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Men: Come to the Women’s March in Helena this Saturday – Guest Post

Guest Post by Mike Schaedel

I am calling on men in Montana: come to the Women’s March in Helena this Saturday. As a man, I want to say that this march, which is about women’s rights and human rights, is our march too. I will admit, I was initially brought to organizing meetings for the march by my wife. At first I thought: “This is not really my cause”.

However, after Richard Spencer, the white nationalist and part-time Whitefish resident, announced he might run for Ryan Zinke’s soon-to-be vacant house seat, my tune changed. As a white male in my mid-thirties, I do not want Richard Spencer to tell the story of my demographic, not in Montana and not in America. The threats to women’s rights and human rights are real. And the emboldening of hate groups is also frighteningly real. This is why we need men at the Women’s March in Helena this Saturday, January 21, 2017.

We cannot sit around and say, “not my issue” while our wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends march to defend their own dignity and safety as well as that of others. The election this fall showed us what happens if we don’t get engaged. So come join me, and many other men, in sending a clear message to the new administration that rights of women and all other people are not going to be compromised.

You will see me on Saturday in Helena, Montana with my two little boys, waving my American flag for the first time since the election of Barack Obama, because this march, and the brave women who organized it, are the America I am proud to be a part of.

Facebook event link: Click Here

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    • I haven’t been to a march like this since maybe 1970 — an anti-Vietnam War rally at the Boston Commons. Your Clinton Foundation comment is completely irrelevant to the focus and goals of this rally. You should have been there, Bill, and maybe you would have a better understanding of why this transpired and inspired 5000+ to show up.

  • Yes, and soon you can march to free Hillay for selling out the US State Dept. We will see how loud your voice is and how large the crowds are. Also the mishandeling and retention of classified information.

  • Or if you do march put this on your tee shirt or sign:

    I march for Kate Steinle and others killed by illegal aliens.


    • Billy, you DO realize don’t you that we spoke Spanish in this country for nearly three hundred years before English was the official language? Ever heard of St. Augusine, Fl.? Somos tal Hispanico como Ingles en este pais, amigo. Build all the walls you want, You’ll never chnge the fact that we were Spanish first and English second. Kinda makes you and your kind second class citizens! Hispanics are more a true part of this great country than you are. And I welome my Hispanic brothers and celebrate their American culture. Bone up on your Spanish, Guillermo, and maybe we won’t deport your sorry chulo!

  • Thank you to all the men that attended the March! Every time I looked around and saw men in the crowd… it brought a smile to my face, and hope to my heart!

    A real man fights for human rights!

    Thank you!

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