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Senator Jennifer Fielder Defends the Oregon Militants

A few days ago, I posted on Twitter, asking whether someone in the Montana media had asked Senator Jennifer Fielder for her position on the militants who have occupied the federal facility in Oregon. It seemed an obvious question, as Fielder is the leading spokeswoman for the movement to take public lands from the federal government here in Montana. To my knowledge, and according to a Google News search, no Montana media outlet has asked Fielder to comment, despite the obvious connection between her movement and the militia wannabes in Oregon.

Perhaps they will now, as Fielder has taken to her Facebook page to defend the men who have earned the justified mockery of most Americans, going so far as to call for their pardon.

On her Facebook page this evening, Fielder writes:

Ranching is not terrorism — Obama should pardon ranchers and end protest peacefully

It’s no wonder the feds heavy handed treatment of the Hammond Ranching Family has stirred an uprising.The federal government was way out of bounds in charging the Hammond Family with terrorism as a result of the prescribed burns they started on their own ranch (which actually improved the grass land), and a back burn that stopped a large lightening (sic) caused wildfire from spreading. President Obama should pardon the two ranchers and put an end to the Oregon protest peacefully.

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Here you have the leader of the public lands takeover movement in Montana claiming that an adjudicated case of arson was an improvement of public land and that militia members were justified in their decision to mount an armed takeover of those public lands and government buildings. I don’t understand her assertion that the Hammonds, who have reported for prison despite the presence of the militants, were charged with “terrorism,” but facts have never really been a part of Fielder’s anti-government repertoire.

As the US Attorney notes:

The U.S. Attorney dismissed arguments that the Hammonds were accused of terrorism.

“The evidence at trial convinced the jury beyond a reasonable doubt that the Hammonds were guilty of the federal crime of arson; that is, maliciously damaging United States property by fire,” he wrote. “The jury was neither asked if the Hammonds were terrorists, nor were defendants ever charged with or accused of terrorism. Suggesting otherwise is simply flat-out wrong.”

Perhaps now would be a good time for the Montana media to ask Senator Fielder and the Montana Republican Party if they truly support the right to respond to adverse court decisions with armed insurrection.



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  • Maybe Jennifer knows the other side of this story.

    “The story…begins…with the creation and expansion of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, a tract of federal land…The federal government has since expanded…in part by buying adjacent private land. Protesters allege that when private landowners refused to sell, the federal government got aggressive, diverting water during the 1980s into the “rising Malheur lakes.” Eventually, the lakes flooded “homes, corrals, barns, and graze-land.” Ranchers who were “broke and destroyed” then “begged” the government to buy their “useless ranches.” …the Hammonds were among the few private landowners who remained adjacent to the Refuge. …the government then began a campaign of harassment designed to force the family to sell its land, a beginning with barricaded roads and arbitrarily revoked grazing permits and culminating in an absurd anti-terrorism prosecution based largely on two “arsons” that began on private land but spread to the Refuge.”-David French.

  • Let’s see Fielder and Marshal Marbut lead volunteers to break the siege of the Bundy BOZOS! Really, where’s our mainstream media on this put Fielder and ilk on the spot? It’s the same crap we saw in the nineties with the ‘Freemen’ FOOLS that both sides of the aisle considered them lunatics…

  • Jenny’s people! Seriously, and I mean this, you MUST watch the videos and read this entire article. And then the comments too. Why? Because Inbred Lives Matter! No, seriously, these folks that lil’ jenny luvs so much are pure, unadulterated INBREDS! And hilariously so. Mormon material! Look, if you can believe in a religion started by a con man who PUT his “seer stones”, seer stones that had NAMES, like Vermin and Sputum, into his hat, and then looked inside and saw the golden tablets, well then, you can believe ANY thing! And they do!

    The LAST time that the Mormans tried to secede, president Buchanan sent an army unit to cool their seer stone jets! Well, the army was greatly outgunned and outmanned, so what they did was to train their canons on Bringem’ Young’s house and say that if the fighting started, HE would be the first to visit planet kobol and get his 72 virgin cousins! True story. Check it out in the history books. The mormans have always hated the federal gummint, and have always wanted to go to war with us. Aimin’ Bunky is only the latest! Strange, very strange folks.

    I hope O’Bama does what Buchanan did. Surround ol’ Aimin’ Bunky with canons and give him an ultimatum. But first, let the women and children go! What a sad pathetic bunch of losers. No WONDER lil’ jenny fiddler luvs them. THEY’S JUST LIKE HER!

    And for old Aimin’ Bunky, he’s gonna get a chance to learn first hand about “the negro”. It’ll be his new reality show from the federal prison. No, it won’t be sister wives. It’ll be Brother Bubba! Kind of a broke back mountain revolution!

