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Some of this has been around for awhile but with the holidays and all, perhaps you’re behind the news and opinion cycle like me.

I received a press release in the form of an email from Joshua Manning, Democratic candidate for Montana Senate District 40 (part of Helena and points West).  He has a primary against veteran Montana House member Hal Jacobson.  This is Manning’s first rodeo.  Flathead Memo has a good write up on the race.

Full disclosure: I know Joshua’s dad and stepmom, Dick and Tracy, but not well.  I was disappointed by Joshua’s post over at the Montana Cowgirl Blog (writing as Secret Squirrel) and boosting Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.  I understood his reasoning but I, and many others who commented, disagreed.  As a matter of fact, it would seem to me that Manning’s supporters would come from the ranks of Sanders’ supporters.  I did like some of his policy objectives, as outlined at the Memo.  We’ll see how this one plays out.

Dick Barrett (D-SD 45) beat me to the draw on three posts: two on Colstrip and a report by the BBER (Bureau of Business and Economic Research, located at the University of Montana) and one on Matt Rosendale’s response to refugee resettlement.  As a retired economics professor, he may be more qualified to respond to the BBER report, and “War on Coal,” than I am, although I tackled the subject a while back here and here.

This post came out before Christmas but deserves review.  Written by David Crisp over at the Last Best News site, it takes U.S. Sen. Steve Daines to task for misrepresenting, to put it mildly, Obamacare.  Our healthcare system still needs some serious reform but Daines wouldn’t be the one be to tackle it considering his command of the facts.

Lots of stuff on the armed takeover of a federal wildlife refuge building in Oregon.  Montana Cowgirl Blog writes about a rather dubious Montana connection and critiques some local media coverage of the story.  Rolling Stone has a good synopsis and Don has a few links here.  The Missoulian updates the news, somewhat.

I’m not sure that this deserves a section in this post.  I’m not even going to link to it.  It looks like sour grapes over at Big Sky Words, though.  Since Montana’s Democratic leadership isn’t rewriting its playbook to suit writer Greg Strandberg, he’s supporting Greg Gianforte for governor of Montana. Saying, “I hate Montana Democrats,” he has decided to back a far-right, anti-gay, creationist instead.  That’s showing ’em, Greg.



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  • Greg doesn’t surprise anyone. He ran as a Dino and lost 2 years ago horribly. He didn’t take it well blamed the Democrats solely, and has been trying to light fires under them ever sense. He could have taken a few pointers from Dirk Adams….

    For crimminys sake did he think we liberals didn’t notice that about him?

  • I love Greg Strandberg’s stuff. With one failed campaign attempt to his credit, he holds himself out as a political sage. As a middle-school-level writer, he scolds talented creative icons on what they’re doing wrong. And when he shows up with the cerebral equivalent of fingerpaints and starts to lecture those who are seriously oiling their canvases, he runs home crying about his booboo if they ignore him. I’ll read almost anything he writes, just for the comedic distraction. I mean, he “personally” “feels” so many things “himself.” He’s hilarious.

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