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Ryan Zinke Executes Another Perfect Flip Flop, Scoring a ’10’ from the Romanian Judge

In a move that would have been beyond the capacities of Nadia Comaneci, Representative Ryan Zinke has performed yet another of his remarkable flip flops, this time regarding the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court.

In a press statement earlier this week, he, according to the Montana Standard, said:

that President Obama’s nomination of Garland was “clearly beyond his Constitutional authority.”

Surprisingly, the Standard called him out on his absurd partisan obstructionism, writing in an editorial that the Republican efforts to block a court nominee “are a shoddy way to do business” and “shirking their Constitutional responsibilities.” That analysis, as well as the opinion piece in the Billings Gazette calling on Senator Daines to do his job and consider President Obama’s nominee, are spot on in their critique of a party so obsessed with a reactionary agenda that it simply won’t do the work of governing. As the Gazette noted:

Why brag that you’re not going to uphold a promise to do your job? Again, the answer to that is probably found in politics: This will play well with a riled-up base, but it’s pandering and a dereliction of duties.

Faced with some actual criticism for his pandering to the right, Congressman Zinke did what he typically does: he executed another flip flop and issued a statement “clarifying” his position. And somewhat unlike the big, bad Navy SEAL he never fails to remind us he once was, he issued his clarification hiding behind his Communications Director, Heather Swift.

This latest “clarification” is the product of hours of practice from the former moderate turned right-wing media darling, a man who has executed flip-flops on the right to choose, gun rights, climate change, trade deals, the budget, energy policy, and even invading Mexico.

The only constant position Ryan Zinke has ever taken is his comically absurd self-regard, but at his current rate of waffling, even that unassailable belief might get called into question with another “clarification” one day.

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