The Seditionist Vision of Senator Fielder and Why the Governor’s Race Matters

A tipster sent me this post from a site called White Nations, which bills itself as the home of the White Racial Loyalist Community. I don’t really recommend visiting without ensuring that you have time to take a long shower afterwards, but a post from one of the site’s administrators talks about the longterm vision of those who embrace the takeover of federal lands in Montana: a militia-led secession by the state of Montana.

From the site:

The post makes the connection between Senator Fielder and the Montana militia movement quite clear, and lays out a strategy to defeat Governor Bullock with the assistance of the Koch-funded American Lands Council and replace him with a Republican candidate more amenable to the anti-federal rhetoric of the militia movement. While thus far, Greg Gianforte has been careful not to explicitly endorse Senator Fielder’s extremist rhetoric on public lands, he has certainly used the code words of the movement, pledging to stand up to the federal government and block its regulations, whether they be of guns or power plants.

It would be easy to dismiss this post as the insane ramblings of a deluded racist—and that’s what they are—but to ignore the Montana GOP’s embrace of extremist groups and the militia movement would be to ignore the real threat they do pose to our state. Whether it’s Representative Theresa Manzella endorsing armed insurrection against the government or Senator Fielder arguing that those who occupied the Oregon wildlife refuge were the victims of federal tyranny, the Montana Republican Party has crawled into bed with extremists who see violence and revolution as legitimate means to settle political and legal disputes. That a racist, white nationalist calls for “the Burns Oregon or Bundy Standoff…times one hundred!” is not difference of ideology with Montana extremists in the Legislature, but merely a matter of degree.

That these militia wannabes see Greg Gianforte as the critical last step to begin Montana’s independence is likely madness, but there’s method in ‘t. It’s time for Mr. Gianforte, who promises he will champion Montana business and regular families to denounce these leaders in his own party, and make clear that those who call for insurrection are not patriots, but misguided potential threats to our state and its reputation across the world.

The Freemen and militia movement flourished in Montana when Republicans ignored them. Imagine the threat they pose when leaders in the party give their tactic or overt endorsement of those ideas.

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Don Pogreba

Don Pogreba has been writing about Montana politics since 2005 and teaching high school English since 2000. He's a former debate coach, and loyal, if often sad, fan of the San Diego Padres and Portland Timbers. He spends far too many hours of his life working at school and on his small business, Big Sky Debate.
His work has appeared in Politico and Rewire.
In the past few years, travel has become a priority, whether it's a road trip to some little town in Montana or a museum of culture in Ísafjörður, Iceland.


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  • Well, Don, I WOULD kinda take the First Irregular Inbred Mlisha of Montana more seriously, BUT, and that’s a big but, they had FORTY-FREAKIN’-ONE days to join up with the Bundyhole mlisha down and in Burns…… and they didn’t! What they lack in courage they make UP for in rhetoric and smoke-up-the-ass bravado! And thas’ just kinda real sad, real sad jus’ like them! For you see, they are ALL pretty much like Capt. Fairy “snow” white! The ONLY lashing that they’re gonna give the Feds is a good TONGUE lashing, jus’ like all them Bundy boys are doin’ to Big Bubba as we speak! And the Feds just might LIKE that! The mlisha was actually practicin’ on dildos and gummy dicks for the big EE vent!

    You see, Don, reality has a way of burstin’ these little wannabees’ cherries! They DON’T have the narlies of Finidumb, and they DON’T wanna meet “the negro” up close and VERY personal in the Multnomah County Jail! Rocky Butte is a rocky place to start a revolution!

    So, I don’t worry too much ’bout the inbred mlisha any longer. They had their chance, and they showed their true colors, the SAME color of their gadsen flag……big bright YELLOW!

    Hence, I theenk it’s time to stick a light bulb in sen. uncle fester fielder’s mouth, for now, she’s just pissin’ up a rope! If any of you have a spare light bulb out there, would you PLEASE stuff in this woman’s Kochk hole!……..kinda like a pie hole only larger!

    Now seriously, folks, do she or does she look like uncle fester with hair? Nazzzis get the face they deserve!

