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The post-truth world of Daines and Trump

This site published a series of posts on Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke’s brown-nose relationship with President-elect Donald Trump. We didn’t hear much about Trump from our junior Senator, Steve Daines, as Daines wasn’t up for election in 2016 and kept a low profile. But Daines is now following suit and has sent a letter to Trump asking for a few favors.

Judging from the misrepresentations, denial of facts and outright lies in Daines’ missive, it would appear the Senator and Trump are on the same page.

Let’s start with one of the opening lines in the letter: “A University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research study found the Clean Power Plan would lead to the biggest economic disaster in Montana in 30 years.”

First, no where does the study find that the Clean Power Plan would lead to a huge “economic disaster.”

Second, much of the conjecture in the study that Daines uses as a dire warning has been debunked by other economists.

Third, I would venture that the deregulation of the Montana Power Company less than 20 years ago (under Republican Governor Marc Racicot) did much more damage to Montana’s economy than the Clean Power Plan ever could.

Daines’ solution to the lagging coal economy is “incentivizing clean coal technology.” Brilliant. Let’s focus on unproven technologies instead of existing, renewable energy sources like solar and wind which, incidentally, offer some of the fastest growing employment opportunities.

On foreign policy, Daines asks Trump for more and better nukes while dismantling our nuclear agreement with Iran, “the world’s leading state sponsor of terror.” (Iran actually ranks 38th in the Global Terrorist Index.)

He echoes Trump’s immigration policies and added, “preclude sanctuary cities from receiving federal funding.” Under Daines’ guidance, refugees should suffer more than they already have.

He wants to deny 30 million people health insurance by urging the repeal of Obamacare. There are also a slew of anti-choice, anti-contraceptives and anti-transgender requests from Daines.

And finally, Daines goes after unions and the working class — suggesting a restriction for overtime pay and limiting the ability to negotiate contracts — by attacking recent National Labor Relations Board rulings.

It’s a pathetic, retrograde wish list that aligns quite well with Trump policies. Daines is showing us his true colors.

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  • Pete, the sad reality is that there are NO real newspapers left in Montana to call BS on lil’ Stevey. The GF Spitoon recently fired lil’ richhard eeke, a guy who put the milk in milk toast! And now, we are treated daily to Cal thomass and a new alt-rightwinger by the name of Jonah Goldberg!

    Seriously, I don’t get it. This is freakin’ GREAT FALLS ferchrissakes! We were a friggin’ union town forever! And now, we are a christofascist town!

    Pete, I look daily for signs that will make me hopeful. I see a few out there that promise some real resistance. But I gotta tell ya I’m getting more concerned by the day. I mean, Drumpf went UNDER the bottom of the barrel for his cabinet picks, and nary a word from the press. Guess this is how it started in Germany.

    Lil’ Stevey is a tiny little nuthin’ man. He’s the type of pisssant who crosses the street when he sees Amanda Curtis walking down the sidewalk. AND FOR GOOD REASON! Stevey got whomped by a girl, PUBLICLY, and now he needs implants for his nutectomoy!

  • I’m not surprised Daines and the Republican Party, as a whole, are so dishonest and deceitful. Vice President Wallace in 1944 warned that Fascism would someday rise in America, he said – “With a fascist the problem is never how best to present the truth to the public but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money or more power.” And yes I am saying today’s Republican Party (Daines included), by all academic definitions, are in fact the American Fascists that Wallace warned of. This new “post-truth world”, the rise of the Alt-Right and prevalence of “fake news” (alt-wing/fascist propaganda) are only the beginning of the Fascism to come if We the People don’t stop it. Watch for attacks on Human Rights, protection of Corporate power, powerful Nationalism, control and distortion of mass media, intertwining religion and government, attacks on Labor Unions, disdain for intellectuals, obsession with crime and punishment, cronyism and corruption, privatization of public services and elections manipulated by smear campaigns, (is this all sounding familiar?) because these are just some of the defining characteristics of Fascist regimes and all things today’s Republicans are fighting for! Wallace historically defined the American Fascist as “One who in case of conflict puts money and power ahead of human beings……and those who in their search for money and power are ruthless and deceitful.”, that is indeed today’s Republican Party, Republican politicians, and the majority of MTGOP, they are Fascists in their ideology, deeds, and actions and must be stopped for the sake of Democracy and Liberty.

  • Did you see this from today Pete?

    Daines, Tester, Zinke Introduce Legislation to Reverse Disastrous Court Ruling


    In a few months when the GOP-controlled Congress and President Trump start a systematic effort of introducing, passing and signing bills to overturn important federal court decisions on a host of important issues (not just the environment and public lands, but issues impacting worker rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ equality, etc) we can thank Senator Jon Tester and the collaborators listed on this press release for helping the GOP and Trump unleash that genie from the bottle.

