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ICYMI: Montana Political Reads for February 14, 2016

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About the author

Don Pogreba

Don Pogreba has been writing about Montana politics since 2005 and teaching high school English since 2000. He's a former debate coach, and loyal, if often sad, fan of the San Diego Padres and Portland Timbers. He spends far too many hours of his life working at school and on his small business, Big Sky Debate.
His work has appeared in Politico and Rewire.
In the past few years, travel has become a priority, whether it's a road trip to some little town in Montana or a museum of culture in Ísafjörður, Iceland.


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  • UH oh! The big Kockh bros. appoint mt. (outta state) sen. Jennifer uncle fester fielder to head their Amerikkan Lands Council, and what happens as a result of the domestic terrorist take over? Welllllllllll, the BIGGEST increase in donations to the Refuge! THANK YOU, inbred terrorist dudes! You have single handily done a james watt for us! You and sen. fester fielder have done wonders for the public lands movement, AND provided much needed funds for OUR refuge! HEY, if you appoint an uncle fester with hair look alike, who the hell are you trying to influence? The woman is nutso!

  • YES!, because if we need an official religion for Montana, or a religious official for governor, it should be someone like Mr. GeeyanFARTey! Because NOTHING says Montana values like mr. giantfarte’s wacky religeeous beliefs! How ’bout them apples?! Grab yourself a nice ripe lil’ green apple and fill your quiver! The riper the better! It’s giantfarte’s economic development plan! NUHTIN’ says godly father like raisin’ lil’ green apples and give’em away to your buddies! Fathers, DO YOUR DUTY! Get’em ripe, and get’em gone! We need the values voters!

    Jesus, just Jesus! And they’re a’comin’ to Montana in droves! THAT is the really scary thing. Listen for that southern accent. It’s everywhere! And they are all gonna vote for GeeyanFARTey!

    But the good news is that giantfart is gonna revive the logging and mining economy. Yeah, like giantfart ever cut a tree or went underground! What a freakin’ buffoon! He does have some experience in the ag community, though, I’ve heard, since he does bugger sheep!……and various farm animals! Chickens? Maybe!

      • Hi, I’m sen. uncle fester fielder, new head of the Kockh arm behind the attempt to steal your public lands! Yes, you might say that I’m headin’ up the behind of the big Kockhs, and I’ve got my head firmly up the behind of this movement. And when the big movement finally comes from the bowels of this country, well, I’ll be there with you, from the outer reaches of farms, ranches, and houses everywhere! From outer farms, from out ranches, and from outer houses!…..or outhouses!

        I’m sen. uncle fester fielder and I approved this message!

        • This is really quite good. What sen. uncle fester fielder apparently doesn’t understand is that we, too, TREASURE our public lands! Why? For what they are! We don’t all want to live in a Walmart parking lot, or inside the confines of a major metropolitan area, or in a space capsule. Apparently sen. fester fielder does! BTW, fester, the Malhuer refuge was NOT vacant! It was a freakin’ vacation break, you dipsh&t! Where did this fester fiddler woman grow up? Anyone know? What are HER values regarding the land? Pleasing Kockh is NOT a value we Montanans share with her, no do we care to do so!

          • Hi Larry, Pete here. You really need to get your own blog. It’s not that hard. WordPress or Blogger can get you started. You have good links and strong opinions but when you post nine comments in a row here, you stifle comments from others.

            This is Don’s site and it’s his final call, but I’ll advance blocking you if you can’t rein in your comments to one-or-two a post. (That’s unless you’re in a meaningful debate with another commenter, and I don’t mean just some pissing match with a right-winger. There’s plenty of that going on already and it’s nothing new.)

            I welcome your input on commenting but I’m really very serious about this.

            • I don’t accept your premise. Less comments means MORE comments, if I understand you correctly? Pete, if that were actually the case, cgirl site would be LOADED with comments. But it’s not. And I don’t even post there. Banned!

              Cgirl is claimed to be the most influential site in Motnana, but how can that be with a paucity of comments? Explain that to me. Heck, even Limp Lizzard gets a huge number of comments, but they’re mainly the pissing matches that you refer to. But at least they’re comments.

              Bottom line? There is nothing preventing people from commenting here. They just don’t. And that’s the reality of most state blogs. Mabye they prefer just reading, and reading the links provided. Nothing wrong with that.

