Another Republican Legislator Endorses Armed Insurrection

One has to wonder how many members of the Republican Party in the Montana Legislature have to express support for the Oregon militia before the Montana press takes note and begins to ask some difficult questions for these supporters of armed mobs and wannabe militias. The latest Republican in the Legislature to give rhetorical support to the Bundy Gang should come as no surprise, as she has long been associated with the fringe that is taking over the Montana Republican Party.

From Theresa Manzella (HD 85) on Facebook today:


Her reference to the “three percent” is especially troubling, as The Nation describes the three percent movement as the armed wing of the TEA Party lunacy:

A fair assessment of this strategy is that the Threepers intend to be the armed wing of a larger movement of Tea Partiers and patriots, in a manner not unlike the way armed movements of a revolutionary left once swam in a sea of like-minded supporters.

A growing movement within the Republican Party in this state is endorsing an armed insurrection against the country, offering support for a movement whose aim is nothing less than overthrowing the federal government. Surely the press should be asking Montana Republicans like Senator Fielder and Representative Manzella if they truly believe that actions like those of the Bundy militia are justified, and for some answers about their affiliation with groups like the Three Percent crowd.

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Don Pogreba

Don Pogreba has been writing about Montana politics since 2005 and teaching high school English since 2000. He's a former debate coach, and loyal, if often sad, fan of the San Diego Padres and Portland Timbers. He spends far too many hours of his life working at school and on his small business, Big Sky Debate.
His work has appeared in Politico and Rewire.
In the past few years, travel has become a priority, whether it's a road trip to some little town in Montana or a museum of culture in Ísafjörður, Iceland.


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  • I’m confused. Does the Constitution call for “multiple use”? I don’t remember anything like that in the US Constitution, and if it’s in the Montana Constitution, it certainly doesn’t apply to Oregon. Help!

    • Agreed, you are confused. But most folks don’t have the narlies to admit that!
      A leetle background on mother Teresa manzilla. She’s is what she appears to be, another outta state christofundiwackmentalist WACK job sent her by G-O-D to save us from ourselves, the reprobate low life agnostic/atheist sinners that we are! You see, mother Teresa manzilla puts the thrilla in manzilla! She knows that we worship nature, just like she worships the ground that the Kockh brothers walk on! SHE is the one that is quite confused. But the question must be asked again, for about the thousandth time, WHY are all these inbreds sent by G-O-D to Montana to save us? Don’t they understand that we don’t want/need deevine guidance from dumbazzes?? We’ve gotten along just fine for about the last hunnert years with OUT their inbred religion. So, what do they really have to offer that Montana doesn’t already offer? Go back home, ms. manzilla. Hey, that kinda rhymes with Godzilla! Manzilla….Godzilla! I like it! Montana is al READY God’s country! We do NOT need/want inbreds like yourself attempting to interpret God for us. And take ms. jenny fiddler WITH you, another outta state Krister! We don’t WANT to be saved by a**holes like you! And yes, God tol’ me to say that!

    • I think Rep. Manzella is confusing the Multiple Use and Sustained Yield Act of 1960 ( with the U.S. Constitution, which says nothing about multiple use.

      Rep. Manzella would do well to read, or reread, the Congressional Research Service’s report on the constitutional history of public lands (

      Another useful resource:

  • It’s high noon in Bundyville. Time to go out alone and meet the bad guys in the street in a fight to the death. Oh wait. These are the bundy boys of the vaunted Snafu Legion of mormonn morons. If they’re gonna fight to the death, they’s gonna have their underage concubines run a leetle heavenly interference! Gary Cooper they are not! What a bunch of buffoons!

  • Yah they’re certifiable, but that doesn’t necessary discredit the argument that the Federal Government has failed to honor land agreements (with states, native tribes, need I go on?)

    • No, because you can’t. btw, sonny, the word that you misused is “necessarily”, not necessary. For the record, what was your highest grade level achieved? I promise not to laugh. You’re out of your league here, and you should probably realize that. Folks here are mostly college educated. Where did you matriculate again? I missed that. Oh, I’m sorry. wear did u go 2 collage? Does that help? Do they have dictionaries in your trailer park?

    • Sonny, me thinks your hero lil’ petey santelli just shot his SELF in the vagina! I feel his pain! No I don’t, but I’m sure that YOU do! This is really heelarious stuff. Seems that the folks in Burns are asking the same question that I am. When is enough enough? And like me, I think they’re gettin’ ready to end this themselves if law enforcement won’t. As I mentioned, that is the exact same thing that happened with the freemen here in Montana. The folks in Jordan were ready to end it themselves, and then, finally, the feds moved in! I know the Oregonians well. They will put up with this sh*t for only so long. And then, they’ll do the job he feds should have done. Just watch. Oregon is a lot like Montana. Same kind of people. Lots of good folks out there in eastern Oregon.

