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Trump-Zinke: A GOP Dream Ticket

It’s time for the presumptive Republican nominee for President to move to the important question of who might be his running mate.

Where a typical candidate for President seeks to balance her appeal, whether it’s geographic, ideological, or demographic, Trump is so enamored with Trump that he’s only going to want to maximize the Trumpiness of his running mate. And who in American politics today is more Trumpy than Ryan Zinke?

While some will talk about the need for a woman to balance his misogynist attitudes or a Latino to obviate his horrific racism and xenophobia, Donald Trump should give serious thought to selecting a running mate who reflects his unmatched self-regard and absolutely willingness to put self-promotion ahead of the truth.

Is there any better candidate for Trump than a first term member of the House who seemed to seriously believe he was a legitimate candidate to become Speaker of the House? Any better partner than a man whose ego is already legend in the hardly humble halls of the Montana Senate and US House of Representatives? Any better choice than someone so venal that he jumped on the Trump bandwagon the moment it gained real momentum? Any better choice than a man who, like Trump, seems capable of believing that two contradictory statements can both be true at the same time and whose ability to flip flop on every political issue is legendary?

It’s time, Donald. Announce Trump-Zinke at your (hopefully) quiet speech in Billings.

Let’s just take a brief look at this potential political love match.

Mr. Trump, when it comes to Ryan Zinke, it’s time to say “you’re hired.”

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