              You see, I read a lot. I love the blogs, and most of all, I love the comments as we all should. For the truth be told, there is NO truth in the newspapers any longer. The only source for real news is the blogs. Hence, my reason for loving them.

              Take a look at any good blog out there, like Huffpo, etc. They have THOUSANDS of comments. What the hell is wrong with that?

              During the Bundy take over at Camp Bag-o-Dicks, Oregon live .com was an invaluable resource because the comments came from people on the ground and in the area. They were posting news long before it made the papers! And that is the beauty of the blogs. Folks on the ground and next to the action can let us know what’s going on.

              Look, I know that you folks over there think that Mizoola is the center of the universe. But it’s not. It’s simply a nice place to hike, floast, go to school, get drunk, get laid, enjoy your youth, and then move on. There’s a great big state out here that Mizoo folks never see.

              And it’s that way with a lot of things. Let folks bring their own viewpoints, understandings, and experiences to the discussion! Hell, I LIKE reading what people like Swede have to say, for he lives down in Billings.

              Bottom line? Rather than attempting to limit comments, I would ENCOURAGE them! As long as they’re relevant and not attacking other posters. Public officials are fair game in my book, especially no good venal ones like Fielder.
              I think this site is a great one. I would hate to see it go to hell for lack of comments, for comments add great interest to a site.

              Heck, even Tim Ravandal reads this site, and that is how it should be. Tim, and all rightwingers are citizens of Montana, and their voices and concerns are quite valid. In fact, I actually agree with Tim and Swede on lots of things. Don’t silence the discussion by restricting comments, for then the site becomes simply another boring cgirl site. Think I’m kidding? Jump over to cgirl and see how many new comments there are there.

              And lastly, there are too many vital issues going on right now that NEED/DEMAND a good airing. I was going to back off on commenting, then the Malhuer situation came along. That one has great implications for Montana. Therefore, MORE information the better.

              p.s. I have engaged in exactly NO pissing matches, for that’s not really my style. I don’t care what others think about me. I put the info, pura informacion, out there and let others do with it what they will. And for that I’m asked to leave? I dunno.

              That’s all I have to say about that.

              • I didn’t ask you to leave, I asked you to try and limit your comments to a couple for each post. Look above. Nine in a row from you and absolutely no other comments from anyone else. Why do you suppose that is?

                It’s called give-and-take. But you dominate the conversation so thoroughly that no one else wants to participate.

                You mention “a paucity of comments” at Cowgirl’s site. We must be looking at two different sites, Larry. She seems to get more comments than any other Montana site I can think of. More than here, anyway, and you know why? Because no one person dominates the comment section over at Cowgirl.

                I’m being selfish here. I want this site to be one of the most read, and with the liveliest comment section, of any site in the region, and you’re not helping. You need to play by the rules (Don’s and mine) and let others take a turn at writing and commenting.

                And finally, don’t give me that “Mizoola” crap. I get around this state much more than you do, I’m sure, and have a pretty good perspective. And Don writes from Helena. This isn’t about one city versus another.

                As I said, you have lots of info and many strong opinions. I can’t figure out why you haven’t started your own blog … but you won’t be using this site for your platform.

  • Now, pete, give it a rest. Go have yourself a coupl’e Mizoo micro brews and re-think what you’re sayin’. For I rest my case! Blog comments ARE important, VERY important. Let them happen! Read the Oregon live comments. It kept the hopes alive of those folks over in Burns. Why would YOU want to stop that kind of discussion? I simply don’t get it. Do you???

    • So, here’s my take. My concern is not that you comment, but I do share Pete’s concern that the volume of comments probably keeps other people from engaging. At one point, you were the first nine comments on this post. I’d hazard a guess that your style of comment and the number of comments might make other people hesitate before jumping in.

      So, as Pete says, you’re welcome to comment. Just maybe give some thought to other people, too.

      • Don, it’s called class participation! Geez, I can’t tell you why others don’t comment, but I certainly doubt that I have anything to do with it, for I don’t attack in any way other commenters.

        But I will tell you this. Over the last twenty-five or so years of environmental activism, many, many times there would be only four or five people who would show up at important venues, usually just four Environmental Rangers and Jim Jensen from MEIC. And maybe a handful of others. Now, I can’t tell you why there weren’t a HUNDRED OTHER people there, but there just wasn’t. The point is that on even important issues, usually only a few people show up. I LIKE TO SHOW UP! Always have. But the folks who show up make all the difference sometimes.