  • Jumpeen JEEBUS! Hell, even my hero HEMMINGWAY couldn’t make this shit up! The Short Happy Life of Levoy Finnicum! Yes, fini cum! In other words, to quote my Hemmingway muse, this is the final JERK OFF! Fini, the end, and cum, to jerk off! Levoy, meet Leroy! Jeebus. Too funny. Levoy, with a 5.5 Manlicker on his side, informed the FBI and the residents of Burns, Ore., that he was willing to dictate the terms of his release. RELEASE, mind you. Not surrender! Levoy is a’wantin’ to declare victory and run back to momonn land as fast as he cant! As long as Levoy has his Manlicker, (which Levoy will have to perfect while sharing a cell with Leroy, aka, Big Bubba), Levoy will be safe!

    Jeebus, but these must be the STOOPIDEST mofos to ever come out of joey smith’s syphilitic brain! And now, Levoy is kinda worried ’bout spendin’ the next thirty years with Big Budda in STEAD of his fourteen year old concubines, OOPS!, I mean wives, he’s a havin’ second thoughts about doin’ dumbazz shit! From golden tablets to golden showers with Leeroy Brown! Yes, Leevoy, you’re gonna finally find Jeezus! BLACK Jeezus! You’ll be a better man for it!

    Well, Leeevoy, it’s a wee bit too LATE to find Jeezus, dude. If you’re stoopid enuff to do the crime, your READY for the time with your new best concubine, BIG LEEROY! He likes’em young too, just like Bring’em Young, your profit!

    p.s. Keep them seer stones handy. It’ll warm things UP for Big Bubba when you put them where the SUN don’t shine!

    • p.s. And yes, I realize that when Leevoy Fini Cum and Aimin’ Butski FINALLY get out of prison, it’s gonna be their relationship with the 12.5 inch Manlicker that saved them! (Now THAS a big piece!) Oh sure, I realize that Francis Macomber carried a 6.5 Mannlicher, but Leevoy and Aimin’ will be usin’ their considerable “skills” on the 12.5 Manlicker! And good luck with THAT, you doofus bastards!

      Some day I might want to return to my roots in Eastern Oregon, one of the most beautiful places on earth. And I will say a little prayer of thanks for Leevoy Fini Cum, and Aimin” Butski for their help in preserving the land of my birth! For you see, NUTHIN’ says findin’ Jeezus like spendin’ your Manlicker years in federal prison! It’s even better than golden tablets!……………or so I’m told!

    • p.s. When I first met Barrett Kaiser here in GF, he was working for mini Baucus. I was NOT too impressed with Barrett at that time. But now, I am very impressed with the guy. He’s doing good work down there in Burns. They guy has balls as big as Montana. That indicates to me that he loves the land as much as I do. Great work. Wish I was there.

      But unfortunately, un LIKE Aimin’ Butski, I have to work for a living! Ever seen a rancher who could take time off for a siege? Me neither. Ol’ Aimin’ Butski must have LOTS of underage girls in his harem to do the ranch work! DAMN! Why’d I have the great misfortune of bein’ borned a Catholic?! Is it too late to convert? Can I still get my underage wives?? Ah, who am I kidding. I’m just to damn old now to be a good mormmonn! The spirit is willing, but my Moroni has melted! Now, if I were in the compound with the inbreds, my handle would be Capt. Flaccid!

      • UH oh! Tresspassing is bad enough, but cutting a guy’s fence?! Them boys is cut proud!……and it shows. That’s a big no no out west. You do NOT cut another man’s fence! And then, lie about it! Aimin’s mommy better send him another bag-o-dicks! I theenk she sent the other ones too. Wouldn’t YOU if that was your kid???? Jus’ askin’. Geez, if my kid was that big’a dickhead, I’d send him plenty! Methinks that ol’ Aimin’ is just tryin’ to burnish the mormonn image! For you see, anyone familiar with mormonn history KNOWS that it needs a good deal of polishing! Heck, at LEAST Jesus Christ died trying to bring peace and love to the world. Joey smitty died tryin’ to pork his neighbor’s wife! See the difference? Me too!

    • Why? You don’t like what I write? Well then, tell me why. That’s better than sayin’ start you own blog. Everything I write is relevant to the topic at hand. I thought that’s what we were supposed to do in discussing an issue. Is it not? Whiners gonna whine and writers gonna write. Which are you? So far, I’d have to go with whiner!

