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Congressman Zinke’s Statement on Taking the Interior Post Annotated


As we move deeper into the post-fact world of President Trump, one in which even some members of the media seem so eager to curry favor with the administration and its officials that they run press releases as news, it’s ever more important that we scrutinize the platitudes and half-truths that come from our elected officials and leaders. While Congressman Zinke appears poised to head away from his California home to Washington D.C. to head the Interior Department, there’s no better official to give an initial critical look.

Zinke’s Statement Below:

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  • Lest we forget. Drumpf-illegitimate=Slinky the Barking Seal-illegitimate.

    Now he’s part of weasel team six. Well, actually he’s the COMMANDER of weasel team six! Like they say in the weasels, once a weasel, ALWAYS a weasel!

    He’s a corporate whore who wants to pimp our public lands. When he talks about locals, he needs to be hammered on that each and every time. He needs to explain in specific detail just what he means by that and why locals should have more ownership to public lands than the rest of us.

    I still maintain and have yet to be proven wrong that zinke isn’t an idiot. He has yet to impress me with his “intellect.”

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