        It’s the same with the blogs. I wonder why there aren’t a hundred people making nine comments in this thread. I dunno. I think that a lot of folks have just dropped out, and that’s just real sad.

        But I will tell you this. People like what I write. Always have. And they look forward to it. The only ones who hate what I write are the righties, and they will tell you so.

        But yeah, I was planning to back off, and then Malhuer came along, and the promotion of sen. fester fielder. Those two events are of utmost importance to us here in Montana. They need to be written about. Without public lands, Montana becomes Texas. And that would be unacceptable to most of us.

        Again, look at cgirl blog. It used to have hundreds of comments and a vigorous debate. Not any more. Why?

        She’s lucky to get ten comments to a thread now. And that just gets real boring real fast. Comments keep a blog lively and vibrant. They should never be discouraged. I mean, really, how hard IS it to ignore comments you don’t like? And it ain’t the number that should be a determining factor but the quality. I try to post quality, relevant stuff. And I think I do. I see the links I post often times reused at that other site! And that’s a good thing, no?

        • I was kicked off Cowturd about 6 to 9 months ago now, I suppose. Oh well.

          I get a good chuckle from your comments. I agree with you on quite a few points. Your take on Fielder is right. Why don’t we have a challenger for her yet? Screw this label nonsense – support a DINO and get rid of her!

          I’d like to include some quotes now from some things I found while researching Baucus earlier:

          This is how an article in The American Prospect put it in 2008:

          “Baucus is not known as tough. In fact, he’s generally been understood as scared – a senator paralyzed by an acute awareness of his own political mortality. Montana has voted for the Republican candidate in nine of the last 10 presidential elections. In 2000, Bush took the state by 25 points. For much of that time, Baucus was the only Democrat elected statewide. Survival was rarely assured, and so he has developed a political style suited to appeasing a skeptical electorate with a conservative bent.”

          Baucus developed a close friendship and working relationship with Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, his counterpart on the Finance Committee.

          “Many credit their closeness to a certain symmetry of temperament and self-conception. Both have a reputation for that slight shadow of insecurity and resentment that comes from not being the flashiest or most graceful or most eloquent guy in the room.”

          Baucus said they were close because “we’re both from sugar states, you know, farm-ranch backgrounds.”

          This was from around his retirement:

          Others made it clear that “people need to remember, there is no one, I mean no one, who has done more for the Montana Democratic Party.”

          Many called Baucus a “Montana Democrat” and that “the recent feuds that Baucus was having with his party had more to do with the left-ward drift of the caucus than it did with the positions Baucus had been taking.”

          The point is, Montana changes. It was tough even for Max there for quite some time, and I’m not just talking about the 2000s.

          Democrats need to sit down and have a real dialogue on what they want to do and how they can do it. Right now the party is dying and many people are angry about this.

          Let’s do something!

          • I have many Baucus stories. And yes, your quotes nailed him pretty much. I met his aid, Barrett Kaiser, one time here in GF. I don’t think he liked me very much, and I don’t think I liked him much either. But Barrett showed great courage down there in Burns confronting the inbreds. He did very well. HE SHOWED UP! And that’s what I’m talking about. Ya gotta show up! Barret showed up, and the inbreds hated that! And that increased my respect for the guy a hundred fold. He showed that he was willing to fight for what he loves, and that is all it takes.

            And lest we forget, from the Bible, faith, hope, and love abide, but “the greatest of these is love”! Yup. It’s up to you young guys who love Montana and public lands to now take the torch that us old farts who have been carrying it for quite some time now. Our days are numbered and our bodies are shot. I have a lot confidence in you guys, for you show great love for the things you fight for!

            It took balls as big as Montana for Barret to walk alone into Camp Bag-o-Dicks, but he did it! I see that same courage in you and Don, Greg. You guys also have great writing skills, and that is a tremendous weapon.

              • Greg, for the life of me I can’t figure out just why cowturd kicked you off. Hell, I usually DESERVE to get kicked off a site. But you did nothing wrong! I theenk it may have to do with cowturd goin’ corporate. She plans to “monetize” her site. Well sh*t boy howdy! When a gal starts doin’ it for money, we ALL know what you call that kinda girl, right? !………for then, the john owns you!

