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Greg Gianforte Just Can’t Tell The Truth

In a campaign marred by a negative, dishonest effort to tear down both the state of Montana and its governor, there’s been no more blatant lie than Greg Gianforte’s assertion that he didn’t block public access. This ad from the Montana Democratic Party exposes yet another example of Greg not telling Montana voters the truth.

He’s not fit to governor. He can’t be trusted.

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  • Gianforte has sold his soul to the Koch’s…..he will lie cheat and steal to win. If he wins Greg will put Montana in the AFP/Koch race to the bottom with the other Koch run states. His 406 plan is the exact same AFP/Koch austerity and tax cuts for the rich that Walker, Brownback, Rauner and the other Koch Governors have used to gut their states while moving all the wealth to the very top.

  • GG is a dumb ass. He should just buy the election like Bullock and Schweitzer and then replace the tax rebate with coal tax money. hummm…did we get duped? How is are rainy day fund doing?

    Bullock pledges $400 tax rebate for each homeowner.

    Schweitzer proposes property tax rebate plan
    Gov. Brian Schweitzer proposed a plan Wednesday offering $100 million in property tax rebate

  • Gianforte appears to be everything New Jersy, complete with the morals of Chris Christie. Muckraking from the gutters is all he’s about.

  • My online response to a letter in today’s Chronicle which defends Gianforte’s spending millions of his own wealth to buy the governor’s office:

    Obviously to anyone paying attention, this letter misses the point. Many, perhaps most citizens have always respected Gianforte’s successful creation of a thriving business. Many of us have friends who worked for him and who still are employed by the company. The problems with Gianforte’s candidacy are two fold: one, that he is attempting to buy the governorship – blatantly spending his own fortune ($5 million plus so far) to purchase the votes that he can’t get by convincing voters of his competence for the office; and two, by lying through his teeth about his opponent. Gianforte’s tv ads are blatant lies, accusing Governor Bullock of actions and statements maliciously invented by his out of state campaign hires. In fact, he lies so openly and without a shred of truth or conscience, that it is hard to accept his claim to religious fervor. Last I checked, overt lying and false accusations were in the sin category in just about every religion. If Gianforte truly considers himself competent to be the Governor of Montana, perhaps he should begin telling the truth about his acumen. My guess is that he and his campaign people realize that he is in fact not qualified for the office of governor and therefor will continue to throw his own money and vicious lies in the direction of potential voters. Shame on you, Greg!

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