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Montana Politics

This Week in Gundamentalism

Written by Don Pogreba

While there is no way we could chronicle all of tragic, absurd dangers the cult of gundamentalism has inflicted on the United States, it’s important to occasionally highlight the human face and overwhelming magnitude of the crisis of gun deaths in the United States. This periodic feature is designed to expose those realities as well as show the truth about the “good guy with a gun” myth.

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  • Don, what lefties don’t understand is that these rightwing kooks are for real. There really is a domestic terrorist threat in this country. Rumors are flying around Burns about threats to all sorts of people in the county, from federal employees to all kinds to law enforcement people. It’s scary. People need to be able to defend themselves against the fascists. Apparently the Bundy crowd stole all sorts of private information from the site’s computers.

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