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Guest Post – The Human Face of ACA Repeal: 142,000 Montanans

Millions of real people—you already know some of them—will suffer horrible consequences if Republicans succeed in repealing the Affordable Care Act. Katie Mazurek’s story is one of many Montana stories, but it could be any person’s story—Katie’s, yours or mine. It could be the story of the 142,000 Montanans and their families like Katie’s who would lose health insurance if Republicans in Congress have their way.

The maddening fact is that Republicans would rather inflict this pain on Katie, and millions of Americans, just so that they can reward their millionaire and billionaire buddies with yet another tax cut. That’s all that matters to them. Like they need one, because they never have enough to satisfy their addiction to money. Or like they need one because it is immoral for society to ensure that another person’s life is healthy, is secure, is fully realized.

No, they would rather that you risk going bankrupt, have your family fall apart, make your life a living hell, let you die. All for a $350 billion tax cut that will benefit only wealthy people. Not for you, just the few individuals in Montana earning more than $200,000 a year. At the very least, all other Montanans get to pay higher insurance premiums, if they can get insured.

When Republican Senator Steve Daines and Republican Congressman Ryan Zinke vote with their Republican buddies in Washington to repeal the Affordable Care Act, they are saying, “Fuck you, Montanans. We’ve got ours, and we want more. You are on your own.” Because they fundamentally believe their life is worth more than yours.

The only problem many of us have with the Affordable Care Act is that a private insurance company is still between us and our healthcare. We have always wanted Medicare for All. Until we have that, we need to keep the Affordable Care Act, for Katie and millions of other real people with real stories.

As Katie says, “I refuse to believe that my country would do this to me… Give ‘Em Hell.” We’re with her. It’s up to the rest of us to “fight like hell for the living” (Mother Jones, American socialist, cofounder of the IWW).

You know what to do. Give ’em hell.

Marshall Mayer, Helena

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