Book of John do not trump the synoptic(seen with one eye) Gospels of Mathew, Mark and Luke, or of Human Rights.
    Matter of fact Human Rights are early aserted in “Commandments” 5-9
    eg the right of your neigbor for life, a secure marriage, personal property, an honest hearing in court.
    Of course the “Tenth Commandment” took a big step, an occidental step, forward from mores of the day and uniquely asserted the human right to participate in community needed more than a legal prohibition.
    People are told to not set their heart on your neighbor’s spouse, servant, man or woman, ox, donkey or possessions. Ex. 20:17; Deut. 5:21.
    Well, these days Public Education is a Human Right to participate in community, but many Johanine and Pauline Christians seem to have set their hearts on diminishing Human Rights to participate in community and Public Education.
    So I made the call in support of Human Rights and the Tenth Commandment.
    Thankyou Jessica and Nathan for gems I would have missed.
    My spurt of long comments is now over.

      • I deleted three of your responses to Pam, LK. You’re not the only one who gets to comment here. Pam gets her opinion, too, without getting dumped on. And please, think really, really hard before you respond to this comment from me. I have no problem banning you, forever.

            • My last word on this matter: the woman simply asked that we be civil in our comments — a reasonable request. You called her “a fool,” “a snowflake” and a “latte fern bar weenie,” among other things. We encourage people to comment here but I doubt that she’ll be coming back after your attack. This is NOT an LK forum, it is Don’s and my, and other contributor’s site, and we make the rules.

              From Don’s comment policy:

              “Disagreement doesn’t have to be unpleasant and it doesn’t have to be personal. The closer comments adhere to the idea that arguments are best focused on principles than people, the better off we’ll all be.

              We reserve the right to delete or edit comments that are offensive, rude, attacking, personal, or just plain inappropriate.”

              • Oh come on, Pete. You really don’t understand what just happened? I wrote a post, and she attacked me personally! Maybe you should be asking HER why she felt the need to attack me!

                The old let’s be-civil-argument has about run its course. Either your a collaborator or a resister. Which side is she on?

                NO ONE could be more offensive and uncivil than our current regime, and THIS woman is concerned about me?!! That’s just too funny.

                But again, that’s exactly why the Dims lose every time. Kumbaya does NOT deter evil, for evil LOVES Kumbaya!

                BTW, what’s a Pam Deitz? For you see, my bio is out there. EVERY where. I have never been in hiding. Who is this person?

                Last summer my buddy Brian Schweitzer was in town for a book signing. Well, it was great to see him. He immediately asked me where have you been? I haven’t seen you on the blogs?

                I had to tell him that I’d been kicked off nearly every blog in Montana for telling the truth. You see, Schweitzer LOVED what I wrote. And guess what? He was the most POPULAR governor this state ever had!

                Now, can Ms. Deitz say that? Or anything even close?

                People LIKE what I write, and they have for the last thirty years or so. When Eric Newhouse was still with the Spitoon, I wrote regularly guest columns and many letters to the ed. Folks loved it. Hell, I even won their Silver Pen award one time on a letter about Natelson. Can M.s Deitz say the same?

                So go ahead. Ban me. But by GOD never say that you are for “diversity” again, for diversity ALSO means diversity of opinion. I come by mine honestly. Does Ms. Dietz? I earned my stripes.

                All true, Pete. Call Brian and ask him. Don’t take my word for it.

  • Wow, I just checked back in. I realize the internet gives all people the forum to say whatever they want to say, and how they want to say it. I’ll be honest here, I am new to this, being recently radicalized by the current actions of Washington. I have just found that to me the jist of comments that are so full of anger and foul language are obscured by the hate. I am really on a learning curve here, and want to learn it all, from everywhere. One of the things I promised myself I would do was try to listen to everyone, no matter how that might make me boil inside. I think I could learn a lot from LK, even though I might be boiling inside. Thank you Nathan Kosted, for the chance to make our voices heard.

    • I hope you continue to comment here, Pam. It can be rough-and-tumble at times, but usually good. Glad to hear you’ve been “recently radicalized.” In solidarity …

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