And Zinke Now Thinks He’s Fit to Be Vice President

My Sunday post mocking the idea of a Trump-Zinke ticket was only half-mocking, because one thing we’ve learned for certain about the one-term Congressman from Montana is that he’s certain he’s qualified for any position. Because Leadership.

It’s hard to forget his positioning last year, when he suggested, with mere months in the Congress, that members were seriously considering him for the position of Speaker of the House. Now, that none of these supposed supporters ever spoke publicly about his candidacy nor voted for him mattered little. What mattered was that Congressman Zinke, an endless fountain of self-regard, seemed serious when he told some members of the gullible press that he was a real contender for the position.

And now he’s back at it, telling Breitbart News today that he’s in consideration for the Vice President in a Trump administration:

Zinke said he’s also open to being vice president or in any cabinet position if Trump asks him to serve, as well as from his current congressional seat.

“I know my name has been thrown around, and I would be honored to the duty in whatever capacity that is,” Zinke said when asked about how he has been named by some as a potential vice presidential pick for Trump. “I’m honored to be a Congressman. I would be honored to be a part of the cabinet. I would be honored to be the vice president. I would be honored to do my duty. You know why? It’s about making America great again.”

Now, Breitbart is a newspaper like Americans for Prosperity is an educational group, so one can’t really expect much reporting there. But the Montana press should be all over this story, asking who has supported Zinke for the potential VP or cabinet post, asking if he’d run two campaigns (one for Congress, one for VP), demanding to understand just how someone will no practical experience could possibly be considered.

Sure, Zinke, like Trump, is a retrograde troglodyte. Both think making loud, offensive remarks ranging from sexist observations about female beauty to calling Secretary Clinton “the antichrist” is leadership. Both are preening, prattling founts of terrible ideas. But to imagine that the Republican Party, even in its current, debased, demoralized state would select a team for President and Vice President whose total experience is one year in Congress is simply absurd.

It’s time for the Montana media to hold this huckster accountable. Ask for proof that he’s being considered. Ask him to explain why he would even consider taking a job that important without any of the requisite experience. Ask him to substantiate all the absurd claims he made in the Breitbart article about Secretary Clinton, while you’re at it.

I get that politics is a game of self-promotion, but it’s kind of sad watching Zinke run to the media to tell them that he’s being talked about for these posts. It’s sad, because it’s clear that the only throwing around of his name is probably between Zinke and his enthusiastic, if completely amateurish communication staff. It’s even sadder, because normally a person who wants to float himself in a trial balloon like this doesn’t have to do it himself. Doesn’t Zinke have any friends in the Congress who could float his name? Without breaking down into laughter, probably not.

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  • Zinkeltons and Trumpletons. Can someone set the course of this nation to one of intelligence and thought. I can respect an intelligent opinion that differs from mine but I don’t respect a debased and devalued morally and intellectually bankrupt moron as a leader just because FOX news and CNN led with him as “news” without any consideration of journalistic consideration of what he even stood for. The mediatainment industry has destroyed all efforts to bring any thought and analysis into politics in favor of shock news. Intelligence could save this country but we don’t seem to have any journalists that want to risk ratings and stand up and scream!

    • Perhaps you’re thinking of MT print Journalists, and missing the big picture of USA and MT online Journalists. Also non-commercial FSTV: Journalists, Commentators and frequent focus helping us to view and to hear from the people.

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