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While there is no way we could chronicle all of tragic, absurd dangers the cult of gundamentalism has inflicted on the United States, it’s important to occasionally highlight the human face and overwhelming magnitude of the crisis of gun deaths in the United States. This periodic feature is designed to expose those realities as well as show the truth about the “good guy with a gun” myth.

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Don Pogreba

Don Pogreba has been writing about Montana politics since 2005 and teaching high school English since 2000. He's a former debate coach, and loyal, if often sad, fan of the San Diego Padres and Portland Timbers. He spends far too many hours of his life working at school and on his small business, Big Sky Debate.
His work has appeared in Politico and Rewire.
In the past few years, travel has become a priority, whether it's a road trip to some little town in Montana or a museum of culture in Ísafjörður, Iceland.


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  • sWeed, please excuse my lib friends. They know not what they doo doo! You see, SOME of us libs actually LUVE guns. Yes, I said love. We were raised with them as part of our western heritage. Yes, there were accidents occasionally. I still have the brass bed with a bullet indentation in it from an accidental shooting. The neighbor kid across the pasture accidentally fired into my grandpa’s house. The bullet hit the brass bed post, and then hit grandpa in the chest. But he was no worse for wear! All part of family lore. No lawsuits. No retribution. No problem! True story. I’ll even send you a pic of the bullet hit on the bed frame if you like. SHIT HAPPENS! A lot! A LOT of shit happens. So, relax my lib whiner friends. Guns are NOT your enemies! Hell, there are a whole lotta more problems with society than your imagined gun fetish crappola!

    Here sWeed, if you ever get to GF, check this out. One of the most, MOST popular attractions at the Charlie R. Museum! And why not! Charlie loved guns. And the Mormon John Moses Browning was the greatest American genius at guns. Why not combine them in an exhibit?!

    p.s. Clayton Yearout of Gf had the greatest Winchester collection in the country. He died under very, VERY suspicious circumstances. Most people felt that his “girlfriend” burned him up. But that is just very, very, VERY convincing hearsay. In any event, a great collection of guns went up for sale through various outlets. I think I managed to snag about four of his guns from that collection. In any event, for my lib gun-hatin’ friends, if you ever get to GF, check out the Charlie collection. He hated guns too!…………too funny.

  • Larry is certifiable, but correct. Decent poke at it Don, with the veterans reference,. I served, however guns for hunting and pass time were a way of rural life. Accidents do not count, otherwise ban automobiles!

    • You understand the difference between guns and cars, right? While there are a number of deadly crashes in the US, I’d argue the rate of death is just a bit lower per use than with a gun.

      And maybe you should actually read the top link, from the Marine veteran. He makes a compelling case for sensible gun laws.

      • Help me out here. How would the background check thingy work? For you see, now, one must rely on an FFL holder to run a background check. And that all costs a lot of money. How can person to person background checks be made easy and without a lot of cost? And how will this not lead to a gun registry? And really, do we REALLY want to make even more criminals out of decent people? Is the criminal justice system not already overburdened enough? Say for example I give a gun to Arky without a background check, and the cops find out, what will my jail time be? There are WAY more questions than answers at this point. And the biggest point of all is isn’t this entire thing moot? We are not Australia, and I don’t think we’ll ever be. I’ve never been an NRA guy, but damn, I’m beginning to think I might have to join. Executive action on anything is damn scary. What happens when we get an actual nazzzi in the white house? Safety checks all around?

        And yes, I read the article, and tried to read most of the comments. I think that they flushed it our pretty well.

          • Source please, for I have heard from my gun dealer friends the exact opposite. And really, what the hell is an “occasional sale”? BTW, I assume you’re on the lib side. Do you even realize what this sort of nonsense will do to Dems in an election? You can kiss Montana good bye. Hell, we may have Giant Fart as our next guv. And for what? Nothing! Of course, that gun stuff might play big back east and in Calipornia, but in Montana? Not hardly.

  • I was taught there is no such thing as a “gun accident” there is only “gun negligence”. Being a lifelong gun owner I am always amazed that so many people do not take the responsibility of gun ownership seriously. How hard is it to remember that you never point a gun, even an unloaded gun, at anyone? When I was 7 years old I was given my first rifle (22 lr) and was told over and over “every gun is loaded”, and if it’s unloaded pretend it’s loaded because “every gun is loaded”, don’t they teach that anymore or is safety and responsibility a thing of the past? I think anyone who defends any gun “accidents” are part of the greater problem. Owning and handling a gun is a deadly serious thing and far too many don’t seem to understand and that makes all gun owners look bad. If you have a gun the responsibility not to hurt or kill anyone is 100% yours (period!). (P.S. I am a proud Progressive Liberal and gun owner, attempting to Demonize Liberals as anti-gun only proves your ignorance.) Here is a link to a few gun safety rules form the Marine Corps that all should know and follow….and should have learned long ago if you own guns.