  • Remember Ryan Payne was from Montana, and he was – and as a veteran I’m ASHAMED to say – he was an Army veteran and he PERVERTED the Constitution and there are indeed radical zealots here in Montana waiting to ‘raise their voice’ and perhaps follow the Fielder Follies.

    • Au contraire, Pubbly. Pain was in Montana for a year or two. That does NOT make him from Montana to me. Ya gotta have some time and skin invested in this state before I say that you’re from here. We have our share of homegrown inbreds, but he ain’t one. He was recruited by the other inbreds up here. Fielder and most of the ReePube Legislators are from somewhere else too. They all move up here and want to steal OUR pubic lands. Go figure.

      The Pubby legislators that are actually from Montana are usually much more decent on the average.

  • People have chastised me mightily over the years for referring to these crackpots as Nazis. Well, guess what? Now, finally, I’m mainstream! I tried to tell the state Dems this some twenty odd years ago, but paddy quitter wms. chastised me for saying that. Well, guess who was right? ME, that’s who!

    At the same meeting, I tried to warn the crowd about the christofascists who were just starting at the time. For you see, I had already dealt with them on numerous occasions, the most serious being when I was the FIRST teacher in Montana to have to confront creationism in a school system. True story.

    But again, the prevalent view at the time was that we can’t attack another person’s religious beliefs. But I say the HELL WE CAN’T!, for these new fascists like Jeeyanfartey are hiding their fascism behind the cross and the flag! They MUST be called out. They are NOT the old TV televangelists of old who just bilked granma outta your inheritance. Now, they are attempting to bilk you out of your country!………and your public lands.

    Gigi geeyantfartey is a perfect example of christofascism. He gives lots of money to The Master’s College in California, a very, very strange institution of “higher learning “where ALL learning, and even life itself, is based upon a literal interpretation of the Bible, and that the Bible is inerrant! Think about the implications of that for a moment. NOTHING Geeyanfartey can do or say can come from ANY other source except his interpretation of the Bible! That explains a whole lot for us, don’t it?, like a creation museum, hatred of gays, no abortion, no social security, nothing held in common for the common good, like public lands, and on and on. NONE of those things in the Bible, so Gigi ain’t interested! And Gigi KNOWS what god wants!

    Oh, and yes, I hope that some reporter with some balls some day asks Gigi just WHERE democracy is located in the Bible? What? It ain’t in there? Nope, it ain’t. For these a**hooooles, runnin’ for public office is just a way to establish god’s law here on earth………..LITERALLLY!, just like their literal interpretation of the Bible! (sorry to break the news to you AGAIN, paddy quitter, but this IS the truth, and folks better get used to it! you have a duty to the country to point out ALL threats to our democracy!)

    And Gigi knows what god wants!

    It’s time for people to start investigating just what the hell is going on here. It’s OK to criticize wacky religeeous beliefs if they’re comin’ after you. They CALL themselves Christian, but funny thing IS that they never talk about Jesus! Seriously! It’s all about god, GOD, OH GOD, and nuthin’ bout Jesus. And god for them is whatever in the hell that WANT Him to be! God is simply an ugly sock puppet on the end of their hand that looks like the duck dynasty guy. They simply move the mouth and out comes what god wants! Ain’t that convenient?! Think I’m kidding? Listen to them some time. It’s all about god this and god that, and OH, on a side note, the Lord is in my heart! Sick, sick sh*t!

    They have taken Jesus completely out of their religion! And we ALL know what happens to Bible based religion when you effectively eradicate Jesus. It’s called ISLAM! Or radical Islam if you like. See any similarities?

    It’s time, time to start paying attention to these crazy bassturds and their crazyazzed religions. Can you even IMAGINE being so arrogant as to think that you know what God wants? Hell, they do it on a daily basis! Like Ghandi, I like their Jesus, I just HATE their sorry assed religion, for when you remove Jesus, all you are left with is a god of greed, hatred, bigotry and evil! And that’s where we’re at!

    And remember, I come not to criticize Gigi, for Gigi is an honorable man. And Gigi KNOWS what god wants!

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