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ICYMI: Montana Political Reads for January 31, 2016

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  • Let’s just say we’re not 49th or 48th or even 47th in wages, which by the way reflects the numbers from 2014. With the price of oil falling to $30 a barrel we will possess last place eventually.

    • North Dakota is seeing the handwriting on the wall.

      “North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple ordered deep cuts to government agencies and a massive raid on the oil-rich state’s savings on Monday to make up for a more than $1 billion budget shortfall due to a drop in oil drilling and depressed crude prices.

      The state had more than $2 billion in various reserve accounts just one year ago, but oil prices — a key contributor to the state’s wealth — have taken a nosedive in the past year.

      North Dakota is the nation’s second top oil-producing state, behind only Texas, and has the lowest unemployment rate in the country at less than 3 percent. But the Legislature’s record-high $14.4 billion budget for the two years that began July 1 was built on oil prices and economic assumptions that have fallen “much greater than anyone would have predicted,” the governor said.”-Yahoo News.

  • This is a very, Very, VERY important article. I encourage folks to read it. It is what I’ve been saying for about twenty years now. But unfortunately, Montana has had paddy “quitter” Williams as its leader! Now is the time for ALL good Montanans who are NOT p*ssies to come to the aid of their country! Paddy made his choice. He was tired. He was wore out. He wanted to come back to Montana. HE WAS A P*SSY! Maybe others can forgive him, but I can NOT!

    • Here, Paddy. No one I know from Butte would turn tail and wuss out like YOU did! But hey, you got yours! That’s the only thing that matters. Tapp’er light. Oh wait. You don’t tapper’er at ALL any more!

      Given this history, I can only imagine the threats that federal land management officials of all agencies will encounter the weekend of October 23, 2015 throughout Dixie.

      Private corporate interests – the LDS and Koch financial empires – have enabled these dangerous conditions through their support of the ideological American Lands Council, John Birch Society, American Legislative Exchange Council, and Americans For Prosperity. They want to control how federal lands are managed to benefit their corporations, have created organizations to do so, and have consistently shown a willingness to mobilize their supporters.

      In my view, there is a constitutional crisis in the United States and it is not the kind the “sovereigns” like to promote.

      The crisis consists of a Federal government that, through its lack of conviction or outright inaction, has consistently emboldened seditionists who have a dangerous persecution complex by refusing to enforce the law of the land. In the case of today’s “sovereigns”, the Federal government is now refusing to protect public land rights, refusing to enforce the environmental laws that dictate their management, and refusing to hold accountable those who threatened them while performing their constitutional duties.

  • JENNY GOT HER GUN! Or did she? Why isn’t jenny fester fiddler down there in Burns with the OTHER members of the First Inbred Irregular Mlisha, the mormmon brigade?! Is Kerry white going with her? Jeeezus. And to think that ms. filldirt brought THIS brand of crazy to Montana! Pretty pathetic.

    Just when you think you seen the last of the Buttskis for awhile, out pops Cloven!

    • W……………………..T………………………FAAA?!

      Thanks, sWeed. Jesus, dude, I put in a NOTHER freakin’ ten hour day because the sorry azzed young dudes don’t show up, I come home and start relaxing and drinkin’ a few, nay, a bunch of cold ones, and then, DAMN! sWeed blind sides me in the friggin’ NARLIES! sWeed, all I can say is that I PRAY TO GOD that some day I can spoil your day just like you did mine! Thanks a LOT, for NUTHIN!

      Come ON, Dims! You really, Really, REALLY, no REALLY think a gay Native American has a freakin’ CHANCE IN HELL?! Resonates with ME!………and all my redneck pals!

      Must’a been Paddy Quitter Willaims first choice. He’s like that you know. When the going gets tough, Paddy GETS HIS SOARRY AZZ BACK TO MONTANA!……to build his retardment home on the mountainside!

      Whilst all the cute little undergrad coeds get to drool over his limp Old Spice!

      God DAMN I wish that Nathaniel Blumberg was still alive!

      sWeed, the Dims is good. Even you gotta give them that much. When it comes to losin’ elections, THEY’RE THE BEST!

      God…………..DAMN! Can you say guverner GIANTFART?!

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