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Bob Winger Took the Billings Gazette for a Ride

The Billings Gazette and its editor Darrell Ehrlick got taken for a ride this week by a man named Bob Winger. I was honestly shocked beyond belief to discover that Mr. Ehrlick had dedicated an entire editorial to a sit down he had with Winger. More than that, I was disappointed because I usually enjoy Ehrlick’s editorials.

The fact of the matter is that Ehrlick was taken advantage of and didn’t do his due diligence. Instead, he took Mr. Winger at his word. Anyone that knows Mr. Winger knows that that was a mistake.

In the editorial, Ehrlick writes, “Winger is an one-man lobbying machine.” Mr. Ehrlick, there’s a reason he’s a “one-man” show: no one wants anything to do with him because he’s a selfish and brutish man.

Ehrlick portrayed Winger as a union man when he is nothing of the sort. He is a pariah in the Labor movement and seen as scab for sale. Any poking around would have gotten you to that conclusion, Mr. Ehrlick. He stabs his brothers and sisters in the back and then gets trotted out like a prize pony by the likes of Steve Daines and, now, Greg Gianforte (who either didn’t vet him or doesn’t care).

It was irresponsible for Ehrlick to give this man so much coverage. How about he goes out to Colstrip and talks to some real workers or the men and women who actually represent those workers? You’re readers would be better served.

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