    • Now that’s where I draw the line! Well, no I don’t! It’s simply funny as hell! Enjoy. America has the proper response to Bundy’s. And it’s heeelarious! I suspect that we have coined a new uniquely American word. Bundy. It is verb. It is adjective. It is noun!

      Verb: I was doing just fine until you came along and bundied the whole thing! Thanks a lot!

      Adjective: DAMN, dude! You’re so stupid your bundilicious!

      Noun: What’s that smell? Well, I was not looking and stepped in a pile of dog bundy! Sorry.

  • sWeed, your side is gettin’ crazier by the minute! This is really funny stuff! Enjoy. I did!

    sWeed, did I ever tell you ’bout the time the inbreds tried a similar thing here in Montana? Well, what happened was that some inbreds up in Davey Skinflute’s country were gonna flout the law and open a road into a wilderness area where it was NOT allowed. They made their intentions well-known in the press.

    Well, I read about it on Saturday, and on Monday morning at 8:05 I was on the horn to Ratco’s office. I very politely explained to his nice secretary that IF the inbreds attempted such an action, and IF the appropriate law enforcement didn’t stop them, we, the Rangers, would be up the immediately to do so! WE would enforce the law! For we kinda think that that’s important.

    True story. Call Ratco’s office and get the phone records. I’m sure that Skinflute knows about that incident. It’s just a shame that there are no Rangers in Burns to call the inbreds out. They are basically fat, inbred, outta shape, moronic cowards who have watched WAY too many movies! All ya gotta do is fart in their direction and these buffoons will run back home. Happened here in Montana, and it would happen there too! Just watch the locals. Hell, I know that country well. Well I was a kid, I used to goose hunt out that way in the middle of winter. Good folks out there that will only put up with nonsense for so long. Hell, the arsonist boys, the hammonds, are relative newcomers to that area, and they are NOT the most well-liked folks. Let the real Oregonians have a shot at the outta state inbreds and the situation will end pretty damn quick. And that just might be what happens! Over in Jordan, Mt., the FBI didn’t do nuthin’ until the locals said get’em out or we will! Than, Hoover’s tutu-wearin’ mormonn morons decided to act! Did I mention that tutu boy Hoover LUVED the mormonns? He thought that they were the perfect morons for the FBI. Still are I guess. Clean cut, decent, good leetle nazzis!

      • Greg’s just mad because no one reads his site. And HEY, he was in China you know. (old news, greg. some of us were in INDO china before you were born.)

        But the GOT, the Grand Old Traitors, just met with the Moocher Hadeen in Burns. This is bad, very bad. Where the hell is law enforcement? Why haven’t they closed the roads? I’m not gettin’ this at all. This sets a very bad precedent, one that we Rangers have understood all along and prepared for. The rightwing will use violence any chance they get if they think that they can get away with it. Look for all public meetings now to include angry morons with guns. Now, it’s all about intimidation. Remember that meeting with the Forest Service down in the Bitterroot awhile back when the enviros were basically locked out and threatened in public? Threatened with death? Well, that will be the new reality at every public meeting. And that will cause most people concerned about the environment to just stay home. Welcome to Latin America, where extrajudicial might makes right! That was the GOP plan all along. American exceptionalism to them means that we are NO different than any other banana republic.

  • Yup! Been sayin’ this for some time now. And I really like the part that says “the mundane origins of this religion really make some people smirk”. That’d be ME!
    This is a really good article about the Kockbundiates. Because, hey, a welfare rancher is the most hardest working under appreciated slob OUT there, right? Guess they never met a teacher! I theenk ol’ Aimin’ Bunky otter go ask one of the school teachers he’s puttin’ outta work just how easy THEY have it, especially since they have to pay back all their school loans. And they don’t make squat! And they work the butts off! As does damn near everyone I know. I taught in the outback of Montana for years. Poor Aimin’ don’t have the right stuff. He needs too much free stuff from the gummint that he hates to make it. What a sad case.

  • I’m sorry, but if I had the time off, I’d go down there and KICK this inbred son of a bitch’s mormonn ASS! Enough is enough. SOME of us have to actually work for a living. Come ON, O’Bama. Let’s get this party started!

    I would tell this inbred to leave the women and children in the compound and come out, and let’s you and me finish the nonsense mano a mano! I’m a’feared he’d shit down both legs though! You see, you DON’T get to steal from me, a Vietnam Vet. That public land belongs to ALL of us Americans! Especially us vets. We fought for it! Just like all the vets out there.

  • Hey Don, Peaceful kum bah yah protests work great except nobody takes them seriously. To get the progressive media to take notice you have to act like the founders of the US did, with some proverbial balls.

    • Sonny, do your “proverbial balls” prevent you from posting your real name? Jeebus, dude, but that’s just real sad. You seem to be a proverbial patriot! btw, why aren’t YOU down there, hero boy? You too scared to fight for your freedumb?? Or do you already have it?! I think you do.

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