Mr. Gianforte’s Troubling Silence (And Two Different Answers) On Right to Work

As he continues his sparsely attended and substantively empty tour across the state of Montana, GOP gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte has made one thing clear: he won’t tell Montana workers where he stands on the right to organize in the private and public sector. That silence should be a clear warning to workers that he will not only continue, but lead the Republican agenda to destroy unions in Montana if he is elected governor. The evidence of that intent–and his willingness to deceive–can be heard in the candidate’s own words, embedded below.

Back in January, Gianforte told Face the State that Right to Work legislation wouldn’t be a priority for him. Those comments almost exactly echo those of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who led a Republican effort to destroy public sector unions in his state.

In stops in Butte and Ekalaka, Gianforte repeated his refusal to offer a substantive comment on Right to Work, no doubt because he simply doesn’t want to tell the truth: that he will certainly sign any Right to Work legislation authored by a Republican Legislature. The audio from Butte  is incredibly dishonest. Asked repeatedly if he would sign Right to Work legislation, Mr. Gianforte kept retreating into a political non-answer about “not making it a priority” before wandering off to a talking point about his high school football days. Seriously.


In Ekalaka, after an incredibly long pause, Gianforte avoided answering the question, noting that he was being recorded by a Democratic tracker. It’s an astonishing admission that he won’t tell the truth to Montana workers, and a far cry from his claim that he is taking a consistent position as he travels across the state.


Right to Work, of course, is the Orwellian term for the Republican-led plan to give employers the right to exploit their workers and roll back the protections unions offer their members, from humane sick leave to safe working conditions. It’s little more than an opening from which Republicans and the corporations they represent hope to undermine the entire labor movement, depressing wages and increasing corporate profits.

The right wing Montana Watchdog made it clear Right to Work is such a priority for Montana Republicans that will explore every avenue to implement it, and the mounting evidence that Right to Work organizations went so far as to brazenly violate Montana campaign laws to pass their agenda shows that a Republican Legislature will certainly make moving against unions a top priority.

And Greg Gianforte will certainly sign that legislation. He’ll first go after public sector unions and then turn his attention to the private sector.

It’s got to be tempting for those who work in the state to be intrigued by Mr. Gianforte’s message: his claims that he will improve the economy have to resonate with some workers who are seeing their wages stagnate as the national economy continues to reward those at the top more than those who do the actual work of building this country. Even though Mr. Gianforte is not telling the truth about Montana’s economy, which has rebounded better than many states from the Great Recession, it’s undeniable that workers feel nervous about their economic economic stability. But to vote for Greg Gianforte would be to ignore two truths: that his promises of more job opportunities are based in fantasies about telecommuting workers, not actual policy, and that electing him will undermine the best protection workers have to ensure high wages and decent working conditions: the unions that have served those workers for decades.

In politics, we pay a lot of attention to the often rhetorically heavy but substantively light comments candidates offer—and Montana workers are likely to hear a great deal about Mr. Gianforte’s plan to bring business and jobs to Montana. What should concern workers—from those in the rail yard to those in the classroom—is not what Mr. Gianforte promises, but what he refuses to say. Under his administration, workers will lose, wages will be depressed, and the future will look a little less bright for the next generation of Montana workers.

It’s time for the Montana press to demand that Mr. Gianforte come clean and to explain why he refuses to explain how he’ll vote on this critical issue for Montana’s future.

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Don Pogreba

Don Pogreba has been writing about Montana politics since 2005 and teaching high school English since 2000. He's a former debate coach, and loyal, if often sad, fan of the San Diego Padres and Portland Timbers. He spends far too many hours of his life working at school and on his small business, Big Sky Debate.
His work has appeared in Politico and Rewire.
In the past few years, travel has become a priority, whether it's a road trip to some little town in Montana or a museum of culture in Ísafjörður, Iceland.


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  • For the life of me I can’t understand what motivates this guy. I mean, he’s rich! What the hell is he doing running for governor? Most normal people would simply enjoy their wealth, but not jeeyanfartey! He says he love Montana, but the first thing he wants to do is mine and log the sh*t outta the state. Why? Is THAT really loving Montana? I wonder what his true motives really are. I think that christofascism is a mental disorder worthy of investigation. And seriously, the guy moves here and the first thing he wants to do is destroy the state?! Do he has NO sense of place? One would think he would spend a good deal of time here before screwing things up. He feels sympathy with loggers and miners, when I HIGHLY doubt he’s ever got a blister except on his ass! He strikes me as a very odd duck.