      Look, cgirl kicked me off, and look at her site now. BORing. Don allows me to post because he understands that I have something to say. I’ve probably been around much more than most of you other folks. And that gives me greater authority when I write. I really never have understood folks who feel the need to silence others. Explain yourself please.

      BTW, he seems nice!

      For the record, I’ve been involved with the enviro movement longer than some of you folks have been alive. And I was absolutely one of the first in this state to take on the rightwing militia folks. I know them well. Why shouldn’t I express my expertise on these folks? I dunno. You tell me.

      I was the very FIRST teacher in Montana to confront creationism in the classroom to. I’ve made my bones. Have you?

      • Thanks, Turner. I needed that. I get tired of people trying to silence me, especially people on the so called left. I just don’t get it. And yes, insult humor is very necessary to put guys like Slinky the Barking Seal in his place. The dude makes Gerald Ford look smart! As with Ford, Slinky played WAY too much football without a helmet! Which qualified him instantly for the military!

  • Yes, because history didn’t actually start until Bring’em Young entered the picture! This is infuriating. Please read what Aimin’ Butski has to say. Look at the signs, etc. This is a carefully planned act of treason and sedition, the EXACT same thing that ol’ joey smith tried to do. And he eventually got his, and rightly so. He’s now looking down from Planet Kolob with glee as he sees his magic underwear crowd tweaking the nose of Uncle Sam again, sumthin’ he didn’t have much luck doin’! Time to end this. Treason and sedition are NOT justified by bizarre religious belief! Butski’s remarks are absolutely incredible. I have a hard time understanding how one arrives as such bizarre beliefs. But then, realize that he was raised out in the middle of nowhere in a cult. There was NO exposure to anything but Cliven’s cult teaching. Hence, the butski boys and the Great Dildo Rebellion of 2016.

  • Time to end this sh*t. People ask me why I’m so infuriated with these a**holes. Well, easy answer. Who can sit back and watch something or someone that you love being violated? Not me. Now, the bundistas are digging roads, messing with the antiquities, running cattle where the land is not suited, and all manner of violation…..TO OUR REFUGE! I know that country, and like many others, I truly love eastern Oregon. Spent a lot of time their as a kid. It’s a lot like the Montana landscape we love. In Spanish, violacion means rape. These dirty bastards are raping something we love. And I suspect the Oregonians will not tolerate this much longer. I don’t care why these guys are nuts, but they are. And now, they must suffer the full force of the law. They chose to do this, and they chose the terms. THEY are the only ones responsible for what happens now! Let’s get this party started. If I was there, I would definitely get it going! They are simply thugs, bullies, and criminals!

    • Wanna DANCE, Aimin’ Butski? Or do you want your mommy to come rescue your stupid ass?? bwahahahaha! Guess she should’a raised you to NOT be a dumbazz! Looks as if the party is gettin’ started! Levoy, meet LEROY! Commonly referred to as Big Bubba! Your new horny cellmate for about the next THIRTY years! Oh sure, you found Moroni. But now, time for you to meet JAYSUS! Your come to Jaysus meeting is comin’ real soon!

      I told you exactly what would happen. The people of Oregon have run out of patience with these inbred idiots. They’re were gonna take matters into their own hands. Hence, the feds HAD to/were FORCED to act. And now, the party begins! And yes, I’m luvin’ it.

      The Dildo Rebellion will now go down in mormmmon history as another defeat at the hands of the gentiles!

        • And Moroni said, I will maketh a little Boloni (pronounced baloney), and sendeth him, verily I sayeth unto to you, to the placeth called Malhuer, and command Boloni to take upeth refuge in the refuge and tutelage of Levonie of Finnicum, and thusly, order him to NOT change his magic underwear until the tyrannical Uncaeth Sameth screamest Monkey! Then, verily I sayeth unto you, I will maketh the Uncaeth Sameth profit me of his verily land whicheth I will inherit to the Bundyites of the Bundy Clan from the gentiles of Origami. All of this will passeth before the Lammanite in the Great House of White shall flee to the land of the Lammanites, and the Gaymenites are onceth again in the southern lands of Frisco!

          Jeebus. What a bunch of stupid bassturds in need of a good old fashioned American ASS whoopin’!

  • Jeebus. It kinda SUCKS bein’ a bundy bungholio! Dude sells his Harley to help overthrow the gummint, , and what kind of thanks does he get. A BAG OF DICKS! That just ain’t right. Well, yes it is! He ALSO got a couple of new friends here in Montana like lil’ jenny feedher and Mathew hale! Two of the dumbest bassturds to ever whoreship the ground that Ken Ivory walked on! I guess that’s kinda like overthrowin’ the tyrannical gummint, right?!