                Look at the folks who write for cowturd now. They ALL carry the BS of A, the Baucus Seal of Approval. Yup! It’s pure, hunnert percent BS of A! I mean, mary moe??? Can you GET any more white bread than that? Where the freakin’ HELL has lil’ mary been hidin’ for the last thirty years? Geez, she FARTS dust! But by GOD cowturd got her! I can’t remember mary bein’ ANYwhere where the action was occurring!

                I would’a went with someone like Pat Rosenleaf, a real fightin’ liberal lady, but NOT mm! We don’t need no paddy quitter wms. types leadin’ us from the rear. Them days are over. Paddy whimped out and whimpered on back to Mizoola to spend more time with his fambly. Well isn’t THAT special, as in special ed Dim politics!

                Time to quit runnin’ losers, quitters, and has beens!………and nobodies. That’s why I quit the Dims. I’m an indee friggin’ Pendent! Hell, many times I have more in common with sWeed than I do with the Dims. And that’s just real sad. I like the honesty of my rightwing pals. There’s sumthin’ to be said for that.

  • OH NO! My sources in Texas are telling me that the “resort” where Fat Toni demised himself is used to catering to all a fella’s needs……..ALL his needs! They said that the reason that no autopsy, NO autopsy, could be performed on Fat Toni was because he had enuff Viagra in his system to FLOAT THE TITANIC! TONI DIED IN THE SADDLE! And really, what a way to go! That’s how I would prefer to go! In bed, pillow on head, and one last stand. TONI’S LAST STAND was in the saddle!

    Now, if you can think of a better way to go, please, let me know! Toni went out like a man, a HORNY man!

    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! Hell, I admire the dude. ONY Pubbies can afford to go out in the saddle with some young thing ridin’ the Big Toni Baloney!, a la Nelson Rockefeller! Luv it! Way to go, Toni!

  • Larry, OK, we saw it first here on your views on Intelligent Discontent!
    Don and Pete, any way ID could stay on course with critical news stories, and for a few weeks, set up Larry to have a blog within this blog. Where his written voice and experience could be heard and recorded and appreciated, in due time.
    Larry, listen to your own words. If comments at Montana Cowgirl seem limited, maybe some blog followers would want to visit ID!
    And find ready navigation to items of THEIR interest, indpendent of your field and stream of thought.
    Especially during Election years, we try to work together!
    Now I want to share/offer what may be a triple delight of diversity.
    Evan Barrett’s Guest Column in Missoulian of 2/17 will be a seminal piece on why Mr. Gianforte was wrong, wrong, about appointing someone from industry to head up Montana Department of Environmental Quality. Pob best Guest Column I’ve read this year.
    And whom to the right of Evan Barrett?? The Tuesday Rich Lowry column on the GOP mandarins who show disdain from Trump. A comfortable subject for Rich Lowry.
    And next to Lowry, in the first column of the LTE’s, is “Get Facts Straight on Resettlement.” That’s a superlative letter to the editor, by Clem Work.

  • Wow! Well OK then, the fight is on, and the battle lines are being drawn! We’re ALL Native Americans now! The parallels and similarities are amazing! The dirty bassturds want to steal OUR land! Nazzzi a**hoools! NOTHING held in common for the common good! It’s a full frontal Kockh assault on our country! Can they make it any clearer? IT’S A GOOD DAY TO DIE!, or at least to start fighting back. In Indian society, every warrior had to decide for himself whether or not he wanted to fight. There was no draft of any kind so to speak. So now, WE, the new Native American warriors, must decided if we want to do this for the coming generations! I counsel FIGHT LIKE HELL!

    I stole this from Don’s tweets because EVERYONE should see this.

    And sorry for posting, Pete, but this is what it do!

      • Big Kockh brothers, meet the salt of the earth!……….in other words, your salt peter of the earth! Nuthin’ makes a big kockh go limp as fast as REAL Americans kickin’ nazzzi ass! btw, I STILL want to get them kockh brothers on a lie detector. I want to know just WHAT they knew bee FORE hand about the Kennedy assassination, since their worthless POS daddy was IN on it! Time to call out these traitorous kocks for what they are, TRAITORS! They were IN on the Kennedy coup, and history should know that!

        Now, if they don’t agree to my charges, let them take the lie detector! I’ll be glad to. Will they?????

        “Those who value public lands – for economic, environmental, recreational and aesthetic values – owe a debt of gratitude to Harney County. A violent branch of the Sagebrush Rebellion came to town in Harney County, and the community told it to go away.

