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Montana Politics Ryan Zinke

ICYMI: Montana Political Reads for February 21, 2016

Written by Don Pogreba
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  • The Bundy Motto, now adopted by their greatest apologist, sen. uncle fester fielder:

    They came………..they saw………….they were clueless!

    And they ain’t gonna go away any time soon. They’re all over the blogs with crazyazzed shlit. Check out their videos. With enough Kockh bros. money to keep it alive, this virus has found a host!

    But the sad reality is that they had their chance to start their little civil war, and they ran at the first shot! So now, they’re finished. Every time they show their faces, they will be laffed off the stage. The gang that couldn’t shoot straight shot themselves and their movement right in the nuts! Fini……… in finidumb! The sage brush rebellion became the dildo rebellion became the END of their rebellion! Delusion has proven to NOT be the way to win over the masses!

    But hey, they put on one helluva good comedy act! Can’t wait for the movie! The juiciest parts will be played by the last four holdouts in the compound. I don’t even the Cohen brothers could write a script this funny, for no one would believe it! Ain’t that America!

    • OH MY GOD! I thought that all the great ballads died with Mary Robbins. But nooooooo! They’re back! This is a great one in the old tradition of Marty! I send this one out to uncle fester!

      As I walked out in the refuge of Malhuer
      As I walked out in the refuge one day,
      I spied a freak by the name ms. fester
      And her Koch dildo with which she did play

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