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Montana Family Foundation correction

About a week ago, I posted about the Montana Family Foundation’s poll on transgender students. I mistakenly took two Democratic candidates to task for signing a pledge to discriminate against these students. One of the candidates (Eileen Bach Beck, HD 11) was extremely upset with me for including her as a signee. Rightfully so. Although I took her name from MFF’s website as someone who would work to block the Transgender Schools Directive, I should have contacted her for a response.

Well, MFF owned up to the fact that her name was included in error. In a response to an email I sent the foundation, I received this from Bowen Greenwood, MFF’s Government Affairs Director:

We’re happy to correct that. The change has been made and the error noted on our web site. Thanks for helping get the record straight.

I appreciate the correction. I’ll bet Eileen does, too. I haven’t heard a peep from the other Democrat, though — Linda Johnson, HD 30. She has no phone number or email listed with the secretary of state. Are you out there, Linda?

TV spots

I try not to watch much local TV but it has become even more annoying as of late. Every other commercial is a negative hit piece on either Bullock or Gianforte. They’re usually paid for by some out-of-state entity. The pundits say negative spots work. Well, they don’t work for me.

The Bullock campaign does have a some positive commercials, mostly centered around his family. But Gianforte has the strongest positive spot, in my opinion. It’s a former employee talking about his boss and job creation. Why is it a good commercial? Because it’s authentic and it tells a story.

I’m no fan of Gianforte and don’t believe he’s gubernatorial material, but I appreciate a good spot. Take a few minutes to watch this New York Times mini-doc on storytelling and how it wins elections:

I happen to think the Denise Juneau has the most compelling story of any Montana candidate out there. I hope her advisors take advantage of that story.

Standing Rock updates

A couple of Missoula County Democratic Central Committee members are on their way to Standing Rock. I hope to get updates from them when they get on the ground. In the interim, the committee’s executive board has sent a letter of support to the tribe. Here it is:

Dear Honorable Chairman Archambault II and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe,

The leadership of the Missoula, Montana Democratic Central Committee stands with the People of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and all those opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline. The headwaters of the Missouri River start in Montana and we are very concerned about water quality downstream for current and future generations. With the potential for damage to traditional lands and waters, we support your fight against the pipeline. 

Yours in solidarity, 

Missoula County Democratic Central Committee 

It’s my hope that other central committees will follow suit. I imagine the state Democratic Party will steer clear. However, the MT Cowgirl blog, which I consider to be a mouthpiece for the party, has a post up in support of the Standing Rock Sioux. That’s a good start. And ICYMI, an excellent guest post right here at ID from Brian Johnson.





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