Ryan Zinke

It’s a lose-lose for Zinke

In the wake of Donald Trump’s recent vulgar video, Rep. Ryan Zinke must be having some sleepless nights.

A chance encounter at the Missoula airport with former Montana Public Radio news director Sally Mauk reveals that Zinke could be wavering on his unwavering support of Trump. From the interview:

SM: You’ve been up to now an enthusiastic supporter of Mr. Trump. Are you still a supporter of Mr. Trump?

RZ: I’m going to meet with – I am at the moment. Because I just cannot vote for corruption or lies.

SM: Meaning Mrs. Clinton?

RZ: Mrs. Clinton, but this also shakes that – I want to confer to the leadership, I want to look at this closely, because I think it’s an important issue.

There are two key phrases here. When asked if he still supports Trump, Zinke says, “I am at the moment” and “I want to confer to the leadership.” I assume he means “confer with the leadership” but you get the gist.

The cliche “between a rock and a hard place” certainly applies. If he stops supporting Trump, he’ll alienate the hardcore Trump supporters that make up a good portion of his base. Rep. Paul Ryan got a taste of that at a Wisconsin rally. If he sticks by Trump, he risks the wrath of moderates, independents and, dare I say, a few women.

My guess is he’ll try to distance himself from Trump as much as possible without completely bailing on the guy. Trump’s second debate with Hillary Clinton wasn’t the complete debacle of the first, so that might give Zinke some hope. Zinke will continue with nebulous quotes like, ” … it’s not just a Republican or Democrat issue, this an American issue.”

At the very least, Zinke’s dilemma, vulgarities aside, must be bringing a smile to the face of opponent Denise Juneau.




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  • I view it a little differently. One must understand the teensy little mind that is Slinky.

    First, what I think he was trying to say is that “I will defer to the leadership”. Yes, he really is that stupid that it came out so wrong. He’s not used to using big words like “defer” correctly. Or at all!

    And yes, it’s that football/seal mentality. He either has to ask the coach or a higher up. He must have orders and directions before he acts. THIS is what Slinky has been trained to do. No original thought allowed, for he doesn’t have an original thought. No need when one is a lineman or seal. He’s a good little soldier…..or lineman with a huge number of head hits.

    And secondly, he appears to sincerely believe that Drumpf is without lies or corruption. Wow. I’m sorry, but THAT is a level of ignorance that should never be allowed near any public office!

    But that’s my boy Slinky. Typical Drumpf supporter and macho white guy. Grabbin’ women by the lady parts is no big deal to a demented seal…………….or Drumpf fan.

    I think those remarks, however brief, encapsulate this guy. He’s the perfect candidate, the perfect candidate who should always use the no comment comment!…………until he hears from the coach! Back to the huddle for Slinky!

  • Referring to the proposed foreign owned private carrier closed tube pipeline supplying foreign produced solvent dissolved Alberta bitumen tar to mostly foreign owned seaport export refineries, guess who said this:
    ‘ . . . the most smartest, greatest, most intelligent product(maybe project)
    in the history of this Nation’ Those are nothing but the words I heard at the Juneau-Zinke debate in Billings. Words from our current Representative for Montana in the national House of the People.

    Those words kinda sound like a sentence at a fund raiser at the ocean side, celebrity status Hope Ranch bordering Santa Barbara.
    Oh, you don’t suppose that super wealthy neighbors to part time resident Ryan Zinke, had any one liners about Monsanto. Or Peabody Coal.
    -‘The States never had the right to require GMO foods to be labeled.’
    -‘Peabody Coal, like Royalty Payments of other fossil fuel extractors, has the right to understate volume extracted and sold. ‘

    Of course one problem is that MAYBE that Ryan Zinke unknowingly helped Monsanto to inflate book value in the eyes of takeover postured Bayer.

    Take Zinke out of the game in the House of Paul Ryan’s plan to reduce taxes and increase debt.

    Put in triple threat Juneau.

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