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Written by Faith Scow

I was scrolling through twitter when I noticed an interesting opinion from @BadBxtchBey…

I thought it would be beneficial to cover some reasons why women may have to make the painful decision of getting an abortion.

Financial: Not only is raising a child expensive, but the expense of a pregnancy itself is a huge financial burden. This includes things such as doctor’s visits, maternity clothing, vitamins, and taking time off work.

Impending Miscarriage: Miscarriages are something that women can’t control. In this instance, an abortion is necessary to avoid medical emergencies in the future.

Life Threatening: Childbirth can kill women. Let’s say your wife is 9 weeks pregnant and you find out having the baby will kill her. What are you: pro-life or pro-wife?

Emotion: Some women aren’t emotionally ready to raise a child. This can also result in major mental health problems.

Social: In many teen pregnancies, the woman is often teased, ridiculed and bullied. This can result in extreme depression.

Rape: Need I say more…

Broken Foster Care System: Adoption isn’t always an option. It’s not common for women to find a perfect, stable happy family who is willing to adopt her child. The more common scenario is for children to end up in a less than perfect foster care system.

Choice: Having a child is a woman’s a choice and and she can choose what she wants to do with her body.

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  • Faith, comments? What are your girl friends saying?

    How about no third trimester abortions and birth control options covered by the new health care. Now is the time to speak up.

    White House counselor Kellyanne Conway kicked off the March for Life on Friday by reassuring the crowd of President Trump’s commitment to the pro-life movement.
    She said the president’s earliest actions in office already show his willingness to “further this conversation and this cause.”

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