  • Gianforte twice refused to answer “yes” or “no” when he was asked in Butte if he would sign “Right to Work” into law as Governor. When pressed he would only say “It’s not a priority”. Yes, GG is using the same Koch/AFP playbook Scott Walker used and is parroting exactly what Walker said up until the day he gleefully signed Wisconsin’s “Right to Work” race to the bottom. In Butte we had 40 people outside protesting Gianforte’s anti-worker, anti-public education, right-wing, rule of the rich, ant-civil and LGBT rights policies while two representative members of the group went inside and asked him questions and voiced concerns. Gianforte lied to the Montana Standard when he said none of us came in and that he had a “good conversation” with two union members. Those “union members” were in fact one union member and one social justice activist who were both very frustrated that Gianforte refused to answer ANY of their questions about “Right to Work”, economic policies, religion in politics or public education directly. Gianforte is just another lying greasy politician. If he wins Montana will never be the same again…..

  • As someone that’s not in a union and will never be in a union, why should I be concerned about this issue?

    I was told yesterday that many people living in rural areas aren’t concerned about Right to Work. Many don’t have jobs now. They certainly don’t have union jobs.

    So to me, and I think to many others, this isn’t really a big issue. Finding a job is. If it happens to be union, great. But for the most part, people just want a job.

    I personally believe that Right to Work is not an issue that’s going to energize Democrats to get out, again, because only 52,000 or so workers in the state are in a union. That means 100,000 or so aren’t.

    This is a great issue for Bullock to use to raise funds (at least Gianforte is going around the state – Bullock is doing a $300 fundraiser in D.C. yesterday) but I’m not sure it’ll win him enough votes to make up for the rural areas he’s ignoring.

    • I wonder if you realize how ineffective your dominant rhetorical strategy of claiming that an issue isn’t important because you don’t care about it is. I suspect not.

      But please continue to offer more advice about winning elections.

      • I’m not sure this strategy of equating an issue with me is a good one, but I would like it if you continue it all the way to November.

        Please talk about my running for office, too – that should really help a lot of Democrats around the state.

        I try to preface my sentences with things like “personally” and “I think” so that we can try and talk about the issue.

        I do offer my opinion. I know that bothers you. Again, I feel that talking about the issue and not me would be a better strategy for you.

        Personally, I feel that you adhere to this strategy because you don’t really have an answer to my question.

        That speaks more to your debating ability than mine.

        • That you offer your opinion doesn’t bother me. That you’re so often wrong, and not even concerned with facts, does.

          I’ll debate any subject at any time with you.

          If you can’t understand the connection between unions and decent wages, I suspect the debate will be even easier than I would have guessed.

  • Anyone unaware of the consequence of right to work, on all working class (union and non-union) people to earn a living wage, are completely ignorant of the economic realities. I provide legal contracting services to a MT high tech corporation. The legal field is one most people would think could not be outsourced. Yet, my employer is actively pursuing standardized and automated contractual processes, labeling it “contract assembly” to avoid having to hire JD’s. Corporations actively seek, across the board cuts and standardizations, to depress wages. If they can depress wages enough, all of us will just be glad to have a $10/hr job, despite the fact that we have accumulated thousands of $$ and invested years of our lives to acquire specialized skills. Remember the moment, you said this issue wasn’t that important, when you are 65 years old, have no retirement, and are still working for $10/hr.

    • “Remember the moment, you said this issue wasn’t that important, when you are 65 years old, have no retirement, and are still working for $10/hr.”

      BINGO! That’d be ME! Sixty-five in August, and NO retirement, and STILL working for $10 an hour! (and SS) I survive on my wits! And even that’s gettin’ harder all the time. “A mind that’s weak and a back that’s strong”! Knees, not so much though.

      • We know in the 2030s the Social Security benefits will drop to 75% of what was promised when workers began contributing to the system.

        I’ll be about 50 or so by then. When I’m 65 in the 2040s I bet benefits will be 50%.

        Most of us millennials know that there will be no retirement for us. It’s one of the reasons we’re so angry – we’ve been betrayed and lied to.

        • Get some history, dude, bee FORE you spout. Are you still in Butte? Find some old miners down at union hall before you take a dump on the blogs. Better yet, seek out the garbage woman, judy mars, and even SHE will tell you that you’re full of shlit! You’ve led a charmed life up ’til now apparently. Seriously, dud, part of knowing stuff is knowing WHEN you don’t know shit!