    Guess that now instead of ridin’ off into the sunset on a Harley, he’ll have to ride off on a dildo! I call that poetic justice! And HEY, them old Harley’s vibrated like hell too, just like them dildos Jason’ll be ridin’ in his new refuge, the federal PEN! Ride on, brave reetart! Put a leetle Merucan flag on your dildo to remind you of your glory days!

  • WATCH IT! IT’S GOOD! Thanks, amigos! Hell, I don’t have a whole lot of vacation built up, but by GOD I’ll come down and join you if necessary! But I see that you guys are gettin’ things under control. And I thank you. Send bundy and his merry band of dicks BACK to the federal pen where they need to be. Thanks again, amigos.

    Other good articles at this site. The Natives are none too happy either.

  • UH oh. I know now why poor widdle Levoy Finicum has his magic underwear in a knot! Seems that Levoy has been makin’ his livin’, like LOTS of other mormmmon patridiots, OFF Unca Sugartit! Bad, bad form, Levoy, you slimeball. You go all rugged indiveedual on us, but really, you’re nuthin’ but another gummint TIT sucker! What a buffoon. You and Aimin’ Butski both suckin’ off the gummint while tryin’ to steal even more! Well, time to get you to jail where you can’t spend your retirement livin’ large of the gummint for ’bout the next thirty years!


  • Seriously, time to end this. A little background on these morans. Oh, and I see that now, FBI is allowing the weird looking bundy brother to leave the state and come back. Apparently, according to news reports, he’s been meeting with OTHER inbreds to take over other facilities elsewhere. And really, why not? The feds have done nothing to them. Sick, sick chit!

  • WAIT a minute here. I KNOW these people! Yes, I know each and every one of them. And so do many of you probably, especially you folks out there who have ever worked with ED kids! Hell, they were ALL ED kids at one time. Just read their bios. Fake military credentials, lies, delusions, disrespect for authority, and amazing underachievement! Throw in the fact that they have watched way, waaaay too many violent-themed, macho movies, and viola! You’ve got the Dildo Rebellion of 2016! Enjoy their bios. I did. And just like with the ED kids we used to work with, these retards need a definite time out! What the hell is the government waiting for? Wonder how many of them foster kids ol’ Levoy was molesting?? Probably most of them I’d guess. It would fit the pattern of his behavior!

    America, THIS is your new patriotic role model! And they want their country back! Shall we give it to them????

    Recently Arrested and Awaiting Trial:

    Kenneth Medenbach. Arrested for “unauthorized use of a motor vehicle”, stemming from driving one of two US Department of Fish & Wildlife Service vehicles from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge to the Safeway in Burns, Oregon to stock up on supplies. Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, also known as “joyriding”,is a class C felony in Oregon punishible by up to 5 years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine. Mendenbach appears to be homeless. In 1995, Medenbach built a cabin on 640 acres of Bureau of Land Management land in northern Klamath County. In 1996 he was arrested again for illegally occupying a campsite on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest for more than 21 days, building a structure on National Forest land, and illegally booby-trapping the camp site. Medenbach used an argument often raised by those who describe themselves as “sovereign citizens,” claiming the printing of his name in all-capital letters in court documents rendered the documents invalid. He did not prevail in court. In 2015, Medenbach was arrested for allegedly camping illegally on BLM land for months near Galice in Southern Oregon and was currently on probation from this incident on the condition that he never again try to inhabit Federal Land. He is currently in custody and awaiting trial.

    To be arrested:

    Robert “LaVoy” Finicum – Hobby Rancher, Operator of private Foster Care Service. Finicum said he is licensed and has a care contract with Catholic Charities Community Services in Arizona. While his license has not been revoked, Finicum said he would no longer receive referrals to care for foster children. That represents an enormous loss of income for the Finicums. According to a 2010 tax filing, Catholic Charities paid the family $115,343 to foster children in 2009. That year, foster parents were compensated between $22.31 and $37.49 per child, per day, meaning if the Finicums were paid at the maximum rate, they cared for, on average, eight children per day in 2009. “That was my main source of income,” Finicum said. Lavoy also falsely claimed the Governor’s office “came down and ripped my boys out of my home” after Catholic Charities removed him as a Foster Care Provider.

