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While there is no way we could chronicle all of tragic, absurd dangers the cult of gundamentalism has inflicted on the United States, it’s important to occasionally highlight the human face and overwhelming magnitude of the crisis of gun deaths in the United States. This periodic feature is designed to expose those realities as well as show the truth about the “good guy with a gun” myth.

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    • An apostrophe indicates possession in standard English, which also generally frowns on the comma splice.

      As for the substance of this “argument,” you might want to consider the crazy idea that government can regulate behavior without imposing a “monopoly of force,” whatever that means.

      Thanks for stopping by for your periodic dose of education, though.

  • Anytime Don,

    You might want to wiki “monopoly of force/violence” Mr. educator and get back to me on how you can regulate behavior without an implied social contract upheld by a monopoly of force. (Hint: it means the government and it’s many real world applications require guns, (or larger weapons) to maintain power, even if this power becomes egregious as in the cases of police brutality).

    Can’t you find a job in California where people believe in the magical fairy dust of utopian democracy aka constant government intervention as well as superfluous online grammar checks?

    • Seriously, man. Take a remedial English course. That nonsense is impossible to read.

      Is your position really that the government cannot regulate guns in any way? I look forward to your incoherent response.

      • fart piss ass cunt, sry doing my best Larry K.

        Actually my old man is indeed a liberal leaning educator Don, as well as an avid gun enthusiast and fellow Harley rider. The line to me is drawn as to what good men can be trusted to own, and how to avoid guns in the hands of bad men, if only it were so simple. That’s why I enjoy all this mess that is the political arena, muddled. I’ll lay of the Ad Hominems Don, you’re not such a bad guy I’m sure. No promises for Larry K. though. And if you get Bernie and 80% tax rates for free tuition you’ll find me in a free remedial english course.

  • WHAT?! You a gun guy, arky? Jeez. I din’t know! Did you ever shake hands with Mr. John Moses Browning? I did, many times, cupcake. You see, sweetie pie, every time I fire my 1911 or my Hi Power, I shake hands with John Moses Browning! You seem like more of a 9.5 inch manlicker kind of guy to me! Blued, right? Sorry, I calls’em as I sees’em!

    • And for my lib friends who hate guns, please watch this. You see, I’m old. I grew up with guns. I have always loved guns. But guns were just tools. That’s all. And also part of history. Show me a gun, and I’ll tell you what was going on in history at that time. It’s kinda like art and history. History and art are inseparable. And history and guns are also inseparable. Take a look at the movie Revenant. Glass wanted his GUN back! It was that important to him. And that’s the same with all us sons of the west gun lovers. I love my grandpa’s guns, and I plan to pass them on to my grandkids some day. We used guns as tools. But like any finely made object, they are beautiful too! Two of my most prized possessions are my 1830 halfstock plains rifle, and my 1927 Singer sewing machine. Wood and steel together to produce beauty and perfection of function!

      Lib pals, watch this and admire true genius. And please, realize, that we are NOT all alike. I luv my guns, and I’m as liberal as the day is long. Nuthin’ wrong with that.

      • I think we might have to disagree on this one, Larry. I absolutely believe in the Second Amendment. I just don’t think it’s as absolute as some would have it.

        • That’s OK. But Don, just try to understand where I’m coming from. I have great admiration for beauty, form, genius, workmanship, and history. You, as an English profe, should understand better than most that you CAN’T separate history from art from literature. I would put guns right in there too. They are the mechanics of history. And they have greatly influenced history too. I only ask my lib friends to attempt to see a little of what I see. That’s all.

      • p.s. I forgot to mention that I also admire pure genius. John Moses Browning was pure genius. Nuthin’ wrong with that. Please try to understand where us gun nuts are comin’ from. Don’t hate us. If you want to hate something, hate history! We didn’t do it. But guns saved us.

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His work has appeared in Politico and Rewire.
In the past few years, travel has become a priority, whether it's a road trip to some little town in Montana or a museum of culture in Ísafjörður, Iceland.

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