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Montana Politics

Wittich Jury Rightly Found Him Guilty

Written by Don Pogreba

From a piece I wrote for the Great Falls Tribune today:

Wittich and the Republican leaders who are defending him are insulting the integrity of state officials, the effort of a 12-person jury, and the intelligence of Montanans who can see that Wittich certainly conspired with outside groups to win an election. That Wittich, like Richard Nixon before him, likely did not need to engage in illegal behavior to win his election is a tragic irony, but not an excuse nor an explanation for his behavior. The only way to discourage future candidates from engaging in these schemes and to ensure the integrity of Montana’s elections is to remove Wittich from office, as Motl has argued.

Read the whole piece here.

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  • Excellent editorial and right on point. As a (sane) Republican I am embarrassed by the screed Mr. Knudsen put forth. Well done sir.

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