    • Marty, please do stick around, for you have much to say. But your name. Is your REAL name Joey Marty Lives, as in Jose Marti vive? Jus’ wonderin’. You have the skills, dude, to help the cause, amigo. Viva Jose Marti!…………y Viva Che! Y VIVA LA REVOLUCION! y Chinga Gigi! Gigi bein’ mr. gregggy Geejanfartey! GG! Hence, Gigi! It fits that little outta state gusano, no?!

      • Greg, trust me on this one. DROP IT before you get your young ass DROP kicked! You don’t know your ass on this one, and it shows. No, seriously, dude, on some issues you’re great, and on others, you SUCK! This is one of those. And btw, you CAN’T be from Butte, right? Where the hell you REALL from? ………….or GF. You write like a outta stater on this one.

        • The unions are dying. If you don’t want to talk about that and would rather pretend that everything is hunky-dory, then that’s fine.

          I’m not concerned about old miners – I’m concerned about young people that are leaving the state because they can’t find jobs.

          What mining jobs? How many does Butte have? I haven’t had a Butte miner in the family since ’95 and an accident at the Pit.

          So I don’t know much about current mining trends. I do know that mining is a very small sector of our economy. Service jobs outnumber it by a lot. Hardly any of them are unionized.

          Why are our unions not making an effort to increase their rolls?

          • It seems you hold contradictory views. On the one hand saying right to work is irrelevant and on the other saying you stand w/millennials making $8/hr. I know many millennials which are intelligent and wise enough to understand right to work is a scam.

            • Calling our minimum wage the nickel insulte is standing with it? I’m not sure about that.

              Unions anger me because they don’t do the job they set out to do. I’m sorry, but if we looked at their percentages, they’d get an F-.

              Montana has just 21% of it’s 25 to 44 year olds in a union.

              13% of healthcare workers are union, 5% of food workers, 3% of hospitality workers.

              Heck, back in the day Butte had a union for its 2 streetsweepers. My, we’ve fallen far.

              I just don’t understand why unions aren’t trying to increase their rolls. I guess they want to remain irrelevant to a large portion of the population, about 80% of 25 to 44 year olds.

      • A $10/hour job is/would be a necessity for most people!
        Unions have been sweethearted, co-opted, legislated out.
        In Montana, it’s the right to wreck unions forever. AFL-CIO and MEAFT support Fox for AG. That’s where we’re at in the fight for worker rights, against campaign$ of alien autocrat plutocrats. I’m real comfortable with not reading another stranded word from Strandberg until 2017. imo ONLY, he doesn’t much care, and is running out of try. The $10/hour as luxury for some was the end of reading his comments. His blog behavior lacks shame and plays a poor game. It would be all too easy to say: “Greg, go find a job with Scott Walker!”

      • We’ve had this conversation before. You know that MT Democrats (and Governor Bullock) want to increase the minimum wage, right? And that Republicans not only block it, but want to forbid local governments from imposing a higher minimum wage in their areas.

        You know that, right?

        So perhaps, as is so often the case, your ire is misdirected.

        • Can you hear that nickel getting flipped off the rich man’s thumb?

          $8.05 an hour.

          We know it takes close to $14 an hour to have a living wage in this state.

          Democrats really care about workers, don’t they?

          They do as much as they have to do to keep their urban strongholds. Soon that will be gone to them as well.

          • It’s like you’re allergic to facts.

            The Democrats in the Legislature tried to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 last session. That’s not all the way to a living wage, but a big step.

            Who blocked it? Republicans.

            The next time you shill for Greg Gianforte, you should ask his press hacks to tell you his position on the issue. It sure as hell won’t be to make the minimum wage $14.

            • Why should he care about minimum wage workers…he hires people for $80,000 a year or so. I’m not sure if anyone at his company made minimum wage.

              Why did the Democrats get blocked? It’s because they don’t have the numbers to get anything done.

              Now we get back to the fundamental problem I and many others have been harping upon – Democrats’ message is not working in rural areas and they can’t get majorities in the legislature.

              That’s a big problem. I wish the party brass would spend more time thinking of that, less time fundraising in D.C.

              I feel that if Bullock would just start driving around and talking to people, he’d be able to win against Gianforte.

              Currently, I don’t feel he can win. Besides his terrible inability to get his message out to voters on a face to face basis (the Madison Bridge debacle was a good example this wee), he doesn’t have the money.

