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Let’s hope Zinke is telling the truth

Ever since I signed up on Facebook to win a Navy SEAL flag signed by Ryan Zinke and professed Osama bin Laden shooter Robert O’Neill, I’ve been getting emails from the Zinke campaign.

The latest, with the subject line reading “Special Sacrifice,” got my attention:

It’s absolutely necessary that I get in contact with you. Before I go any further — here’s what’s happening: a newly released poll has me nearly neck-and-neck with my opponent, and from the looks of it, I could fall behind.

The polls I’ve seen tell a slightly different story but I’m willing to believe Zinke on this one and assume it isn’t just a crass attempt to get some money out of me.

And in case you didn’t know it, Zinke is a former Navy SEAL. Here’s one more line from the email. I’ll put the rest of the email below the fold.

My liberal opponent is coming after me with everything she’s got, but I will not back down because Navy SEALs Never Quit.

Well, Denise Juneau isn’t quitting either. I snapped the photo above at a rally in Missoula today. This race isn’t over.

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  • “Navy SEALs Never Quits”. Hmm. I’m SURE that Slinky the Barking Seal wrote this one himself, for the little problem with subject/verb agreement is all Slinky! He musta went to the Conrad Burns school of English grammar! Hey, after ol’ Conrad, Washington is used to Montana sending idiots who slaughter the language! Hey, maybe Slinky could use that as his motto: I’ll slaughter them Ayrabs like they was the English language to keep us safe! Works for me!

    (wonder if Slinky spits tabaccky juice in the flower pots like ol’ Corndog Buns used to do?)

    • I appreciate that you caught the grammatical error, LK, but it was my doing when I cut and pasted the quote. Bad on me. It has been corrected.

  • Bummer that my barf bucket was in the garage when I read the Zink’s blather.

    I do believe that Denise is catching him, that pollsters are missing some of the deepest veins of votes. Fingers crossed.

  • his math is a bit fuzzy…. he spent 23 years on active duty. according to this email and his interview with mike dennison when he outed team six in the bin laden raid he claims to have spent half his career at team six yet according to his wiki page he was at devgru (team six) from 91-93 and again from 96-99. last i checked 5 isn’t half of 23. what he doesn’t tell people is there is a plaque in the shape of a tombstone at the team six compound that lists five names of former team six operators who are considered persona non grata, zinke is #3.

  • As they say in Texas, “he’s all hat and no cattle”. We need to send this phony to obscurity. Seals don’t bloviate for attention and self promotion….nor do they lie about really important things.

  • You’re whistling through the graveyard Pete, as usual at election time. You weren’t too wild about Dennis McDonald, but you were predicting an Amanda Curtis victory, and Juneau is a lemon compared to either of them.

    • I haven’t been at keeping track, Eric, but I think I’m slightly ahead in our “gentleman’s bets.” I’ve had Obama and Tester on a number of occasions. How about Hillary and The Donald? Even with all the email stuff, smart money is on her. What’s your thinking?

      Oh yeah, Juneau is a strong candidate, stronger than Zinke, and I still have great respect for Curtis — we’ll see her again. Dennis McDonald, well, he was Schweitzer’s guy and we don’t hear much about either of them anymore. Running against incumbent Rehberg was a tough row for McDonald to hoe.

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