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Montana Politics

ICYMI: Montana Political Reads for May 15, 2016

Written by Don Pogreba
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  • “What’s worse, the DOR report found, the tax cuts cost nearly four times what the Legislature had estimated they would cost when it passed the law. The law did less to help poor Montana families than projected and much more to help the wealthiest Montanans.

    According to Mike Dennison at MTN News, SB 407 saved Gianforte himself $3.4 million in state taxes over 10 years.”

    – See more at:

    What’s this? One of the sources that allows Mr. Gianforte to self fund his campaign for Governor, is HIS $3,400,000 tax break from SB 407!
    Are you too iso more information and sources about that tax break for the wealthy? Could the reprobate also be an ingrate?

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