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In Other Missoula News …


I was lazy last night and didn’t post. So, the Missoulian beat me to the punch, first on the Mountain Water story, although I have a post up here on the subject, and then on a couple of other items. On the first piece below I got the scoop but otherwise, it’s a rehash with my take and links.

I don’t usually sing the praises of Republic Services, our local trash hauler, but it’s starting to do recycling the way it should be done. Beginning in May, most of the folks in Missoula who use its service can opt for recycling pick up twice a month. Republic will provide the containers and get this: YOU WON’T HAVE TO SORT IT YOURSELF. You put all your recyclable stuff in the bin (except glass) and Republic will haul it away and sort it a various locations – some here and some on the West Coast. The additional cost is $12 a month but the old blue bag service cost you $1.79 a bag, so I’m guessing it’s a wash. Plus, you’ll be able to recycle plastics #1 through #7, as opposed to just #1 and #2, and also cardboard. Republic says it’s going to do a big media campaign on the details.

I’ll be Marching Against Hate on Tuesday, March 1. In Missoula, we meet at the XXXXs on North Higgins Ave. at 5 p.m. and then march to Caras Park. Similar events will take place in Billings, Bozeman, Helena and Kalispell on the same day and at the same time. Here’s the best site I’ve found about the marches but I hope more details are forthcoming. This is an excellent response to the anti-refugee rallies held recently in Helena and Missoula. Here’s the Missoulian story on the march and also an insightful opinion piece. I’ll be curious to see how turnout is in other cities.

Former Missoulian editor, Sherry Devlin, is suing the paper and its publisher. She’s claiming wrongful discharge after she was demoted to associate editor, had her pay cut in half and had her old position filled by a young fellow from a weekly paper. Here’s the Missoula Independent’s story and, I was somewhat surprised to see, this one in the Missoulian. She put in 30 years at the paper and although I didn’t always agree with her newsroom decisions, she was fair minded, always responded to my queries and was one of the hardest-working people I have ever met.  One has to wonder who will be the next experienced reporter or editor (allegedly) forced out.    





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  • My son and I were taking our scooters around yesterday, mainly around the mall and on the trail by Mary Avenue and even behind Bob Wards a bit.

    My, there’s a lot of trash out in those fields. I bet the business owners don’t want to deal with that, as they want employees inside helping customers.

    Why can’t we make some jobs out of that, or get some of our jail inmates outside and doing something? Surely there’s a way to clean up the garbage and glass around the Bitterroot Trail, right?

    How about this problem with cans in the garbage? Why don’t we just make a bunch of jobs where people go through that garbage and separate it. I bet if it was $10 a hour people would line up for that job.

    The point is, let’s make some jobs. I’d like to see something like the work programs we had in the 30s, putting America back to work again.

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