        This would-be revolution proved that geography matters: the people of Harney County are not the people of Bunkerville, Nevada – and on the whole they are not interested in overthrowing the federal government. In fact, Harney County is a recognized national leader in collaborative efforts between local land users, conservationists and federal natural resource agencies designed precisely to avoid unnecessary hardships to local communities that can set off conflicts.”

        I luv me my Harney County pals!

  • OH MY GOD! You just KNOW your site has gone tits up when you seek out clair baiz! Jeesus. Cowturd has reached into the BOTTOM of the blogosphere bin in an attempt at relevance! Where in the freakin’ HELL is she from? clair biazz. What’s next, paddy qutitter wms??? Jeusus, just Jesus! Silly, silly cowturd. She managed to turn a great site into SH*T!, with a lack of courage. And that’s just real sad! Monetize it, baby! Monetize it! HEY, if ya can’t make it with content, make it with contempt!…….just like the gals who are the pros down on Montana Av. in Billings! They don’t like their clients much either, but at least they pree TEND to! clare byizz, too funny! Now THAS a hard hitting radical lady who’s gonna change things! Too funny.

      • OUCH! THAT hurt. Almost. No, really. It did. It almost hurt. Well, not quite almost, but it WAS a good attempt!……… something! Kinda like T-ball, you get an A for effort at a swing and a miss! Yeah, that’s it. I was a good swing!

        No, seriously, greggy, you just GOTTA inform me of ms. byizz’s bonyfeeds! I think that SHE herself would tell you that she’s kinda been outta the loop on activism over the last thirty or so years. No, seriously, ASK HER! For I don’t recall anything that’s she’s done!

        Now me? No, I refuse to blow my own horn. Others do that for me. Would YOU like to blow my horn? You can you know!

        • $200 to the medical marijuana clinic
          $300 to the liquor store
          $600 to the landlord
          $400 to the grocery store.

          That’s about the value I think you have for the state, myself.

          It’s the value a lot of old timers have, those bringing in those social security checks. I bet most spending would deviate from yours, but I think that list I put up is about accurate.

          What would happen if you stopped commenting on this site?

          Would people miss you?

          That’s a hard question to ask ourselves – would we be missed?

          I’ve been thinking about it, and you know, I don’t think anyone would miss me. If I stopped writing about Montana on my site, actually, I bet people would be happy.

          I feel it’s about the same with you and your commenting. Besides these comments, no one knows who you are or what you did or what it is you think you did.

          We have no idea who you are at all.

          So there probably wouldn’t be much to miss.

          Hey, like I said, I doubt anyone would miss me either.

          • Well, actually, greg, I have a very discernible history, unlike you! Look, next time you see our ex-guv, Brian Schweitzer, ask him who his favorite blog commenter was. No, seriously, ask him. For he LOVED my stuff. Name’s Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers. Do it.

            My record is what it is. That’s all. And I stand by it. Oh, and my pseudonym was Redneck Hippie, among others. And I got kicked off EVERY site in Montana at one time or another except this one, all for telling hard truths that no one wanted to hear, in colorful, entertaining language. The GF Spitoon did TWO nearly full page editorials on me, which I still have in you’d like to see them. But they finally banned me when their corporate masters didn’t like what I had to say. All true, greg. Your turn!

              • Well, when you’re in Helena, ask Jim Jensen of MEIC about the Rangers. No, seriously, do that. And about the Arena article, and about Bonnie Raitt, and about the MONEY her concerts brought into MEIC for the heap leach gold mine fights and the Blackfoot. Or maybe Bonnie Gestring.

                Then go up to Ft. Belknap and ask the native people about the Rangers in the fight against Zortman/Landusky. Oh, and ask the bad guys from the mining industry like John Fitzpatrick or Bill Snoddy if they know me. Oh, and while you’re in Helena ask Beverly Fox why she got kicked off the air when we did an interview with her. Jeez, I’m kinda tired, but I could go on. Maybe go up to Chester and ask around about the Rangers and the Sweet Grass Hills, or up to Browning and the efforts at mineral development on the Front. Or maybe, if you run into Bill Putz, ask him about our meeting in Dillion. Too many encounters to remember. Maybe Mike Meeks of Buffalo Nations. Or maybe the folks over at Cove Mallard.

                No, greg, guess we haven’t done much AFTER all.