              He doesn’t need the money – he needs people to care about him. They won’t care if he keeps going out of state to raise funds.

              I don’t know why he puts himself in a Catch-22, but he does. Money won’t help because Gianforte will spend whatever it takes to win.

              Bullock needs to stop thinking about the money game. He needs to start focusing on the ground war.

              • I think you should do a little more research on RightNow Technologies. Gianforte is the outsourcing king which is what made his company so appealing to Oracle. I also challenge you to find a full time employee that made $80,000 a year there.

                • Just that, nothing else? I rattled off quite a bit there. I guess we should just ignore the incompetence of Bullock, huh?

                  I’m sorry, but I’m tired of that. The imbecile cost the Dems a 100-year Senate seat with his terrible pick.

                  He’s got all kinds of problems in the budget office.

                  He surrounds himself with sycophants, liked-minded incompetents that helped him gang-up on his own LG-pick…for whatever reason.

                  The guy’s a loser and I can only hope and pray someone with some moxie comes up and challenges the fool in the primary.

                  I could go on but I won’t.

                • Strandberg says, “the Madison Bridge debacle was a good example this wee(k)” of the “incompetence of Bullock.” Bullock came to Missoula, met with city officials and moved the bridge repairs up from 2020 to this summer. That seems pretty competent to me. Yes, the state has some infrastructure problems but they are not of Bullock’s making. As a matter of fact, it was Republican legislators who blocked Bullock’s infrastructure bill in the last session. Strandberg plays faster and looser with the facts than a Republican candidate for President.

  • “There’s a bubble in Helena, and that bubble needs to be popped,” he said. Damn RIGHT, Gigi! Kinda like a dog’s ANAL glands when they get all swoll up!
    You, sir, are a frickin’ outta state LITE weight! Take that ol’ bald head and beer gut and your crazy azzzed religeeous bullsh*t BACK to wherever it is you CAME from, because we got your number now, dufus! You built a “creation” museum in Glendive. Well, better luck with your Noah’s ARK back in New frickin’ JERSEY, dickweed!

    Geez, Gigi can’t seem to get no respect round these parts, which means that no matter HOW much money a christofascist asshole has, Montanans STILL know an asshole when we SEE one! And Gigi, my dog groomer says that she will give you the asshole discount to pop them swolled up ANAL glands for you! Jaysus would approve!

  • Greg Strandberg , I will let MLK tell you why you should be concerned about “Right to Work” laws and what they do……..“We must guard against being fooled by false slogans, such as ‘right to work.’ It is a law to rob us of our civil rights and job rights. Its purpose is to destroy labor unions and the freedom of collective bargaining by which unions have improved wages and working conditions of everyone…Wherever these laws have been passed, wages are lower, job opportunities are fewer and there are no civil rights. We do not intend to let them do this to us. We demand this fraud be stopped. Our weapon is our vote.” -Martin Luther King, speaking about right-to-work laws in 1961.

  • Great deflection from your idiotic comment on the Madison St. Bridge “debacle,” Strandberg. I have my issues with Bullock but he’s certainly no Martz. And I’ll gladly take him over your choice for governor, Gianforte, a bigoted, anti-union, anti-public education, creationist.

    • Wow, the image in the paper of Bullock standing on that bridge looking like an idiot. I’d encourage the GOP to use that in ads to show how clueless he is. Thought it’d be a good photo-op, turned into a debacle.

      It just shows how stupid he is. I guess he’ll have to go out of state to D.C. and other rich places to make up for it, raising enough money to bombard us on the airwaves so he forgets.

      Hopefully a real leader steps up and challenges that nincompoop in the primary. Four more years of his sorry hide is something the state cannot afford.

      I’m ashamed in Democrats for supporting such an incompetent, sweeping his incompetencies under the rug.

      He gave us Daines, after all. His choice to put his puppet in office gave us Daines.

      What a loser Bullock is, what a loser.

  • And since then, Don, you’ve cowered behind your blog. 8 years now it’s been, 8 years that you’ve not found the courage to even run for the legislature.

    What a failure you are. At least you can snipe at others that have the courage to run, you can always do that. That’s easy.

    • One thing to keep in mind, Strandberg, is that I actually have a job. It would be more challenging for me to run. And I don’t have any actual interest in running for the Legislature, as I have been fortunate enough to have excellent representatives in my district.

      You, on the other hand, think everyone else is an idiot and rail against them all the time. Surely you should run against one of the idiots who lack your political insight.

