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ICYMI: Montana Political Reads for March 20, 2016

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  • Youo forgot one:

    Bullock to reimburse state for campaign-related plane use

    “The governor’s legal counsel has advised the governor can use state-owned aircraft to fly to a location and attend a campaign event as long as he is also attending official state events on the same day. Attendance at campaign events or other nonofficial events must be ancillary to the official business. When the governor attends ancillary campaign events, the state must be reimbursed for any increased cost associated with the aircraft as a result of the attendance.

    The new policy the governor adopted and made retroactive to the start of his term will refund the state, though the release said increased costs to the state are very rare due to the fixed costs associated with the trips.

    The governor is paying the state back for costs from 21 trips. The state plane costs $500 an hour to operate, according to a Bullock spokeswoman. That works out to Bullock paying back an average of $127.23 per trip.”

    • I think your papers forgot one, too. I’ll add this one when the Lee Papers reporter who ran the original story acknowledges that the “social media criticism” about the Governor’s use of the plane was entirely from three sources: the Montana GOP and two paid spokesmen for the Gianforte campaign.

      In politics, it’s understandable that partisan rivals would try to get attacks against their opponents in the press. It’s harder to understand why the media would run those attacks without even identifying the source.

      I’m also waiting for the actual story detailing costs of the flights and comparisons with past governors. You know, reporting, which is something different than treating manufactured partisan scandals like they’re news.

      • The part the GOP continue to forget to tell Montanans is these trips were coordinated to work with state Business. when the plane went to a different tarmac. the Gov did state business and later his candidate stuff.

        I thought that was very suave myself. If the gas is gonna be spent on state affairs anyway why not coordinate campaign stops in the same place as you do state business.

        So if you do the math( which the GOPand other blogging Lizard people never do) you spent no taxpayer money, Period!

        I guess some conservatives need to go back to school, right along with the tinfoil hat folk?

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