    Stanley Hicks a.k.a. Blaine Cooper – He is a former U.S. Marine Corps recruit who enlisted through the Delayed Entry Program and who failed to show up for boot camp. This hasn’t stopped him from telling war stories about his non-existent service in Iraq, of course, to the press whenever a reporter will listen. In 2013, during a town hall meeting hosted by U.S. Senator John McCain, Cooper called for McCain to be arrested for treason. It is believed he changed his name so folks couldn’t easily scrutinize his military record. Well, that and the fact that Stanley Hicks has 16 arrests and convictions in Arizona whereas Blaine Cooper only has one felony arrest and conviction in Arizona.

    Brian Cavalier- Tattoo Artist, long history of DUI arrests. He pretends to be a marine who served in Iraq, but he has never been a member of the armed forces. Cavalier was arrested recently on an outstanding warrant while on a recent trip to Maricopa County, AZ. He has been released, and the warrant did not stem from his crimes in Oregon.

    Jon Ritzheimer is married and has two children. He reportedly lives off of government disability checks and his wife’s working income. He is the one of two men at the Wildlife Refuge posing as a veteran that really was a veteran, but he was dishonorably discharged.

    Ryan Payne – The other non-fake veteran served in a military intelligence unit in Iraq, but he falsely claims to be a former Army Ranger. He is on the outs with the Oathkeepers Militia. During the Bundy standoff in 2014, Payne claimed to have organized a team of militia sharpshooters. Payne is married with two children. His anti-Federal Government stance, he claims, stems from his experience in Iraq.

    Ammon Bundy – claims to be a business owner of a garage near Phoenix. One home foreclosed on in 2012, he is in arears for property tax. Bundy also was late in 2014, blowing both the October and March deadlines. The couple paid that tax bill of $2,082 on Dec.21, 2015 according to Maricopa County. Note that Bundy got a 500,000 government loan to buy his garage, and given that he doesn’t seem to be able to pay his bills, it might not have been a smart loan to make.

    David Fry: Unemployed. Fry has a criminal record that includes convictions for possession of drugs and possession of marijuana drug paraphernalia, and having an insufficient number of life jackets while, he said, floating on a river in an inflatable raft. Videos of Fry burning papers from a collection agency requesting payment of unpaid court debt are on a YouTube account in his name and another YouTube account with the username DefendYourBase. He also posts pro-NAZI and anti-black messages on social media

  • Yes, this is all painfully comical. But what’s even worse is that you have a bunch of inbreds threatening destruction of a world heritage site! I understand that the inbreds are morans, but they do NOT have ANY kind of right that allows them to destroy antiquities and sites that date back TEN THOUSAND YEARS!

    Tomorrow, I contact my friends in AIM. Those sites belong to the WORLD, NOT to some jonny come lately mormmon morans! They absolutely do NOT, by right of their lil’ bring’em young heritage, have ANY sort of right to destroy OUR sacred heritage!

    Get those no good son of a bitches OUT or OUR refuge! Let’em go home and pork their sister wives! That’s all they’re good for anyway!

    • Send in the Kockh brothers! THEY know what to do with all that land they want to steal!

      This article links KrisAnne Hall to the Koch brothers (December 2012)

      KrisAnne Hall, a Tea Party lawyer linked to the Koch brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity, told lawmakers as the audience cheered that implementing the law would allow the federal government to “steal” state power and that the U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding it was not the final word

      After the meeting, Hall told Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, directly that the health-care act was not legal.

      “It isn’t? The Supreme Court didn’t get your message,” Gaetz replied.

      KrisAnne Hall = Koch Tool

  • OH my God! I was afraid that might happen. That bag of dicks that someone sent the First Inbred Irregulars of the Bundy Brigade made them horny! NUTHIN’ scarier than a horny inbred! The Snafu Legion is gettin’ just a WEEE bit weird………ER! I’m luvin’ this. Jensniffer Fielder must be SO proud of her inbred brethren! btw, why have all the Montana inbreds quit writing on this site? Strange, very strange. Didn’t they hear the horn???………BWHAHAHAHAHAHAA! Sorry. I know it’s not nice to laff at people who are obviously mentally deficient………YES IT IS!

  • Ahhhh, such sweet music to bundyears! Sounds like ol’ Moroni hisself callin’ all the stupid, OOOPS!, I mean faithful! DO YOUR DUTY, INBREDS EVERWHERE! The First Inbred Irregulars of the Snafu Legion of the Bundy Brigade demand your presence! Heck, they’ll even throw in a bag of dicks! Signed by none other than flag tits himself! If THAT don’t get you to planet Kolob, NTUHIN’ will! Grab a change of magic underwear and head on over to Burns! Baloni (pron. baloney), the Bundy’s personal angel, a WAITS you!

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