      What’s your excuse not to file this time? Working on another bestseller?

    • Don seems to be doing OK. He’s managed to keep a job – you know, that thing some people go to even when they don’t want to or have to deal with unpleasant people at times. He seems to be making it on his own without asking for handouts for medical care for his kid or to pay his power bill. He doesn’t seem to blame the governor or the mayor or the university president or the media or other bloggers or politicians for his lot in life. His blog generates interest and discussion, with interaction from a lot of people. No, I would say Don has been quite a success.

      • I love anonymous commenters.

        I will always take as much money from the government as I can. Rich people do it, why can’t I?

        Bullock has been such a failure it’s not even funny. How about that loser Walsh he gave us? My God, how short our memories have become.

        I love getting Montana Healthy Kids. Are you suggesting I not get that? I find that odd, myself, but I can’t really expect rationality from anonymous comments…but that’s just me. If the program is so bad…why do Dems support it? Nice argument you have on that one.

        Engstrom and Engen are such failures it’s not even funny. Why Dems continue to support them is beyond me, other than that they’re so insecure with themselves that having idiocy and incompetence representing you is better than nothing. I’ll take nothing every day of the week.

        • Substantive as always.

          Who, in your esteemed opinion, is not a total failure in Montana government right now? It’s just sad you can’t run for all of these offices.

          • Tim Fox must be doing well – your union endorsed him and Dems aren’t running anyone against him. He seems to be doing pretty well on the human trafficking issues.

            Mike McGrath seems to be doing a good job and I suspect I’ll vote for him this year.

            I think Jesse Laslovich is doing an alright job, though really, I’m not sure exactly what he does all day.

            Oh, let’s see.

            I like Andrew Person’s ideas lately, I think Pat Noonan had some good ideas. I’d like to see Mark Sweeney win this year.

            Besides, that, I guess no one else. I don’t know all the names in the Legislature and county level and city is hard for me outside Missoula.

            For the most part, I don’t think we’re doing a good job. Wages are stagnant, union numbers aren’t going up, people in rural areas that don’t have land are really struggling.

            So I think we can do better, a lot better. I hope others feel the same.

  • Geez, Capt. Fairy White of The Montana First Inbred Irregulars ONLY had about FORTY-ONE days to make it down to Burns to reinforce the Dildo Mlisha at Camp Bag-o-Dicks! What was he WAITING for, a revelation from Jaysus? (or maybe more gummy dicks!)

    The spirit is willing but the NUTS are weak!………..or simply lacking! Capt. Fairy, the key board rebel! Maybe he could explain for us just WHAT was to be accomplished by taking over a refuge with guns! How would Capt. Fairy like it if an inbred mlisha stole HIS land?! What a bug nutz! Dude had his chance to stand up, but he went limper than a wet noodle! Maybe next time, Capt. Fairy! Maybe next time!

  • UH oh! Here’s a NOTHER little place that GeeyanFARTey donates lots of money. (from cowturd’s article) It’s called Masters College. Here’s their video. And for you folks who have still not read it, get Jeff Sharlet’s book The Family. AND READ IT!, so that you have a little more understanding of who these chrisotfascist goofballs like jeeyanfartey really are! Scary, scary nut jobs!


  • Poor, poor widdle Capt. Fairy White! He’s gonna have to do a whole lotta killin’ to do before he gets OUR public lands! But I think that Capt. Snow White is UP to it! I mean, really, he really, REally, REALLY wanted to join up with the Talibundies at Malhuer, but he just couldn’t find no clean UNDER wear to take! His momma alays tol’ him, son, you don’t wanna finicumbed for your country in dirty undies! And Capt. Snow White, bein’ a good little undergod fella, always listened to his mama! He’s like that, as are ALL little undergod dudes! After all, we are one nation of undergods, right, Capt. Snow White?? Too funny.

    When the going gets tough, the undergods get GONE! If Capt. Snow white would’a just had another couple’a days, by GOD and thunder he’s rode in there at Malhuer and showed them feds a thing or two!………………and he’d a done it all in clean undies!

  • North Dakota has RTW so does South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah. CO just approved it in the senate but will probably die in the house.

    Seems to me that our neighboring state’s economies are doing just fine without forced union participation.

    • Add unregulated, subsidized fossil fuel mega corporations. Add the FED. Add jerrymandered Districts and hacked Vote machines. Mix in cherry picked themes from the Bible. Blend in a lot of materialism with plenty of entertainment time.