    Buckle up folks.

    • Very disappointed to see Tester’s name on this bill. Although it certainly doesn’t automatically signal a willingness from Tester to roll over for the GOP Congress and President Trump, one has to wonder what his thinking is here.

      I’m ready for that cup of coffee. There are definitely Montana political realities and nuances that I would like to discuss. Let me know when and where.

  • Finally, conversations.
    So an ongoing personal concern for 2017 .
    Has Senator Daines become more autocratic?
    Less concerned for Montana people while more allied
    with godless rich white Fascists getting off
    on oppressing women, workers and immigrants,
    because that’s cool with his personal religion
    where ‘God walks with me. Talks with me. Tells me of His Love.’
    That’s my concern. Not a query.

    • Well, Bob, when the Trumpsters meet real Americans, things don’t always go as planned. You see, money can’t buy courage. Money can’t buy altruism. And money SURE as hell can’t buy the real American spirit! (see below)

      I’m hopeful, Bob. Oh HELL no. I’m damn confident that we’re gonna kick nazzzi arse. The only question I have is should we enjoy this as much as I plan to? Drumpf is an aberration. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming very soon. And we’ll be back to normal, only stronger than before for this wrong turn into fascism! Trust me on this one. Folks are up gathered now at all hours ready to kick some nazzzi ass.

      • t=rump may nominate CORPORATE Plutocrat Rex ‘polluter’ Tillerson to be Corporate Sec. of State and Daines would love that, this is the T=rump FREAK SHOW alright!

  • Write this down – Jon Tester will spend the next two years becoming “Max Jr” and going along with the GOP trying to align himself more with everyday Montanans instead of the failed uber-left Dems.

    You guys will grumble, and he knows that, but he also knows that no matter what he does the Montana Dems will support him.

    • Eric,

      You have yet no idea
      of the clawback pushback
      against this orchestrated blitzkriek coup

      Eric Hoffer is still right on.
      When tyrants take over power
      they foul up big time
      cause their only view
      is the rear view mirror.
      They got no vision. no plan

      LK is right
      this sucker rally
      precedes a fall
      cause people got guts
      and will long recall
      Donald’s fascist experiment
      Ryan’s anti social experiment

  • Wow. We have such wonderful reporting now that Chuck Johnson and Mike Dennison have been fired. We have a regular Philatio Alger in little bald headed Fill Drek, a little wannabee inbred from outta state! But HEY, I never realized that lil’ dipstick daines worked in China for a proctologist and gambler! What a freakin’ maroon!

    Geez. Let the games begin!

    • Well, THAT ought to make the lil’ Drumpsters Dipstick Daines and Slinky real happy! One of their biggest supporters is back on twitter! Ah yes, making Merica great again, and Montana so proud! But tell me, just WHY do these two bugnutz love Russia so much?? When did being a Putin Puta become so patriotic? When did the Navy Seals become a branch of the KGB? Sumthin’ real sleazy about these two traitors gettin’ in bed with Puty!

  • BINGO! It’s all here. Slinky, his lil’ bald headed buddy, Roger Stone, and the Russian connection! If there are any real reporters left out there, they will work to put Slinky in jail! If you don’t know who Roger Stone is, do your research. Remember the Florida prez count which was stopped by an angry mob? THAT is Roger Stone’s work, along with a lot more!

    Slinky and his bald headed lil’ buddy who claims to have his own CIA need to go to jail for treason! Now, will any reporter please connect the dots to Putin? Slinky had Puty tracks all OVER him!

  • UH oh. It’s danm hard bein’ a nazzzie now days. I’m proud of the folks up in Whitefish. There still is integrity in Montana folk.

    Now, if we could just get rid of Slinky the Barking Seal. Slinky used OUR frickin’ tax dollars to get all his military training. And now, what does he use it for. TREASON! To help his little buddy Putin cause a coup in this country! Yeah, THAT was money well spent by us!

    Slinky is right in there. At LEAST he could return all his wages that he earned in the military, and all the money for his training. That would be a start. We trained Slinky to cause a coup. Wonderful.

    And then, he can reimburse us for any jail time he might have to spend for treason! Either way, fine with me!

    It’ll all come out in the wash. Why doesn’t some reporter with nuts ask him ’bout the coup. Does he agree with it? Did he aid it? I want to watch the little worm lie! Does he know that facial expression will give him away? LET’S DO IT!

  • Thanks for this response, Pete! Do you remember the old novel, “Looking Backward”??? That’s how I felt when reading Daines’s letter: women’s rights, labor rights, environmental protections, nuclear disarmament–so many achievements which are now under siege! Where do/can we go from here?

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