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    • Jesus, man. This is what Fox News does to a brain.

      Even if the tangentially linked claim against Clinton you posted was actually related to the issue of an elected official receiving campaign contributions, you do understand that one person’s guilt doesn’t make another person innocent, right?

      This is basically all you have: every time there is a post about a Republican doing wrong, you respond with a link, usually about Hillary Clinton, about a Democrat doing something wrong.

      That’s not an argument. That’s no constructive. That’s just a sad little logically fallacy masquerading as deep thought in your conservative media-addled brain.

      Get a blog and post these links to your heart’s content. Or actually muster a defense of the Republicans I assume you support.

      • Enuff already, Mr. Big S.
        Obviously you know little about the Wittich history,

        Obviously you are short on care!
        And short on try!

      • So this is a constructive blog? Could’ve fooled me.

        And by the way I can’t vote for Wittich but you can vote for Hillary, so constructively speaking Counterpunch has done you a great service.

        • Then go away?

          You offer no value at all in your commentary. You’re incapable of critical thought or reflection. It’s just the tired regurgitation of a brain turned into mush by conservative media.

  • Don, I am a big fan of this blog, but it baffles me that you take the time to respond to Big Swede and others like him because the exchanges are not valid because only one party has the ability to think critically thus there is no debate, an invalid conversation. This is like a conversation with Ann Coulter. She has no credentials to have a valid debate. Bigotry and fanaticism are not credentials.

      • I swim in empathy and try to resist as well, but the overwhelming lack of logic and decency offered in the majority of monologues by the right wing nut lunatics offends me even as my brain informs me that debate is futile. A support group is imminent.

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