      And then add the right to wreck unions!

      Then vote in Agendas of TPP and facism forever
      transferring resources to produce warfare upon global neighbors!

      • We’re in agreement on TPP Bob. Use links while you still can.

        “In a nutshell the TPP will allegedly extend “copyright protection” for things like online content by allowing the government to bring charges against anyone suspected of copyright infringement even if the “copying” (like a simple link to a news story) does no harm to the copyright owner and, indeed, may even be encouraged by the copyright owner.”-CandS.

    • Not really, sWeed. Economic development has to make economic sense! Get it?! It makes NO economic sense to build another Walmart here in GF. Why? Easy answer. Look, GF already has tons of problems. There is a tremendous lack of affordable housing, and what’s here is extremely expensive thanks to the predatory slum lords. Hence, it makes absolutely NO sense to bring in more jobs that do NOT provide any sort of livable wage! With good union jobs, the workers can support themselves!

      All these low wage jobs with NO benefits simply create a huge problem or the rest of us because the workers become huge burden on the rest of us. We must THEN subsidize the workers housing, health care, food supplies, etc.! THAT is not economic development!
      And many if not most of these low wage, unskilled workers bring with them all kinds of related problems, all of which must be attended to by the rest of society. True story. Check it out.

      Problem is, sWeed, you can’t leave it up to the beneficence of your corporate masters, for they DAMN sure aren’t going to do the right thing when it comes to their employees. Do you REALLY think that Walmart doesn’t have enough money to do it right? Well they do, but they simply don’t want to. It’s called greed, sWeed. The son of a bitchin’ Walmart family KNOWS that the rest of us out here have to make up the difference for lack of good wages and benefits, and they’re fine with that. That’s what makes them no good son of a bitches! But by GOD don’t call that economic development in any sense of the word, for it’s not.

      Our safety net systems here in GF are overburdened to the point of breaking. And the associated problems with low wages workers and families grows daily. The societal costs FAR outweigh any sort of benefit. Just look at the number of infant deaths by murder and neglect here in GF. ALL of the problems can be traced back to lack of decent wages. Folks who are desperate do desperate things, like drugs, like abusing their own families!

      Interesting word, sWeed, desperate. Des=without, esperare=hope! Hence, these folks are without hope! They have NO hope of having a decent life on a Walmart wage! What do you think is GONNA to folks who have no hope!

      Economic development has to make economic sense. Society picking up the REAL cost for those Walmart jobs is NOT true economic development!…….although I know that brett donkey here in GF orgasms every time he hears that a new Walmart is comin’ to town!

      • What’s a bigger detriment to the overall economy Scary? The freedom not belonging to a union or 12 million illegals working under the table or not at all?

        You can’t have it both ways.

  • The 1% have it both ways, while America suffers
    from the twin horrors of union busting, and corporations
    coveting migrant labor subsidy and protection!

    Big Swede, how about you composing something like a Guest Column,
    on a topic of current common inerest, and submitting it to ID!
    I’d like to see you move beyond the limits of adversarial,
    oppositional, sometimes distractional, comments.

    What a chance for a market test. Let other comments get Posted, Larry,
    before yours!

    Tomorrow comes the rest of the Ravalli story on the televised political demonstration against Syrian refugees, summarily arranged to take place in the auditorium of a Junior High School!

    Don and Pete, Larry K is running hot. Please reconsider a trial with a Larry K side column at ID.

    I want to read Larry K about most anything,
    much more than Larrk K and Big Swede posts, contra posts and counter posts.

    • I’ll post a distractional Utube below.

      As for evil corporations better not vote for Hillary.

      “Clinton has called out specific companies such as Pfizer and Johnson Controls for conducting “corporate inversions” — a merger with a foreign counterpart for tax benefits.

      “On the tax code, they call that an inversion; I call it a perversion,” she said Wednesday. “And I’m going to go right after that!”

      At the same time, however, Clinton continues to collect money from financiers who are benefiting from some of the deals she decries. Among those who have raised at least $100,000 for her campaign is Blair Effron, a founding partner of Centerview Partners, a boutique investment firm that played a role in the Pfizer and Johnson Controls inversion negotiations. A Centerview spokesman declined to comment.”-Washington Post.

  • Cowturd’s desperation is growing fun to watch.

    The paragraph on Gianforte’s fundraising the other day, the call for ‘real’ people to write articles, then the gem yesterday, linking to an article that’s 2 weeks old.

    What could the problem be?

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