  • I agree with Kevin Curtis, and I also believe that people who want to own guns do need background checks. the Going rate for a background check through an FFL in Montana is only about 20 bucks. Hardly the big bucks LK is talking about. And according to my friends and Me who have Bought guns in California the turn around time is the same as Montana for taking that Gun home you Bought. A week to ten days. Only those owning concealed carry Licenses might get there Guns sooner.

    Lets also face some other facts LK “Field and Stream” Picks Montana 13th and California 5th for hunting of any kind in the west. The fact is because of conservation, California is one of the best places to hunt in the nation. California Liberals also are the second largest state in the US for Owning Guns. Approximately 8 million Californians own guns legally compared to Montana’s paultry 550,000. So enough of the Liberals don’t own guns scenario, or they do not hunt. they hunt. they fish, and they enjoy the outdoors.

    • The reason I know about the FFL Background check price is, I personally just bought a nice rifle a few months ago. I asked the dealer is that price was country wide? He said yes. So what is that about the price of a box of ammo. If you can’t afford that Price you’re just sad, or a criminal who doesn’t want to be caught.

      • norma, if you like calipornia so much, MOVE there! Look, you did NOT come close to what I wrote.

        HOW are these new “laws” going to be enforced? You gonna have gun narcs everywhere? BTW, this is Montana, NOT calipornia. What are the fines/prison sentences going to be for those of us who accidentally or purposely violate your new laws? Why should person to person sales require a background check? If I give a gun to my grandkid, do I need to background check him? How you gonna prove that a gun was sold to another person? Or given? It’s all pretty bizarre. How do you plan to know where a gun goes? In other words, if I choose NOT tell the authorities about the whereabouts of all my guns, how are they gonna know? Easy answer. Paper trail…. for every gun. In other words, a GUN REGISTRY! Sorry, we don’t want that. We don’t need that.

        Why do you want to make decent people criminals? Are the prisons not full enough already? (sumhtin’ tells me that your the type to spy on your neighbors with binocs! Hell, you would’a made a good lil’ Nazi! Narcs are us!)

        Bottom line, you have your bizarre opinion with which NO ONE in Montana that I know agrees with. Why? Because it’s just so much BS. There is NO need for person to person checks of any kind, because they do nothing! As in no thing! The ONLY thing you whiny libs do is lose us elections in places like Montana. Jesus, when are you whiny libs gonna FINALLY figure it out. It ain’t about “hunting, fishing, outdoor” activities. It truly IS about freedom from government intrusion where it doesn’t belong, and liberty. And yes, the Second Amendment! Whiny libs like yourself will never, as in ever, convince a majority of people in this country that you are right on this issue. So stop trying! But your continual harping on the matter really pisses us normal libs off. AND loses us elections. I don’t know how long you’ve actually been around Montana, but I’ve been here a long time and I’ve seen the Dems shoot themselves down with this topic many times over. It’s a dead issue in Montana, and well it should be.

        You really should THINK about the things you think about before writing. Go join MADD, mothers against drunk driving. They love loud zealots who make no sense! Like the DUI laws? Well then, you’ll LUV norma’s gun laws!

        p.s. I personally prefer home checks. allow norma’s pistol police to come into all homes and check for guns! Sheesh. Give it a rest.

        • p.s. And my good friend Hickock .45 makes a good point in his video. He’s a retired teacher too. And his videos are the most popular on the web. If you’ve never watched his stuff, he has tons of good videos out there on all kinds of guns. They’re great. If you’re a gun guy, you simply gotta watch him. He is fun. Yes, there I said it again. FUN! Sorry, norrrrma, but guns are fun! They always have been for me, for I grew up plinking!

          Like Hickock says, where in the hell were all these mass murders etc. thirty years ago? Answer. There were none! Or very rarely. And that is my larger point that whiny libs gloss over. Yes, there are more shootings because there are more people, and more CRAZY people! Hence, ALL our problems that we face have also grown exponentially! Pick any social problem and has improved. You can’t. The more people there are, the more problems of ALL kinds there will be. To pick on guns is simply ridiculous1

          Look at GF here. The number child/infant deaths is just horrendous! Why? Why is this happening? I’ll tell you this. It AIN’T because of guns! Society ills created by too many people are coming home to roost. It you want to be a good little whiny liberal, accept that an then DO something about it! In other words, it ain’t the freakin’ guns! It’s a whole lotta marginal people out there with all kinds of problems. Fix the world before you start stealing our guns and making us all into criminals!

    • Don’t cornfuse nrma with facts. She’s from Calipornia you know! And sWeed, what do you like better, your 1911 or your Hi POWER? Tell me you aren’t a polymer kinda guy! Me, I like steel. And the truth be told, I think that John Moses Browning did MORE than any ten whiny libs like norrrma for protecting democracy in the world!

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