                You see, greg, I made my bones looong ago. The bad guys know me quite well. I did my part.

        • You’re a lightweight, dude, and it shows! Don’t try to play in the big leagues. Stay in the farm teams. Build it, and HOPE that they come!………….but they won’t!

          • I know, it sucks. I’m about the exact same way – putting $1,500 a month into the local economy. Besides that…what value do I have?

            The biggest reason our middle-aged men in Montana are giving before they kill themselves is that they feel like a burden.

            If the only benefit you have is putting $1,500 a month into the local economy, is that good enough? And if it’s not, who are you dragging down?

            That’s what people all over the state are thinking. We have a big suicide problem here at the moment, and that means a lot more are thinking about it, if even briefly.

            Know why? Because society sucks.

            It sucks. Even if you’re living in a city you often struggle these days. If you’re out of town, boy, good luck.

            I see a lot of problems. I’m not sure we’re even asking the right questions when it comes to solving them. Maybe they can’t be solved. Maybe there really is no hope.

            Seems like Obama was a false prophet of it and now Trump is the one rising in the east in the 80s that could be the third Nostradamus warned us about.

            So maybe there is nothing we can do but pull the handle back on the recliner, crack one open and light one up and grab our pair and hope to hell or God that it’ll be alright.

            • You’re too fatalistic, Greg. I’m from a different generation. We just grab a nut and suck it up! You see, I LOVE hard, physical, dirty, dangerous work! That’s why I cut trees as a summer job for some twenty-five years or so. Hell, I still try to do it, but my body’s giving out now. But no, you’re wrong. I have NEVER asked for sympathy of any kind. Nor a handout from the gummint. THAT’S why the tea party hates me! I always tell’em that I’ll give up MY gummint money if they give up theirs! For you see, I’M the real anti-gummint dude! The real deal! I will willingly give up ANY gummint money I receive if they do the same!

              But they won’t. And therein’ lies the problem. EVERY one of them is suckin’ of Unca Sugartit except me. I have NEVER received on goddamned DIME from the gummint, nor do I care to. All the teatards suck LARGE off the gummint, and hate guys like me.

              Do I drink? YOU BET! Do I think we can make things better in this country? YOU BET ! Will I kick ass until the day I die? YOU BET! And I really things are gonna get better if we just stick together and stick it to the big kockh brothers!

  • Where do the Koch heads get their strength?

    I’d try to take that strength away from them. How can that be done…and what makes two piddly-dinks like us out here in the boondocks think that we can come up with something them bigwigs on K and L street can’t?

    Sometimes I think we forget one of the most important stories ever written, and that’s the Emperor Has No Clothes.

    Shaming is such a powerful tool to use against those that take themselves seriously. If you can get everyone to laugh at someone, they’re done. So I like that story.

    Will it work? Probably not as well as taking away the source of the Koch heads’ money. I’d like to do that via the free market.

    So…how do they get their money and how do we take it from them, legally, and using capitalism?

    Or are they the real threats? I think they’re small players. Let’s go right up to the Bank of International Settlements and just start there. That’s about as high on the pyramid as I can see, besides those at the top that I refer to as the Illuminati.

    Woops, good thing Don is asleep or we’d get an earful about my views on conspiracies.

    Oh, speaking of another tactic, how about discrediting or distracting? If we can just paint someone as a loon on one issue, or even a sliver of an issue, we can discredit them on everything else they’ve done.

    That can work too.

  • Jeez, we were treated again today in the GF Spitoon to an editorial by sen. uncle fester fielder. What’s up with that? Do we NOW have to suffer endless bullshit arguments from this moronic woman? How many of her Bundy apologies must we endure? How many, dickard ecke? Is THAT how you increase your circulation, by facilitating endless bullshit and treasonous arguments with no rebuttal? NOT to mention the hate groups associated with ms. uncle fester fiedler! What’s next? John trochman to lecture us on citizenship? or pasturd bulbdim to explain his white homeland theories of Montana?

    I THINK that the country and Montana have pretty well decided that inbred traitorous morons like the bundyhole gang and sen. uncle fester have NO legitimacy what so ever. SO, dickard, why do you keep giving this outta state agitator woman space? Do you really NOT know that she is now jsut a little Koch funded kochsucker heading up the big kochks amerikkkan lands council? You paper just got MORE pathetic! Which is really hard to believe!

    But, dickard, how ’bout runnin’ THIS as a rebuttal?

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